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    Quartz is SiO² so it contains silicium which is used in realworld for solar panels, making this more realistic than some coal dust.
    Maybe increase the energy-output for the higher price??

    Minecraft will have fireworks since Minecraft developement version 12w49a.
    So i suggest adding, when minecraft contains fully-coded fireworks, a recipe which contains fireworks and copper dust (shapeless of course).
    To have a green/blue light like this.

    Shall I rage again because one said the bad Word? Yes I should:

    Sure they dont have anything to do with Illuminati.
    But I-Luminators are Products from Apple like the I-Phone.
    However im going to write luminators otherwise apple could become angry.

    Illuminators are not so often used by players because they cost energy to glow so a torch or glowstone is a more viable choice.
    To change this suggest right-clicking with any dye (except black which makes no sense, because black light is no light)
    colouring the illuminator so that we have light in 15 diffirent colors.

    You don´t (want to) understand me. Pressing Buttons take time.Precious time. But going on a pressure plate is not needing any time.Mining takes time but you can build a miner which can do that for you so i ask why no Modern pressure plate which makes a redstone signal for you.

    Who of you isn´t annoyed by this: Everytime you want to go in your creeper-safe bunker with a reinforced stone door you need to give an redstone signal which can´t be done by a pressure plate(monsters would also have access to your house).For that reason there should be an electric pressure plate which only outputs a redstone signal if the player who placed it steps on it.
    N N N
    :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron: = 2 Electric Pressure Plates
    N C N
    N= nothing, :Refined Iron:= Refined Iron,C= Circuit
    The energy for the pressure plate would be gained by Steve´s weight.
    And it should look like the top of a machine block.

    I think IC2 need sth. special like a generator using partikels as fuel. The generator should give 0.1 eu/t per particle beeing in a 5x5x5 radius around the generator.The max. output would be 128 eu/t.The recipe would be like this.A nice feature would be if the particles are sogged in by that machine.
    :Matter: :Matter: :Matter: :Matter: =matter
    :Matter: :Wind Mill: :Matter: :Wind Mill:=windmill
    :Matter: :Matter: :Matter:

    Ever had this?? You want to sell one item (e.g. MFSU) but you also have only one so you can´t trade it. Because of that i would be pleased if it would be possible to put the one you have in the locked sell slot and if anyone wants to buy it he pays and then the one on the locked slot should be moved to the unlocked so that he can take it.

    I would also like if there would be two out and input slots( e.g. you could sell a lava cell for a empty cell and 2 coins or flint for money and gravel).

    To plant a cherry tree you will have to cross breed them and in the last stage of growth the plant should give a cherry tree sampling which one can plant to get a cherry tree.Destroying the leaves should give a cherry which fills two hunger point when eaten and one cherry seed (for tilled soil with crop) should be dropped after eating it.The wood and the wooden plant should have some pink/red color the leaves should be pink.
    Here is a picture :…etimestamp=20120509000910