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    I have playing gregtech now for a while. I am mid way through the tech tree now. For me the major source of frustration was not knowing how to get stuff.
    I will give you an example: I want to have a drill as I am used to from IC2. I think hey I have most of the stuff. But then realize that those plates are actually stainless steel. After fighting with NEI for like 30 minutes it dawns on me that this tech has moved way way back in the tech tree.

    Another example: I struggle regularly with alloy recipes. Do I need the alloy smelter for this or not. Cupronickel apparently does need it. At least if you are thinking of dusts. But if you are lucky then you notice that cu + ni gives you 6 small piles. I spent like 20 minutes today to figure it out again because I forgot.

    This shows the major problem with gregtech. Documentation is absolutly horrible! Most people complain that gregtech is hard because it does not give them what they want. But in reality it simply does not show them how to get it. You have to funnel through outdated documentation and NEI which is simply not made for such complex recipes.
    I understand the reason for this. The mod evolves really fast, so it is hard to keep up with documentation.

    So here is what we really need: An automated tool that generates the documentation during the mod gets loaded. The mod has to know the recipes of all machines eventually. So why not output this information as html (or even simpler csv) after the mod finished loading. The gretech-tree would be generated by iterating over all gregtech/ic2 machines and tools and looking where in the crafting chain it depends on non workbench recipes. These recipes belong to a machine (the mod knows which one that is) which then itself has serveral dependencies which then either trail of into compleetly vanilla items or hit a non workbench recipe itself. This gives a nice depency tree which also shows the tech levels. The mod has to only hint some small stuff like machine casings so that they appear in the tech tree too.

    Since you scan all recipes anyways it might not be to time consuming to add such an export. Others would happily pick up the information and maybe even write an achivement plugin based on this.

    Ok. The rock cutter recipe changed from steel (wiki) to stainless steel (nei).

    I can not go in game right now to check but either nei did not show the lapis variant or I was just blind (which may happen more often then not). But this would finally explain why the universal electricity circuits are considered equal. Lapis dust is very easy to get in large quantities compared to Lazurite dust (bronze + early electrical age)


    As for list of recipes - the best you can do so far is decompile the code as Greg updates pretty darn fast.

    I don't know if he would like that :D. So I guess my best bet is to go the rockcutter route. This seems to me the like the intended route.

    Ah! Wonderful. Crafting a rock cutter right now :)

    So I just had bad luck with the sturdy grinder then? Just to be sure I understood you correctly (before I putt all my Lapis into the grinder). The sturdy grinder works with Lapis Lazuli too, not just Lapis Lazuli Ore. Right?

    How does one get all possible recipes? Booth wikis are not very conclusive about this.

    Is there maybe some kind of data file I can look into or parse?

    The only way to get Lazurite is to silk touch Lapis Ore ? Do I really need Silk touch? This enchant is so rare that I am thinkin I make a mistake. But the wiki too seems to indicate that one needs Lapis Ore. Is there another way to get Lapis Ore or Lazurite in Bronze/Steel Age?

    Does NEI show everything regarding to gregtech or does it ommit some recipes?

    Greg noticed something that's missing, you got Iridium reinforced stone but you lack a Iridium reinforced door ;)

    Yes! Please!!

    I think that automated quarry should be end game content, because this is minecraft. If you get rid of that, you get crafting only (aka creative mode).

    Not exactly. You still have to properly setup the quarry and maintain it(fuel <- oil refining/bio farm <- supply systems). You also have to build a sorting system. Those are parts I enjoy. But since I am working from time to time I do not have the time to go mining for like 4 hours. Be eh, now that greg did tip me of to the right sources of Nickel it's acceptable. I still have to go to the Nether, but only to get some glow stone for the Industrial Centrifuge, which does not require steel in any way. *phew*

    Uhhm what? You can get Nickel from centrifuging Copper Dust. Why the fuck dont you look at the OTHER Recipes for that Material? You can get it via crafting 4 tiny Piles of Nickel Dust into a regular Pile.

    Achievement System is planned. And it will get saved PROPERLY unlike all those resetting ones.

    Hmmm. Interesting. I was using NEI to lookup the recipes. The only source of nickel is there nickel dust. Nickel dust only shows up in combination with iridium ore or platinum dust. The Industrial Centrifuge Page of NEI only shows 1/1 Pages. Odd. Is there another plugin I need for that?

    I really like the idea with the achivement system. After googleing for 2hours i did not find the centrifuge recipes. Maybe I am blind or something but I only found the wiki page with the recipes, which does not contain the dust sources.

    Your addon looks quite interesting. BUT

    The documentation is rather incomplete. I only found a wiki page with the new machines and their recipes. The modified recipes I can only get through NEI. I don't know my IC any more. I spend hours of trying to figure out how to get started and still don't know which path to take. A tech-tree would be most awesome. Or at least some hints on how to get started or with what intention you changed some of the recipes.

    What I am looking for right now: How to get to the BC Quarry or the miner.
    Booth require a drill.
    A drill requires steel.
    Steel requires either a blast furnace or an industrial blast furnace.

    The first requires me to go to the nether to get magma cream.
    The second one requires me to go to the end to get sheldonite ore macarate it into platinum in order to get nickel to craft the heating coil. The other way would be to grind up tons of iridium ore to get the required platinum.

    This means that I am much much faster with building a frame quarry, which already takes quite some time! Mining by hand is very very tedious. Automining should not be end game content. Am I missing something?

    Forcefields currently can overlap. A griefer could use this to destroy an entire base protected by a force filed.

    The following schematic is seen from the top.


    C: forcefield blocks of projector 1
    A: forcefield blocks of projector 2
    P: projector
    G: generator
    M: MFSU

    Projector 2 is allowed to place force field blocks behind force field blocks generated by Projector 1. Even if Projector 2 is activated after Projector 1. If Projector 2 is upgraded with a block cutter, a griefer can destroy most blocks inside the force field of Projector 1.

    My suggestion would be to check on activation of a projector if the projector has to cross forcefield blocks of other projectors by drawing a invisible line between the new projector and its target force field block. If it hits a block the two generators would drain additional power but the newly activated projector would not be allowed to place this force field block until the other projector is offline. If two projector are activated at nearly the same time booth force fields would have holes depending on which one came first at the individual force field block.

    To save performance the projector would activate only a few force field blocks at a time. So force fields would require a few seconds until fully activated. The larger the longer. This would also be a nice feature in general. You have to engineer small entry force fields which build up quickly. Deactivating a large force fields during battle is more dangerous because you have a time window where parts of the force field would be down.

    I installed the beta version which was up yesterday. Maybe you are aware already, but I post them just in case.

    If I break a running projector (only tested with no upgrades in cube mode) the force field does not disappear. Even after I log out and in again the force field remains.

    Also the IDCard writer complains about no power available but does not tell from where you get the power.