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    I have found a bug where on the server when im not around this happens to ( I think ) to all automatic machines, as the GregTech-computercube stays normal. When i try to right click at least one of them I get this error. This happens in the 290h fixed by mistaqur ( Electrolyzer fix ). This is on a server and im not sure if the same happens on SP.

    Here is the picture

    hi, I have found a bug with a crop, when I try to plant some thing I get this error

    Any help will be appreciated.

    My cobble furnaces also seem to refuse to smelt IC2 items -- I couldn't smelt ref. iron, tin, copper etc. in a cobble furnace, but using iron furnaces works perfectly. Perhaps these two bugs (cobble furnace cannot be crafted in an IC2 recipe and cannot smelt an IC2 recipe) are related? (I also can't craft torches and sticky pistons using resin like the wiki says I should be able to, but I'm not sure how important a bug that is)

    Do you have Level up mod? It seems to be breaking the furnaces and somnia mod