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    Cool, I will. On a related note, does any one know of a good high speed low drag breeder design that might be able to keep up with this reactor. I am still using Rick's http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…i=1m101010114010101001019 and I am guessing that's not going to cut it.

    You can make CASUC breeders aswell. Even though they won't be as fast as ones with internal cooling (9000 heat or so), it will produce more cells at the same time and requires no maintenance.

    Very cool design Santi871. Could I get that tutorial on how to make it, or even just a Z level break down? I can't seem to work it out just from the screens. Also is this design SMP safe?

    Thanks, I haven't tried it on SMP yet, but it should be stable as long as you set the timer to 0.2s (some servers have it capped to higher intervals in order to prevent lag) and use a world anchor.

    I'll probably make a video today or on Wednesday, stay tuned... explaining it with just words is a bit hard :P

    Wrong! I just made one that produces 2020EU/t, 8 buckets/s, 100% uptime, -1 heat per second. 11x11x7. I'll create a thread tomorrow, when it isn't 00:00. I'll have to refine the design a bit though, got all sorts of unnecessary lights and buffer chests.

    Yeah, I made a 2020EU/t one months ago, but it was much bigger than a 2070EU/t ice one. For 2000+EU/t designs, ice is required to keep the system compact.…ARG/2012-07-03_202316.png…ARG/2012-07-03_135112.png

    Could probably be made smaller, but I wasn't thinking about size when I made that design :P

    2070EU/t Ice CASUC:…ARG/2012-08-18_093959.png…ARG/2012-08-18_093841.png

    The thing is, instead of making a 11x11x7 2020EU/t reactor, it is smaller to just build 2 of the 1970EU/t reactors I made, and you get 3940EU/t instead of 2020 :P

    Two Relays per Side enough? :D

    Would just increase size instead of decreasing it :P

    "That Controlpanel is so large, that it wont even fit into my compact Controlcenter, if it would be empty. "

    It can be made smaller, it just has that size cause it's on the surface and not against a wall. It simply is 2 levers + 1 timer + monitor and info panel, so you can give it the shape you want. Also you can use just 1 lever to control both reactor and cooling system.

    1) Well, I could do it, but it will make it a bit bigger. Besides of that, the reactor will shutdown if it overheats (reaches 10000 heat), I think redundant systems aren't really necessary here unlike IRL.

    2) I have, but it doesn't really make a difference.

    3) I can't, cause relays only have 9 inv slots, just not enough.

    4) Yeah, that system didn't work anyway, I don't think it's possible to make it any smaller without using retrievers.

    5) Thanks, I had tried to get 1970EU/t but didn't work, 1930 was the best I could get with that pattern. With your pattern it is generally cooler, it has some heat spikes but it seems it won't overheat.

    Also added some restriction pipes on the bottom so that filters don't stop if the chest they are connected to is full and made a control panel (pic in first post).

    Define "Steal" cause I would really love to build one of my own! I mean there are other methods, but I would just prefer a more compact one. I mean there's one on youtube thats 100 less Eu/t, but like 7-10 layers high. All credit goes to you man, you're awesome at designing

    Steal = take credit for something you didn't create. Sure you can build it, just don't do that lol :p Also I think you are referring to jppk's reactor.


    I've been messing around for a couple of days on creative trying to get the smallest high-power bucket CASUC... and after like 5 reactors made, I finally got a good one which I believe is one of the smallest (if not the smallest) high-power bucket CASUCs.



    It uses IC2, Redpower5, Nuclear Control (just to monitor the reactor) and Iron Chests (optional).

    The chests act like "reservoirs", they can be anything (normal chest or any other material if using Iron Chests mod), although the bigger the better. Now you're probably asking why reservoirs? 1) They always have extra coolant if needed. 2) With them, the amount of buckets grabbed by the system is "automated", this means that if for some reason buckets are lost, it will grab just the necessary buckets without overflowing the system (if you put too many buckets it will get stuck). 3) Easy to see if there aren't enough buckets. 4) Easy to add/remove buckets. 5) Prevents heat spikes due to lack of buckets.

    The cooling system has 4 deployers, 4 filters to retrieve buckets from the deployers and put in chests, 4 filters to grab them from chests and put into the reactor and 4 more filters to take the empty buckets out of it. So the buckets go deployer > reservoir > reactor > deployer. Also it doesn't use any EU to cool the reactor.

    The reactor can complete a full cycle without even getting close to near-meltdown temperatures, outputting 1970EU/t.

    If you're interested on a tutorial on how to build this just ask... I can make one.

    PS: I'll make a control panel for it somewhen :D

    Note I *explicitly* mentioned the non-screwed up Advanced Machines Original... aka: someone didn't read at all.

    I know, my point was that why would you use the original one when more than 4 compressors aren't as good as 3 with upgrades?

    Yeah.. Advanced Machines Original is *much* better than the other highly messed up edition.
    Though 4 of those compressors isn't quite enough to keep up with a reactor.

    3 with 15 overclocker upgrades each are, and they actually produce more ice than needed

    Wait so you use the advanced machines that use Upgrades? Is there any point in using those ones? I know that the 1.5 Advanced Machines use 16 Eu/T and work fine.

    I do, cause I use Tekkit. I still think it's better than EE or having 15 normal compressors... so yeah, I personally think it's worth it.

    With singularity compressors, overclocker and storage upgrades... when fully warmed up (150000psi, 15 OCer upgrades) they take an extremely small amount of energy from the reactor, and not constantly. For the first time run you gotta manually input some ice into the reactor until the compressors are warmed up, and until then all of the reactor's power will be used to start the compressors, but only takes like 1 minute. Gonna post this when I post my 2070EU/t reactor.