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    Yes... see thing is I bet greg is still trying to figure out how many people he can lure towards said Lightning Rod with a cleverly laid out plan just to see how many of them get zapped by either climbing it or touching it as it gets struck 8o

    also increasing the amount from 1=1 to something else. I honestly don't rely on overworld iridium spawns since I spend a good deal of my mining in the nether since I have the Nether Ores mod. It's slightly more dangerous but the quantity amount compared to the overworld ores is much greater :D

    Looks like Mojang is fully targeting the casual gamer market now.

    Also, they bought content from Mo' Creatures, why not just buy it from UB instead of making their own crappier version?

    To save money, cut the middle man out (the modders) and not have to pay them while at the same time stealing the idea, making it their own and making their own crappier version of it without having to deal with the backdraw of someone yelling about them stealing someones idea? They pretty much did that when they implemented ender chests for vanilla minecraft... hell the horse models for vanilla horses came from Mo' Creatures. By they way... when the dev's of minecraft include content that was made previously by a mod do the dev's put any iota of where they got the idea from like say the original idea for this content came from this or that mod?

    No, just updating slowly. Slowly means at some point something may happen, dead means it will never update, which they said after 1.2.5 and were wrong :P

    far as I"m concerned Redpower is dead, the miencraft forums thread has been locked due to the constant asking about updating, the blog hasn't been updated since the 1.4.6 update, and Eloraam is as far as I know working on her own game. I gave up on hoping Redpower would update and have moved on to the spiritual successor of Redpower which is aptly named ProjectRed and if I ain't mistaken it even got Eloraams blessing. Project Red pretty much is a clone of Redpower but with something missing but it's a suitable replacement.

    ok, my BlockItemIDs.cfg is not contain any 4059, many Id's are missing in this file. Realy, i need to change only these ID's to any other ID numbers:
    Or these:

    i attached my BlockItemIDs.cfg

    what version of gregtech are you using? also if those ids aren't showing up in the block item ID config it's likely another mod you are using that's having the issue with and maybe you need to check the other mods configs?

    mDiyo's losing posts on his Minecraft Forums Thread, he's lost like 300 posts in the space of half an hour :P

    and quite a few of us getting infractions I myself included. Jeez the Minecraft forum moderators are so sensitive and an infraction happy giving bunch. Even when I choose some non-insulting word I still get an infraction for my wording or flaming someone when I wasn't.

    The TCon IRC is a bad place at the best of times. It's the freaking cold war in there. The EULA things is a minor issue, 3 people is hardly anyone. 2 of those wouldn't play anyway.

    erm it seems it might become an issue when the minecraft developers decide to add it back into the EULA.


    The no malicious code - translation terms mean any code that prevents a user from using the mod, or causes corruption of worlds.
    Non Permanent damage does not come under the definition of malicious, although the secondary does.