Suggestion about the chainsaw

  • This suggestion is to make the chainsaw more valuable, I propose that the IC2 team try and make the chainsaw work like the axes in (for instance) the timbur mod. You cut down one block of wood, and all the others above it are chopped down aswell.

    I believe this will improve the lumber intake and ease the work load of collecting wood/lumber.

    Please consider :)

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    I don't think the chainsaw should chop down entire trees by default. However, I would like to make the chainsaw compatible with as many alternate-tree-chopping mods as possible, for those who have them installed. :) I'd guess it already works with many of them, but I haven't gotten to verifying that yet.

  • It also does not work with the timbur mod (reason for my suggesting this xD) though if you would consider making it do the whole tree, than you should slow it down, but make it still a decent amount faster than the diamond axe. Please think about it :D or possibly can someone make this an addon? o.0 Because we all know how annoying it is to collect lumber =(

  • The chainsaw works with treecapitator as long as you add the item id of the chainsaw to treecapitator's config file. I've got to admit, the default Minecraft behavior for trees annoys the hell out of me now.

  • It's already insanely easy to farm trees with a chainsaw. It's as fast, if not faster, than cutting them down with a diamond pickaxe, you don't ever have to make another one, and recharging it isn't a hassle.

    I really want some realistic tree felling, I really really do, but I understand there is extreme difficulty in transforming blocks aligned to the grid into a free-floating entity governed by physics to mimic a tree falling sideways. The reason trees haven't been able to fall so far is that to do so would require a complete rewrite of the game engine to allow for trees, and floating landmasses to fall, and somehow realign themselves to the world grid to keep the processing load down. I don't know much about programming but I do understand the difficulty with having to work within limits. That's why there is a timber mod, someone wanted a better way to do it.

    If you want the chainsaw to function like an axe does in the timber mod, then look up how to integrate the chainsaw into that mod. I'm certain there is a way. (for those of you who don't know, you can place a ladder on the side of a tree to climb up it and chop it down from the top. I know this isn't the same, but it works.

    I'm posting this in both chainsaw threads to hope for some amount of finality on this issue, and to draw attention that there are 2 threads in existence ?(.

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    The point of the suggestion though is to cut down on the mods needed. Currently I can't live without timber and could care less about chain saws unless they had this functionality. I want to use them, but they are crap compared to timber. When a very high tree branches out all which way, it's nice to have it all fall down instead of having to build dirt ladders up to reach it all.

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    As far as I can tell, there is no SMP mod available that makes trees fall in this way. I didn't look into it that far, but there are no server side packages for either Timberrr or Treecipitator. My guess is that it's not able to be implemented for SMP, but would need one of the coders to verify that.

    If it is the case that it won't work, then I very much doubt it will be implemented as SMP is a major goal for the team and implementing a feature that doesn't work in SMP seems like a bit of a waste of time imo.

    For the record, I'd love to see the chainsaw working like this, but I'm not holding high hopes for it.

    EDIT: After looking into it a little more, I see there is a bukkit plugin that makes trees work in this way, but that seems to be the only way to do it. I imagine if it was possible to implement this without using bukkit, someone would already have done it.

  • One thing I discovered upon cutting down my trees; using the mining laser in conjunction with the chainsaw decreases the requisite time by a ton. I think that the difficulty in cutting down trees is fine, as rubber for wiring has always been something one must devote a lot of time to getting.

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    I imagine if it was possible to implement this without using bukkit, someone would already have done it.

    Or just haven't tried. I don't see how something like this is any different than the dozens of mods we already use that do crazy things.

    I still think this should be in the default game like Terraria. What sense is there in floating trees after you chop down the bottom of the tree.

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    Or just haven't tried. I don't see how something like this is any different than the dozens of mods we already use that do crazy things.

    I'm not a coder, I'm just the sound guy, lol. I'm only speculating with the information I have available to me. That's why I said we need a coder to confirm it.

    You'd be amazed at the restrictions imposed on certain things in the code. For modders, it's all about trying to work around the limitations of the engine rather than adding stuff easily as the developers can. I only know about these from working with Player on the sound implementation and conversations with a few friends that work in game design. For example, it's almost completely impossible to make a sound play when a machine finishes an operation. Now I know it seems silly, but that's an example of one of the things that's pointlessly difficult. I can only surmise that the Timberrr issue is similar.

  • the other thread was locked so i will add this here.

    Alot of us play with Nature Overhaul, this has the instant tree felling ability.
    Of course this make the bronze axe and chainsaw worthless.

    I know you don't want any instant tree felling in IC^2 but for those of us who already play with it, there is another option.

    The Nature Overhaul Mod has an API built-in to make add compatibility with tree felling.

    All you have to do is

    Making your Items and Blocks compatible with NatureOverhaul

    Lumberjack: Make your item extend ItemAxe


    This could be a sort of compromise for those of us who want this feature, and would still allow IC^2 to remain true to your vision of it. It would hopefully have the side effect of ending threads about it (of which there are alot).

  • Issues is that would make industrialcraft require Timber/nature overhault. A better idea would be to have an ADDON that is simply the chainsaw modified like such, so as to make the addon only require it.

    As a note the chainsaw may not be compadible in it's current form anyhow, considering how nature overhault actually takes durability for every log, and tends to destroy your axe often, which it would probably succeed in doing with your chainsaw as well.

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    Taken from other Chainsaw Thread:


    There won't be any instant-lumbering function in IC².


    And I'm pretty sure the Bronze Axe and the Chainsaw use "Effective against block" instead of "I'm a Friggin' Axe" in their coding. Just grab Timber! and use wooden axes, it'll fell a tree in one swipe, and only use 1 point of durability.

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    Lol @ locking the other thread.

    Guess my whole point is, I want that timber ability for SMP. If someone then could create a working SMP addon for it I'll use it for IR. Still don't see how then the chainsaw can't drain the power as if you actually used it on each wood block but the whole tree falls. Why you guys are so against adding it is beyond me, least the reasons.

  • Eh. Buh. Weh.

    There's a mod on this FORUMS that adds that very function. Forester's Axe from MeC. Use it's code in the chainsaw.


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