Mark 1 reactor, 3 efficiency < Nope, it's Mark III

  • Don't believe me, eh? I don't blame you. I am cheating considerably, as I am using a redstone clock to make this reactor work.

    3:1 clock (1 on pulse to 4 off pulses) connected to a reactor with 6 chambers and a 2x2 uranium setup in the center (or wherever, coincidentally).

    Simple as that! 2x2 square means 2 connections each; 2 connections means 3 pulses each tick, 3 pulses means 30 heat per uranium, that equates to 120 heat/tick when the reactor's on. 120/4 = 30, which is the average heat per tick.

    3x3 cube (wait, I'm starting to doubt this, for it makes it such that only 1 block of water is necessary outside of the reactor chambers...) of water surrounding means 3x3x3 cooling, +6 because of additional cooling due to chambers, -2 due to redstone setup (cobble + redstone above). This all evens out to 31 cooling, and therefore the total heat production is -1.

    This is an easy setup, as it requires few starting materials, and the only tending one has to perform is on uranium, and of course to cut the power when logging in/out, as the redstone can bug, which could cause catastrophic nuclear meltdown.

  • Wow, I haven't been following this thoroughly enough. I haven't put any effort into this reactor, and it really shows. If I had been at the top of my game, I would have made Grincore's 4.44 efficiency reactor, but I guess that's the deal. In any case, I think that my reactor is not worth mentioning.

    As an aside: I miss nukes. T_T
    I made myself an endgame in IC 1 of creating and detonating 100 nukes, and it was quite satisfying (no TMI, of course). The explosion on a completely filled nuclear reactor is measly in comparison.

  • I am sorry but this makes your reactor a Mark III
    the definition of a mark I is that it can do a full cycle (of 10 000 seconds) Uninterupted
    however it is a nice concept for quarter cycle semi Mark I ism
    yes without a clock it becomes a Mark II as has been demonstrated in various threads including my own

  • High efficient use of uranium? - Sure!

    Efficient use of reactor? - Nope!

    Your setup makes only 12 EU/t average output, and we are talking about 6 chambers! Its more efficient to build 24 solar panels, 1 geo or simply a wood farm for charcoal.

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    This is not a Mark I, as the definition states a Mark I produces no heat per tick, whatsoever.
    It's not even a Mark II, as it doesn't run a full cycle, but "needs" a cooldown (with your clock setup).