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    This has been suggested so many times before that I don't even know why I am bothering to reply to this, such as here, here, and here, so please use the search function before suggesting something, also this is not even possible due to the lack of a dynamic non-block lighting system in Minecraft

    might i also add that the first two linked posts are for a light HELMET. the second, however, qualifies as similar.

    The basic idea is this: a gun and/or cannon that fires a large pulse.
    The gun would send players, mobs, and drops back 5 blocks, damage players and mobs 4 hearts, light and fling TNT,and "fizzle" any machines it is fired at for 5 minutes. The cannon would be placed on the ground, atop a cable of some kind. It would send blocks, mobs, and items back 10 blocks, damage players and mobs 6 hearts, and light and fling TNT.

    this is a great idea, and my only concern is of problems with users that do not have BC. all i wonder is will there be a corruption glitch when it is given fuel cans, and expects BC fuel?
    i only ask because i dont know much about the code of mods, and i've seen things do this to me before.

    i think this is a good idea, for many reason, most of which have been covered in previous replys. an infinite source of EU would be great for creative and spawn cities, and would not be accesible to average players for lack of a crafting recipie, like the black hole chest. my only thought is that it should be called "fusion generator" instead of "singularity generator" because 1: singularity compressors already exist (i presume this is an addon. i have the entire tekkit pack, so i'm not sure.) 2: there is no method (as of today, of course) to extract energy from a singuarity (without being dragged in and crushed)

    I have been working with lots of machines lately, and have found that it is slightly difficult to select batteries. when one MFSU dies, i have no way of choosing a backup. My thought is a sort of "relay" that is restone controlled and allows current to pass only in the presence (or lack thereof) of redstone power.

    following an idea by Bamse5b, i think a holdable EU light would be excelent, rather than one that was placed, because torches are incrediblycheap to anyone with enough resources to craft an EU lamp and/or the machines required to power such a thing. I had the idea for such an EU lamp in a testing world, and was inspired to post it by Bamse5b's post on a n EU ligtht, here. Light that uses EU