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    I'm sure Alblaka will rush down to his advanced sound studio and immediately begin the intensive work to find samples, procure the rights, adjust the volume, improve the quality, and package it along with the code.

    Snarkiness aside, I would.rather see the team work on content improvement and bug fixes rather than what is in essence a non-core component.

    If you need wood, its not hard to do it (semi) automatic with RP2. Or build a frame quarry and run it over a forest or jungle. Or get Timber! and do it by hand. Or, better yet, GO OUT AND DOWNLOAD THE MODS BY HAND. Seriously, config files aren't that hard. Direwolf uses most of the mods in technic, and has his config files posted if you're lazy.

    Uranium tree is OP. Go out and mine.

    Wireless redstone + RP2 does it better, why should we recreate the wheel.

    I would suggest that a pollution mechanic should come with a major re-balance of energy generation. Fuel fired generators producing more energy, et cetera. Maybe add a mechanic where all fuel cells decay into another item, most become fully depleted cells, and only a few can be recycled. Then the depleted cells have to be stored or else craploads of environmental damage occurs.

    I don't think it would change the biome, but maybe poisoning crops in the chunk, killing mobs, rain that damages the player, poison clouds (or just areas of ground that damage you when you walk over). I have no knowledge of Java or Minecraft/forge code, so I don't know if any of this is feasible or not.

    Was there a specific reason pollution was already denied?

    I will admit that I've been thinking about pollution as something cool, but do we really need to give people more reason to build solar, water and geothermal plants? As it is, they're easier than nukes, are free energy, and wouldn't generate pollution. So all it would do is make people rush to solar/wind/water. And how much would it really add? Sure it would be cool to turn a desert into a polluted wasteland full of spent nuclear fuel cells and mutated creatures, but would the new mechanic really add any hayo-ishness to the gameplay.

    As to where this is useful, I ran into the max output limit on MFSUs when I first had buildcraft and IC2 installed, but hadn't discovered logistics pipes. I had each ore type being filtered by diamond pipes with a separate macerator and induction furnace for each line. Once I installed the full upgrade setup, I ran into serious issues with max output on my MFSU. I know, horribly inefficient, but it was my first factory.