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    Steam/Hydrogen Venting: IF you have a Cooling Vent in your reactor, it will slowly vent the gases made by SUC use at one bucket's worth of water every minute. This means that you can then introduce one bucket of water or an equivalent into the reactor core every minute without causing an explosion.

    Smoking Hazard: If you light a fire while a reactor is venting hydrogen gas, it will EXPLODE IN YOUR FACE. Solution: Ban Flint and Steel in your reactor complex. The radius for this event happening is 3 metres around the reactor. Take note that it will also explode if you do not take at least 30 seconds for the gas to diffuse into the air.

    Changes to the idea as of 12/19/2012:

    Hydrogen Explosions: If too much water-based SUC is used inside a reactor (4 buckets water/2 stacks ice), the reactor will explode in a shower of fire and gravel. There is a 50% chance that this will happen during a normal meltdown. If any part of the reactor was somehow spared by the explosion, it will quickly overheat, as will reactors up to 32 metres away. This encourages players to manage reactors safely as well as save up for a Condensator. On a side note: any items not consumed by the blast will also be scattered around the reactor.

    Moderators Change: Moderators can now be placed in reactor slots to stop cells from reacting with each-other. A single unit will hold regular cells, and a bundle will be able to hold doubles and quads. The moderators can be taken out by right-clicking them. Moderator slots will also cool down adjacent slots by 0.1 heat/tick.

    Hey guys! I've seen the new Nuclear Reactor system on the wiki, and I am amazed. However, I am disappointed that the idea of cooling reactors with ice, buckets, and water blocks around the core has been dropped. In real life, this would actually work (and very well, to boot - buckets of saltwater were used to cool down Fukushima Daiichi), and I'm thinking it should be reinstituted as a modified version from the Minecraft v1.2.5 features. In addition, I have some new ideas for reactor components. Here they are:

    Ice/Water Cooling: Very simple. Just insert buckets of water/stacks of ice directly into the reactor, and it will act as a non-renewable SUC (Single-Use Coolant). A single block of ice will dissipate 32 RTU (Reactor-scaled Thermal Unit) and a bucket of water 1080. However, you will lose the bucket due to radioactive contamination. These factors make these a last resort if your reactor is going critical and you don't have the resources to make expensive Condensators. Some reactors also still rise in temperature when SCRAMmed, making coolants such as ice necessary. Ambient water cooling, the principle used to cool a real reactor under normal circumstances, would increase Heat Vent capacity, allowing the reactor to dissipate more heat per tick (up to, say, 2 times capacity). It would also take heat from the reactor surface, at the cost of losing the water if the reactor temperature exceeds 2400 RTU. This will also make the Vents lose their "overclocking" over time.

    Neutron Deflector Modification: Have you realized that the recipe for Neutron Deflectors contains coal dust? Did you also know that carbon actually ABSORBS neutrons? This is why I would want to modify the recipe, using Advanced Alloy.

    :Copper Ingot: =Copper Plate, :Metal Block: =Adv. Alloy

    :Tin Dust: :Metal Block: :Tin Dust:

    :Metal Block: :Copper Ingot: :Metal Block:

    :Tin Dust: :Metal Block: :Tin Dust:

    Reaction Moderators: These are the opposite of reflectors, and reduce the neutron output of nearby uranium cells, allowing you to put uranium cells next to each other without heat generation spiraling out of control. They make single cells act alone, duals act like two singles but will not react with other cells, and quads act like duals. The recipe is as follows:

    :Coal Chunk: =Carbon Plate, :Intergrated Plating: =Heat-Capacity Plating

    :Coal Chunk: :Refined Iron: :Coal Chunk:

    :Coal Chunk: :Intergrated Plating: :Coal Chunk:

    :Coal Chunk: :Coal Chunk: :Coal Chunk:

    Bundle ( :Compressed hyd. Coalclump: =Moderator Rod[above], :Advanced Machine: =Iron Scaffold)

    :Advanced Machine: :Refined Iron: :Advanced Machine:

    :Compressed hyd. Coalclump: :Coal Cell: :Compressed hyd. Coalclump:

    :Compressed hyd. Coalclump: :Coal Cell: :Compressed hyd. Coalclump:

    Bundles are 4.5x as effective, and take up one slot.

    That's all I wanted to suggest. If you have any changes, or want to create an addon for this, just post it in the comments. See you soon!

    -Rufus Thorne, Global Trust Council Vice-President

    Gregorius, Thanks for letting me know (twice). There are so many bloody posts here that I can't really tell if it's new or not. Also, my version might be different from someone else's. Even though the Suggestions area says 17 posts, there's always the odd one in a different category. Also, are you an admin ? (just wondering). I know you have a server. What mods are installed? I would really like to know for client use or my own server.

    Person who said "RtDW": I get it. Quit raging. Please. Go on the treadmill or something.

    People chatting about gunpowder alternatives: Thanks. You're the reason I came here: To trade ideas. I give mine, you give yours.

    Thanks. Also, to the person who noticed my account name is a reference to Global Trust's head speaker, congrats! Watch out for a map with a similar corporation I'll be uploading either here or on Albalka's blog, in the map section.

    Hey there! I'm back! I do understand that some of my previous ideas weren't taken kindly by some or shown to already exist. I also understand that the generator idea specifically took the brunt of the criticism. My reason for the idea: First, high-quality fission reactors are complicated and dangerous. While that is a reason for them to be "end-game", who says you can't do better? While Fusion Toruses, QFS's and Singularity Harnesses may be expensive, but if my idea goes through, they would be slightly less complicated to run and be more efficient than a normal reactor. Seriously, who doesn't want 2048 EU/t from 1 generator?! I personally think that end-game is better expressed by Terraformers, Recyclers, Teleporters and really advanced stuff. Now, on to the new suggestions.

    1) Gunpowder. Now you may be thinking, "Creepers drop the stuff. What's the point?". Well, real gunpowder is a mix of 75% saltpetre, 15% charcoal and 5% sulfur (British mix as of 1879). Instead of risking your life killing creepers, you could mix 4 saltpetre (from ground, unheated nitre ore, most common in desert biomes), 1 glowstone dust and 2 coal dust. This would create a convenient, gun-mod-friendly alternative to organic gunpowder.

    2) Scrap Blocks. Lets see...You have gone from wasted items to scrap from the Recycler to scrap boxes. However, your industrial manufactories are continuing to produce more and more waste. What do you do? You make a BLOCK of scrap. That's right, compacting 9 whole scrap boxes worth of material into just 1 cubic metre of stuff! Mega landfill, here I come!

    3) E-Meter. You know the EU-Meter, right? The handheld version? Well, to me, it's a pain in the neck to constantly click on the cable to get a constant reading. My solution: a meter to constantly measure the EU going through a wire. Just place the meter wherever you want and run the cable through it, like a BatBox or transformer. The GUI would have a show the EU, voltage and total quantity of EU that has and is going through the wire. Recipe:
    :Copper Cable: :MFE: :Copper Cable
    :Machine: :EU-Reader: :Machine:
    :Circuit: :Compass: :Circuit:

    4) Pollution. Simple, really. There would be 4 kinds of pollution: CO2, Radioactivity, Smog/Soot and Scrap. CO2 is created when coal or other materials are burned in a generator or furnace. It makes the world hotter, melting ice, wilting plants, and converting Grassland biomes into Desert wastelands. Radioactivity is produced by placed reactors, uncovered uranium ore and uncovered uranium blocks. Any chest with uranium-based materials in it is also deemed radioactive. The world can absorb a certain amount of millirems(radioactivity units) before it becomes dangerous. High levels cause mobs to take damage out of nowhere and for plants to die. Radioactivity can be absorbed with reinforced stone, water and iron surrounding the offending object, or a Rad-Filter. This reduces the radioactivity of enclosed spaces to safe levels while also, if out in the open, reducing the world radioactivity level. They take a lot of energy, about 60 EU per mR/day. That means it will take 60 EU every day to reduce levels by 1 millirem. The recipe is:
    :Wind Mill: :Extractor: :Wind Mill:
    :Reactor Plating: :Reactor: :Reactor Plating:
    :Advanced Circuit: :Wind Mill: :Advanced Circuit:
    The machine can take upgrades like the Overclocker and Transformer upgrades. Smog and Soot are given off by generators, miners, fueled furnaces and macerators. This makes the world darker and, at extreme levels, makes it rain soot. Scrap is the effect of placing Scrap blocks. Over time, they disintegrate and leach into the water table. This makes nearby water unusable for anything but buckets. Cells and bottles will get too dirty to use. Polluted water is also dangerous to swim in, and will hurt mobs.

    That's all. Hopefully these ideas are fresh and new. See you again soon. :)

    I've been playing with IC2 and Buildcraft 3.x.x, and they're good mods. However, I would like to take them a step further. These modifications mostly apply to IC2, but may be useful for Buildcraft as well. Here they are:

    1) Geysers. Personally, I find the idea of feeding a Geothermal Generator :Geothermal Generator: lava odd. A real Geothermal Generator runs off of water boiled with the Earth's heat. In this case, I would suggest having a water pump-gen combo. After mining for a magma deposit or a certain depth underground, you could have the generator take water from the pump, run it down a pipe (similar to the miner pipe or pump from BC) and back up to generator to produce EU. The generator GUI would have both a cold water gauge and a hot water gauge. Cold water would be the water from the pump it has stored. Hot water, in sufficient quantities, would be taken from storage to produce EU at about 10-20 EU/t, depending on the quantity of water in the machine. In addition, if separated lava/magma and water are within 4 metres of each other, the water would boil. These would spawn in geysers to the surface or could be created artificially, as stated above. The boiling water could then be pumped into the generator and used as-is.

    2) Carbon Fibre Blocks. Pretty straight forward. Just take 9 carbon fibre meshes and arrange them in the crafting table. You would get a block with a similar texture to black wool, but with a strength just over obsidian, say, 72.

    3) E85. Again, very simple. I don't know if this has been implemented already, but it would go like this: Take an empty fuel can. Fill it with 4 Biofuel cells and 2 Petroleum cells. This would give you one can of E85, with an energy density between that of regular petroleum fuel and ethanol.

    4) More power sources. This one is inspired by Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. You would have a Fusion Torus (20 EU/t), which would run off of hydrogen (water cells put in an Isotope Manipulator, which would be used to make Hydrogen Cells and U-238 Cells, the safer version of the re-enriched Uranium (U-235) Cell with 3/4 normal output). There would also be a Quantum Filter System, which would run off of EU with a 1/10 chance of QUADRUPLING the power put into it. it would accept up to 512 EU. Then we get to the holy grail of generators. Meet: THE SINGULARITY HARNESS! Running off of artificial black hole cores made of uranium ore and UU-matter, it would produce a whopping 2048 EU/t!, which could be fed into 2 cables. It would be very expensive to make and run but would probably be able to power an entire city! Most cities I make require some 10 nuclear reactors to run.

    5) Lithium. This would be mined as an ore, extracted, powdered, hydrated and used in the production of batteries instead of Redstone (which I view as ferrous silicon)


    Carbon Fibre Block:

    :Coal Chunk: :Coal Chunk: :Coal Chunk:
    :Coal Chunk: :Coal Chunk: :Coal Chunk:
    :Coal Chunk: :Coal Chunk: :Coal Chunk: ( :Coal Chunk: =Carbon Fibre Mesh)

    Fusion Torus:

    :Intergrated Plating: :Iridium: :Intergrated Plating:
    :Iridium: :Reactor: :Iridium:
    :Intergrated Plating: :Iridium: :Intergrated Plating: ( :Iridium: =Lithium)


    :Tesla Coil: :Metal Block: :Tesla Coil:
    :Advanced Machine: :Electric Furnace: :Advanced Machine:
    :Advanced Circuit: :Advanced Circuit: :Glass Fibre:

    Proton Shielding (Harness component)

    :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser:
    :Uranium Cell: :Uranium Cell:
    :Advanced Circuit: :Intergrated Plating: :Advanced Circuit:

    Artificial Singularity:

    :Uranium: :Iridium: :Uranium:
    :Matter: :Matter: :Matter:
    :Uranium: :Matter: :Uranium:

    Singularity Harness:

    :Solar Panel: :Reactor: :Solar Panel:
    :Energy Crystal: :Empty Cell: :Energy Crystal:
    :Solar Panel: :Iridium: :Solar Panel: : ( Solar Panel: =Proton Shielding)

    Thank you for reading this entire post. This is my first time here, so feel free to comment with constructive criticism. Again, Thank You. :)