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    Crash when loading. Was that fixed in #180? EDIT: definitely not! Mod list:
    IC2_experimental build 279
    Advanced Solar Panels 3.3.10

    Yes, ofcourse it should be expensive, and multiblock would be coool, if you could see the egg hatching inside. I just found this idea on IRC, so it could be improved, for sure.

    Idea: some kind of machine that hatches eggs instead of blowing them to pieces. It should either use the same amount of energy as a Luminator, or use a powered luminator as a power source. This fits in with the industrialcraft model, because you're not crudely throwing eggs at a wall, and hoping for chickens. This should be automatable, also, so you can make a cooked chicken/canned food factory.

    Is the energy counter a peripheral for CC, or is there an automated way to read it?
    Derp, there appears to be a sensor kit for it.
    Also, just found a bug with sticking one of the energy counter cards into a nuclear info reader (tested on T2) from miscperipherals, it *doesn't crash the game*, but it throws a lua error about java.lang.NoClassDefError: shedar/mods/ic2/nuclearcontrol/ItemUpgrade when you call PERIPHERAL_WRAP_HERE.get(1) . Please Fix :)

    I have not, but that would involve, ModLoader, ModLoaderMP, and Forge (some known compatibility issues there). I tried the patch yesterday to get those 2 to play nice and did not have much luck, so I really don't want to do that. How could the blocks be available, but not the recipes? I tried some easy ones like the stack of FocusMatrix or the SubWater upgrade (which I know I am doing correctly) and the output square from the crafting table is empty. I moused-over and clicked on it to make sure it wasn't just the graphic being buggy.

    OK, first point: ModLoader/MP are both included in forge. You need forge for ic2 :P. Realized that? You just trolled yourself. I'm going to pick a bone with ChickenBones, though because I believe that his post is misleading.

    Second point: Thunderdark, where's the server version of the beta5pre3?

    Hmm, I looked at some source code, seems that I'm missing the E-net... Why is the E-net not there? I bet that it's in one of the integration classes if I can't find it. ?(

    Do you get the E-net, or does it vanish too? Because last time i decompiled like you the E-net was missing.

    What's the class name of the e-net?
    I dunno, I was going to eat lunch at the moment, lemme check.
    Whaaa? IC2 isn't obfuscated?