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    Copy and paste the classes from IC2.jar into the minecraft jar in your mcp/jars/bin folder, then run decompile. You'll need to do quite a bit of work to get IC2 to recompile properly - MCP doesn't like decompiling enums properly, for one thing, so classes like Direction need to be rewritten.

    ...okay, so this weekend was a bit optimistic for the v0.85 release date. Good news is that the "special surprise" (which may or may not be early SMP support) is on track for release sometime next weekend.

    (Please don't post YouTube videos; I'm tracking the bugs you post here and doing my best to fix them, but my current apartment has a crappy connection with limited bandwidth, so any bug you post a video for won't be noticed)

    Boomz: Even with 0.82, huh? Try the attached file - I've modified reactor behavior so it doesn't check for coils and heaters before accepting fuel. Hopefully it'll realize that it has them once it fuels itself.

    Race: Am I wrong to expect some basic level of literacy from my users? I've told you several times now, I couldn't reproduce the bug on any of my test worlds and so I cannot help you without your error logs.

    Human: ...seriously? You see a file in the addon section of the IC2 forum and ask if you need IC2 to run it?

    0.82 is up. This version fixes two fusion reactor bugs - it should now start heating properly and stay connected to the EnergyNet when it ignites. Reusable passenger rockets now charge properly, but the charging is instant - unfortunately, due to the new IC2 charging code, I can no longer switch the item ID upon full charge, so I just have it switch and suck down the 50,000EU in one tick. Sorry about that.

    Adrian and Daniel: I chose Bukkit because (based on my limited knowledge of SMP coding) it seems that porting to Bukkit is easier than vanilla SMP. If I have time to tinker around and find that vanilla is easier, I'll code it without Bukkit.
    zgrillo: Yes, this is exactly what the FAQ says.

    MagusUnion: Yeah, I'm going to try to move to the standard config file format in 0.85. Should let ID Resolver work directly.

    Djohaal: That's interesting - I didn't have this problem during development. Were these freshly-crafted rockets or were they dropped after use? (I'll look through the fusion reactor code again - this bug's been reported before, but I thought I'd taken care of it)

    Race: I don't know how I can make this easier to understand - I've told you multiple times I can't help without an error log.

    Okay, so here's v0.81c.

    -Autominer\separator placement issue is resolved.
    -Blocks now have proper hardness.
    -Superconductors no longer transform into cables, and vice versa.
    -Reusable passenger rockets now recharge properly. Unfortunately, because of the new charging code, I had to change the reusable rocket's metadata to 0 and the TNT missile's to 14. Your TNT missiles and reusable passenger rockets will transform into one another when you update.

    I will repeat one of the answers in the FAQ: if you can't see or craft any items, there is an ID conflict somewhere. I can't help you unless you post your ModLoader log.

    I could not reproduce the crash on missile placement on either of the two machines I installed. If you're having this issue, please remember I can't help you without error logs.

    If it's not clear from all the bug reports, I don't recommend installing v0.81 unless you desperately want to upgrade to 1.1 without losing Rocket Science content *and* you don't mind that the content doesn't work for the moment. I'd still recommend backing up your world first.

    Anyway, 0.81 works (more or less) on my machine because I've activated a few development "hooks" in my code - I'll look into why the release version is behaving so badly. Probably won't be able to release the fix tonight, though.

    Development roadmap from here, with projected dates:

    -v0.82 (sometime this week): Fix v0.81's myriad bugs.
    -v0.85 (on the heels on 0.82): Add BuildCraft pipe compatibility to the fusion reactor and isotopic separator as well as the all-new Cargo Rocket.
    -v0.9 (late February): Add satellite systems, including GPS, imaging satellites, communication satellites, microwave power relay, and ion cannons. You'll need to build some infrastructure to use them.
    -v0.95 (early-mid March): Add missile defense lasers, radar dishes, and defense coordinator blocks to manage them. Also add missile control blocks for simultaneously targeting/launching multiple missiles. You'll also be able to connect the two control blocks to automatically launch your missiles if incoming warheads are detected. This version will be ready for conversion to Bukkit, assuming I've found someone to handle the project by then.

    So this weekend I made the mistake of getting my significant other into Minecraft, and she's asking asking me let her play Rocket Science... and thus here's a quick and dirty compatibility patch. Just getting IC2 properly decompiled was a bear and a half (MCP doesn't handle enums well, among other things), and the way IC2 handles items was radically changed, so I didn't have time to extensively bugtest - let me know if something goes wrong and I might be able to get to it sometime this week.

    Future update plans are as follows. First, I'm going to finish the SSP features I've got partially coded (BuildCraft pipe support, satellite infrastructure, GPS satellite and transponder, mapping satellite, ground-penetrating imaging, orbital ion cannon, missile defense laser, radar dish and defense coordination block, control block for multiple missiles). Hopefully by the time that's finished I'll have found someone to take over the Bukkit conversion; if not, I can't promise anything.

    Okay, so no update this weekend. I've just signed onto a new project and as a result my workload has exploded (there was an actual explosion as well, but that's unrelated) - I can possibly update to IC2 1.64 sometime this week, but in all honesty I can't even give a timeframe for SMP support anymore. Seeing as so many of you want a Bukkit conversion, I can post the source if some kind soul is willing to take up the task; I just don't have time to learn the multiplayer aspects of Minecraft modding at the moment. Sorry, everyone...

    Thanks for your patience, everyone. Qualifying exams are over and I'm just starting to catch up with life - so it's possible that I'll have the update ready by next weekend, but don't hold your breath. Some replies:

    (Many of you seem to have problems with the configuration file; I'll make it compatible with ID Resolver in the next release)

    Misticblade: The thermonuclear missile recipe will be added along with the other features. (To be honest, I just forgot to uncomment a line of code - it should have been in the current version)

    Jivix: That's odd, the fusion reactor shouldn't be accepting lithium as a fuel... and dropping out of the EnergyNet is just bizarre. Thanks for the bug report, I'll see what I can do.

    Jokerlope: I love the idea of a weaponized autominer, but if you want to kill people, just use missiles. No, the offensive autominer should target their buildings and reclaim resources for your use. I'm picturing a much faster and more energy-intensive device that targets chests and other valuable manmade structures. Should such a machine land on your roof, your only chance to escape with your chest of diamonds intact is to quickly climb up and wrench it...

    Jivix again: I might consider increasing the autominer's storage space (I thought the recycler would help alleviate storage problems, but what with the proliferation of ores these days...). Lithium batteries seem kind of redundant, but it would be a simple change (for another mod to implement) to allow energy crystals to charge items from the hotbar. (Drat, when did cells gain the ability to be filled like buckets? I guess the vacuum is only useful for picking up sand now - I used it to suck up an entire desert for a dome construction project)

    Jivix yet again: Gauss rifles might make an appearance in a future update.

    As of now, I'm delaying further development of the mod until after my qualifying exams. The following features are partially complete and will be released in early February:
    -Bukkit support
    -BuildCraft pipe support
    -Missile defense lasers
    -Satellite infrastructure
    -GPS satellite
    -Rocket landing pads
    -Mapping satellite
    -Orbital ion cannon

    To respond to a few questions:

    Sliderpro: IC2 already has luminators. Some other modder might want to make colored variants of them, but it doesn't fit thematically with my mod.

    Bombaman: This is usually caused by an ID conflict; check your ModLoader logs.

    Beybladelei: BC2 pipe compatibility is coming in the next release.

    Axor: Thanks for finding that, I'll fix it in the next release. (Although, who in their right mind would try to put water into a highly delicate fusion reactor?)

    Spoonikle: Multi-block fusion reactors were considered early on in development and quickly abandoned. The difficulty of coming up with a balanced system and accounting for all the bizarre things players might try to do with them (see the water comment above) just makes it not worth the effort.

    Hava: Can't help you without an error log. (I hope you don't mind if I chuckle at the thought of Steve building a cool new autominer, only to watch it devour his house - next time, you might want to put it a little further away.)

    Sliderpro: Lithium-6 captures neutrons released from fusion (whether D-D or D-T) and then fissions into tritium and helium-4. The helium is discarded as waste, leaving a tritium cell behind.

    Tangentdelta: That's a confusing error, since the most recent version of Rocket Science doesn't modify IC2 in any way. (Earlier versions did, but for the sake of compatibility the new explosion code is only used for missiles, not the nuke block) If you look at the stack trace, you'll see that no Rocket Science class is called at any point, so it's likely an error in IC2 itself - looks like the mod_IC2 class isn't initializing properly.

    Sliderpro again: Lithium extraction was balanced for 1.0 worlds (and I intentionally made the infinite energy UUM exploit unusable), so unfortunately those of us with older maps will lag behind a little in the fusion department. Just head through the Nether for a little while, pop out in a 1.0 chunk, and you'll have all the clay you need.