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    Works perfectly, I've been setting up/testing something similar for a city build (albeit using RP2 computers, should be fine with computercraft though) that charges citizens for their electricity, which is generated from a bank of 16 hv solars, then stored in 160 mfsu's, and transfered throughout the city with a big loop with 320 mfsu's in it (blocks of 16 to keep the massive flow going, at intervals so no eu loss, rest goes into a massfab.

    16 hv's? wow, alot of people must want energy.

    10.the eternal technic flamewar
    An endless conflict spurred on by conflicting interpretations of intellectual property law and the moral questions that come with it. This conflict while probably not as old is definitely as intense as the eternal ninja vs. pirate debate. in this case many of the non-Technic users(ninjas) who installed the mods the conventional way look down upon the Technic users(pirates) as nothing more than a derp happy band of n00bish pests that need to be eliminated (and in the non-Technic users defense Technic's ease of installation means that many of them are derpy n00bs) while the Technic users seek to be accepted while still having fun with their Technic using friends that already accept them. This war has been waged for ages with no sign of stopping. Any time technic is brought up some one feels inclined to state that it is morally wrong to use technic in the strongest language possible there by motivating the technic users to defend them selves, or attack back, and before you know it they are throwing memes and wall-o-texts at each other till the thread is locked.

    ONLY USE OF TEKKIT FINAL- to be able to jump on a random server online. otherwise- its useless, and all the mods are installed wrong. :(

    1) Gunpowder. Now you may be thinking, "Creepers drop the stuff. What's the point?". Well, real gunpowder is a mix of 75% saltpetre, 15% charcoal and 5% sulfur (British mix as of 1879). Instead of risking your life killing creepers, you could mix 4 saltpetre (from ground, unheated nitre ore, most common in desert biomes), 1 glowstone dust and 2 coal dust. This would create a convenient, gun-mod-friendly alternative to organic gunpowder.

    2) Scrap Blocks. Lets see...You have gone from wasted items to scrap from the Recycler to scrap boxes. However, your industrial manufactories are continuing to produce more and more waste. What do you do? You make a BLOCK of scrap. That's right, compacting 9 whole scrap boxes worth of material into just 1 cubic metre of stuff! Mega landfill, here I come!

    3) E-Meter. You know the EU-Meter, right? The handheld version? Well, to me, it's a pain in the neck to constantly click on the cable to get a constant reading. My solution: a meter to constantly measure the EU going through a wire. Just place the meter wherever you want and run the cable through it, like a BatBox or transformer. The GUI would have a show the EU, voltage and total quantity of EU that has and is going through the wire. Recipe:
    :Copper Cable: :MFE: :Copper Cable
    :Machine: :EU-Reader: :Machine:
    :Circuit: :Compass: :Circuit:

    I like the ideas, but not the pollution. THIS IS MINECRAFT lol. i do really like the eu meter, and it would nice to not have to use ee to get my crystal chest full of gunpowder for my mega cannon. however-NO LANDFILLS i hate them