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    If you have nei and set the config to show secret recipies, you will see that there are man, many permutations left for uum. i am not recommending you do co as it is cheating i did so just to find out how many there were, but uum still has a lot of possibilities. :Recycler:

    IKR i use a self installed group of mods on ssp, but when i want to play on a server? tekkit. why? each server would have its own 5 hour install full of frustration otherwise.
    :Mining Laser:MinecraftChar:Nano Saber:

    Apple (for golden apple)

    you want it as well? i really really want some apples as well.
    how about we can also get both types of mossy and cracked bricks, since the circle stone recipie is in. just use a different position of the seventh :Matter: the one in a coloumn to itself for two of them

    sadly, i think alblaka is against new worlds. it would be cool, but only for building and would have no practical purpose unless to gather a material that has not been implented. dont get me wrong, i love new worlds to explore and i build spaceships a lot, so a cool atomsphere would be appreciated, but i think that would require a different mod. mystcraft?
    oh and btw what is this :Superfuel: what does it do and how do i get it

    I really dont think this will happen, as it would almost be a whole new mod. It could maybe be a crossover, but it wouldnt be an addon, way more complicated

    Remote, live feed is something difficult to make. And these bots where intended to be assisting, ran by program of some sorts.
    One thing I know is that the model is entirely NOT minecraft-ish. I will try to rework it.

    its detailed though! dont know if minecraft can support that sort of graphics though

    Alblaka you liar! You said, that there will never be a full Compositesuit, but its ON THE TO-DO-LIST!!! :cursing: (I guess Alblaka didnt even know, that its there)

    Even if Stuff on the TO-DO-LIST is not often implemented. :D

    i wish i could find this elusive list lol. is it on the foroumn?