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    Looking at that link, it appears to still be in very early development. It states directly that it is not yet stable and breaking changes may happen with updates. Perhaps IC2 Experimental has always been this way, but I still get the feeling that this isn't ready for use yet. But yes, I do stand corrected about no official IC2 versions existing for 1.19.2 besides IC2 Classic.

    I'm sure I'm using IC2-exp rather than the classic one. I also tried the latest version (industrialcraft-2-2.9.24+ex119-1.19.2-forge.jar) but blocks were still lost. I hope a newer and more stable version could solve this. Thanks for your help!

    Yes, ic2 experimental exists on 1.19

    It is generally not possible to seamlessly port worlds across minecraft versions due to the numerous changes they go through when porting. Blocks and items that existed in the mod in 1.12 may not exists in 1.19 and vice versa. You're also not getting any of the new vanilla worldgen changes either. Porting worlds across versions is not recommended and will likely result in world corruption.

    If you want to start playing a new mc version, especially when the difference is this huge, you'll have to start over.

    Yes, this might be the reason. In the beginning, I thought although the codes of the original MC blocks may change significantly in different MC versions, most codes of IC2-exp blocks may not change in different versions of IC2-exp for simplicity during the development of the mod, so that items may still be identified correctly in different versions of MC. Now this hypothesis seems false. Maybe I have to start over in 1.19.2. Anyway, thanks for your help!

    I tried directly transporting my old IC2 save files from MC 1.12.2 to MC 1.19.2. However, I found almost all IC2 items (machines, building blocks, etc) were lost in 1.19.2. I've put a lot of effort into this save and I want to continue it in newer versions of both MC and IC2. How can I solve this problem?

    Thanks for your attention! :thumbup:

    JAVA MC (1.12.2), Forge (, IC2 (industrialcraft-2-2.8.222-ex112.jar).

    JAVA MC (1.19.2), Forge (43.2.0), IC2 (industrialcraft-2-2.9.1+ex119-1.19.2-forge.jar)