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    8 Hops, 24 Wheat, 32 Water.

    Nope. Tried that and just got a Soup brew.

    Also your ratios are not perfect, because there are no "64" value, that allows you, for example, make fully filled barrel with Stodge Black Dragonblood (64 Hops, 12 Wheat, 32 Water).

    I wasn't going for perfect, I was going for the exact ratios. Obviously you can increase and decrease some of the numbers and still keep the same type of beer, but I'm fussy about the numbers!

    Also I thought you were limited to 32 of any one ingredient. Have I been misled?

    Heh, this will be a "Watery" beer. And why 30L, not 32? Oh, yes, there is the error in the topic: all proportions reversed.

    Ah yes. I found this out myself when I tapped the kegs :(

    I've re-done my maths and my new ratios chart looks like this:

    All the numbers are (hopefully) the best match for the ratios while keeping at 32 or under. Obviously you can play with these if you want to use the full capacity of the barrel :)
    And I still can't get Alc-Free. Any suggestions? The ratios on the wiki don't work for me.

    I'm having a lot better luck now--even got terra warts to spawn--though weeds continue to be a problem and often have me needing to clear the cross-sticks two or three times before something useful actually takes hold.

    Might be worth looking up Weed-EX on the wiki. Although to grind up the spider eyes you'll need a Macerator (or a friend on the server with one)

    Apart from Resistance and Strength it seems to me that brewing only has negative effects... Which makes me wonder why anyone would want to use brewing in the first place?

    Not saying Resist / Strength is a bad thing but the amount of work that goes into getting those two effects coupled with the only positive zip without a negative side effect comes from rum it just feels like brewing is pretty pointless?

    Have you grown any Terrawart yet? Try chewing a sprig when drunk.

    1) I read somewhere on this forum that redwheat *may* need a direct view to the sky. Can someone confirm this?

    2) I also read that, by "direct view", it means at least 8 blocks are clear above the redwheat. Also need confirmation.

    My redwheat is growing perfectly well underground with one layer of air and three layers of dirt above it. Actually it's growing better than my above ground redwheat which only grows at night.

    OK, more helpfuly this time: I put some crossed cropsticks between my Redwheat and Terra Wart (Grow and Gain stats around the 4-6 mark), and have been fairly consistently getting Ferru there.

    That's not really relevant to my question though.

    Sorry, should have been clearer:

    When I try to plant flower seeds during the night (or redwheat seeds at day), the plants appear on the sticks, then they disappear and usually the seeds retrun to my hotbar. Sometimes the plants appear to have planted, reappear in my hotbar, but when I use the Cropanalyser it registers no plant on the sticks, and I have to refresh my browser to show what is really there. This may also factor into your disappearing plants if you were using either crop.

    So, my little theory, is that flowers, came out of flowers. Any of them.
    My second one, is that we can get Stickreeds by crossbreeding Reeds.
    My Specified Lab's are slowly opening, actualy working on the Growth of Blacktorns and Cocoa.

    I got stickreeds from reeds too. But I get a lot of flowers from wheat, cocoa and coffee. I don't think there's a pattern for them.

    I'm a bit baffled by all the trampling horror stories. After I worked out that even crouching wasn't enough to save my plants, I started to use raised beds in a glass greenhouse. No more trampling from myself, mobs, or nosy players on my home SMP server.

    It also means I can leave signs on the front of the dirt blocks to remind myself what is growing, or which plants are hybrids.

    I'd still love a stationary cropanalyser though. One I can plug into my electric supply, and leave a bunch of seed bags overnight to be idenitified. Even using a Lappack is frustrating when you have a large breeding farm.