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    Both of those images should work.

    I also find it rather odd, I would much rather have a line of solar panels on one wire than those odd looking tree things.

    So would I, but if you were to look at the coresponding output of the two systems, the solar tree gives way, way, way more power per solar panel. It is a result of how wires work. Now if only we had sideways switch cables...

    On my server, I disabled PVP in a failed attempt to prevent the Tool duplication glitch, along with the fact we kept killing each other by 'Accident'. Interestingly enough, the powered tools still are duplicated when you hit a player, even tho they are not 'hit'.
    I Could not find anywhere where alblaka was made aware of this, nor anything that says he already knows, so I am posting this.

    Advanced Energy Storage Unit

    There is no easy way, other than using a massive number of batteries, or setting up a temporary HV line, to relocate your base AND your energy, or to otherwise transport a large amount of energy in a small area.
    this Advanced Energy storage unit would be able to hold a full 300k EU, by making use of the high capacity of energy crystals. However, to balance their ability to have only 10 of them empty a full MFSU transmitter, they are not 100% efficient, and thus will only return 280k energy when you place them back in an MFSU.

    E = energy crystal, W = cable, A - advanced Circuit.

    Advanced Mobile Charger

    Description: (The template thread has a type btw, Describtion)
    We can charge Battery using devices/tools in a mobile charger, but not crystal devices/tools This Means that to recharge your nano-suit or mining laser, you need to return to your base, and wait for them to recharge.
    This suggestion would add an alternate method, an Advanced Mobile Charger, which is Able to charge more advanced tools and equipment when away from your base. You simply place a crystal in the 'fuel' slot, the crystal powered item in the processing slot, and you get the recharged item out the result slot.

    W - Cable, C - Circuit, A - Advanced Circuit

    MFE Recharging Drills and otherwise

    The reason I think this is not in the game is to avoid endless loops, as you are able to recharge charged drills even when full. Two options that I can think of for this,
    -is one, to be able to place uncharged drills in the top most slot, and would be made into a charged version. Also, placing it in the bottom slot would remove it's charge, but would not add any charge to the MFE, unless there is a way to use the Durability here.
    -or two, Place them in the topmost slot, but move them to the normal result slot of a furnace after it charges, which, though the UI doesnt show it as a slot, it is still there, lights up if you hover over it, and you can place items in itThe first one would allow for charging of depleted tools only, but would allow you to deplete any tool easily, so that they can be recharged.
    The second one may not be possible, as I am not sure how a furnace's code works, and it may not be possible to have two different destination slots, though I suppose that could be the new destination slot anyway. It would let you charge any tool at any state.


    Well, I suppose a possibility would be to have it spit the can back out if there is not room, just like batteries do, or put them in an adjacent chest.
    After all, that code is already mostly written, I believe, for batteries, aside from using a different slot.