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    Why don't you just release it sooner than later, and as many modders do, and release a hotfix later on. You have done this before.
    I seriously cannot complain about anything IC related because of the work you guys are putting into this mod ( Seriously Props bro ).
    Anyways i am happy with whatever you choose to do, But in my prespective it would be a better idea to release a slightly buggy mod (as long as it is not game breaking) and make it prefect at a later date than wait 3 weeks to get a perfect version.

    Is that a joke? or is BC 3.2 out. if it is i am having difficulty finding it. if could be so kind as to link me to it that would be greatly apreciated. i am currently on BC 3.1.5 and i belived that was the most up to date build.

    How do you use Coolant in Combustion engines? I have tried putting it into a engine directly however it did not work. Do i need to put it into a tank first? or is there some other meathod. Please help

    Has no one realized that the old advanced machines (v3.2b2) still works for v1.71? (ssp)(havent tried smp yet)

    If you don't like this mod than stop flaming and go use the old version. There is no point arguing about something as little as a name change, and you fail to realize that the basis of the mod advanced machines is still there, you still have machines that macerate, compress, and extract at higher speeds for less EU.

    Again, i say Advanced Machines v3.2b2 Still works for IC2 v1.71. So stop complaining about a slight alteration to an addon that is no longer being updated by the true owner and use the old version while you still can.

    I don't know how, frankly. I'd first have to figure out how this texture business works

    Nobody answered you because nobody knows what you are talking about. No version of Advanced Machines ever allowed macerating of 2 different materials simultaneously, you are thinking Induction Furnace

    i got confused by the two slots for the input

    Also, whenever i try combining 3 copper and 1 tin in the new adv macerator it only makes me 3 bronze, not 8.

    Hi, I recently updated to IC2 Version 1.71 and i noticed that not all the textures have been updated to match the wiki, Such as the Tool Box and the Electric tree tap.

    I was wondering if this was a bug or if i had to manually update them, and if it is possible to manually update them could some one please tell me how?

    Add support for force field addon.. No need for defense laser..

    Usually having a dependency on another addon is a bad idea, due to updates and such they may not be updated at the same time, Not to mention the modular force fields already block all explosive damage so there really is no need to add support to it.

    the other problem with that is there could be ID conflict with other addons that people use and could cause some complaints.

    overall it would be best if he continued to just work on the addon the way he is.

    I was wondering why the heat of a nuclear reactor was not show in the GUI it self, im fairly sure a lot of people would apreciate this addition.

    the only way you can determine heat is by looking at the durability of the cells, or by instaling that thermometer addon and the cells are just a rough estimate.

    I found a simple substitute for my problem, Sell energy crystals in a tradomat for IC currency / coins. This allows the selling of energy while still using IC items

    Thanks for the help

    Compatibility issue:

    When running Redpower2 3b, IC2 v1.337b, Buildcraft 2.5.5, and Advanced machines for v1.337b on my server your addon conflicts with redpower and stops the ability of handsaws to have a durability over 1.

    This means that when you try to use a handsaw it will cut the block in half, however it will destroy the handsaw right after it is made. i have determinded that your addon (modular force field) is the source of the problem
    Im looking for a quick solution to the problem and to broadcast it to the creator

    So, if anyone can help i would gladly listen