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    look at industrialcraft and how many addons are made for it. hey bro, i heard you like mods, so i modded your mod so you can play your minecraft with modded mods. not to say that the addons make or break the original mod. but the addons come with the mod, if you're going to judge the mod you have to take into account its addons. just like if you were to judge minecraft you have to take into account its modding community. you don't have to use all or any of the mods or its addons, but it's there to make it's more of a personal experience for you.

    with BC2, IC2 and RP2 you can make geothermal generators in the nether. first pump the lava into tank with BC2. then use RP2 deployer right next to the tank filled with buckets. it will fill the bucket with lava from the tank, use RP2's filter to suck out the lava buckets and tube those to the geothermal gens, then have filter to suck out empty buckets and you have it... or you could just download the IC2/BC2 advance generators or something and be done with it.

    i don't understand why you would NEED to get rid of BC for RP2... timber! and treecapitator are mods that you would use one or the other, but not both. BC and RP2 are not like that at all, they add different things and they do different things, they just happen to have similar things. i don't know where eloraam is going with RP2, but i got 4 volcanoes right next to my spawn and they are an eye sore. not to mention the giant rubber trees, have you tried cutting one of them down? that is a hassle and a half. if anything, RP2 is going the ways of IC2. maybe one day you'll have to choose between IC2 or RP2, not RP2 and BC. at least that's what i think. it might just be my opinion, but BC doesn't completely unbalance IC2, RP2 machines do and those are just t1 machines.

    awesome texture. i'm glad they're adding on/off for storage and such. it's nice that each block will get their own special sides. honestly on the copper cable, they look horrid. but that's mostly cause of how IC cable works. i wish IC's cable were more like eloraam's cable. i know they don't work the same way, but hers are just so awesome. well at least we don't have giant full size block cables, those were just ridiculous.

    i feel like i should make a factory for EVERY machine in IC2. it's hard to remember the recipe for all the parts and them even with recipe book. though now i use the shelf mod (show 9 items in 3x3 grid, exactly the same as a crafting grid) and just place the mats in there with a sign above that says what it'll make. that way i have a very fast way to tell how to make something.

    solar panels are free infinite energy. you just pay to build it and after that it provides free infinite energy forever. hook a mass fabricator up to it and you can make everything else in the game, for free. this is not exactly 'new'. cactus farm will make free cactus forever which can be used to make energy or recycle into scrap boxes for free diamonds. cobblestone generators can make cobblestone out of thin air which again can be recycled for free diamonds. those machine can be powered by solar panels for a factory that essentially make stuff out of nothing. why are people keep freaking out that EE allows them to get 'free' stuffs? vanilla minecraft allows this, IC2 allows this, BC makes this REALLY easy, EE makes a LOT of stuff from other stuff. it's a video game. it's okay.

    awesome stuff... i never knew the chances for the items were so even... i was thinking about doing this, but i restarted for 1.15 so i haven't gather enough to make something similar.

    this might help with the dispenser randomly ejecting stuff everywhere. could surrounding its path w glass or something help? that way it has no chance of flying off its course.

    this is not a matter of whether or not the creators of these mods will get great exposure or not. clearly the yogcast have a larger following than the modders. this is a case of 'i [modders] made this mod. this is my mod. it is copyrighted. you [Kakermix] don't have my permission to distribute it and you are distributing it. furthermore, the yogcast are helping you illegally distributing my intellectual property without my permission.'

    i really hope some of the modders who's mod were used in the modpack do something. if nothing is done, it will send a bad message to the community of Kakermix out there. what it will say is that the modders and their silly copyrights are worth nothing. there is absolutely no reason to respect their wishes when it come to redistributing their contents. what is the point of asking them for permission when i [not me personally obviously] don't have to. either they can't do anything bout it or they won't. either way, i can do what i [not me personally obviously] want with their work.

    i am very happy that you're getting the expose you deserve, because this mod is amazing. however, it doesn't make it less wrong. i like to think of this similar to rape. either you have permission to do so or you don't. no means no and there are no cases where that DOES NOT apply.

    very nice looking cactus farm you got there. and you can stick a quarry on top of that cobble stone generator to automate it. a quarry powered by 4 steam engine wont be fast enough to each through that line of water/lava. plus you won't need the obby pipe below. but you would need coal for those engines.

    this is a smaller version of my factory thanks to your wonderful rotary macerator. there was 27 macerators, now replaced with a mere 3 that works perfectly with BC. by the way 3 rotary macerators at 10k rpm with a semi-continuous stream of things to mace will make your DMF poo itself after a couple minutes. and the alchemical chest next to it will double poo itself since steam engine and up don't work like they should on normal chest, ie still only pulls out 1 at a time. i wonder if that's fix in the new version of EE, this is probably a BC thing, or maybe if the time watch thing will unpoo the DMF.

    i really like ur let's play. the editing, cutting out the mundane things really make it great. and it's also kinda tutorial as well. all and all, very nice.

    a suggestion for new things to do. the new version of buildcraft adds refining oil into fuel and such when it comes out. i think you should go around looking for as much oil as you can and transport it all back to your base and store it in giant tanks. so once the new version get release you can start doing all the neat things with it.

    I did something similar only with gold ore, DM furnace and semi automated but it just felt stupid to keep recycling the same stuff and get free stuff out of it so now I just macerate and DM furnace the stuff I mine with autominers and my huge quarries

    well recycling stuff to get more stuff is kinda the point of IC2 and EE. IC2 has the recycler to get a chance at better stuff or use a generator to power a mass fabricator which in turns make uu's to make fuel for the generator. and EE has aggregators to turn lower stuff into higher stuff which then can be transmuted into more lower stuff to feed into the aggregators for more higher stuff. and BC makes these processes not a pain.

    good idea on the DM furnace. though at 144 diamonds a pop, it's quite steep. it would greatly increase my output. plus can i rig a mobius fuel factory to the whole thing.