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    I have to say Zippenus you have my full respect since you were able to work through those bugs within a day.

    Night, actually. I looked into the code for the IC Pump and Miner and identified my problem:

    super(5, 1, maxSpeed, 128);

    Buildcraft checks the first number to identify what kind of container it is. There are four choices: 2-slot, 3-slot, generic(chest), and ISpecialInventory. The first two are identified if the number is equal to 2 or 3 respectively. The third is for other numbers and the last is Buildcraft code that needs to be implemented elsewhere in the tileentity file. To fix my problem I changed the code to:

    super(3, 1, maxSpeed, 128)

    This made Buildcraft see this as a 3-slot inventory, similar to a furnace. This also means that until I can reliably recompile the Buildcraft source alongside Industrialcraft, I will not be implementing a dual output. I do apologize for that, though if you want, I can make the dual slot an option. Meaning you either get Buildcraft compatibility, or dual outputs.

    It doesn't work well, I mean there is nothing in the outside slot when the macerator finished his work and the progress line filling again and again indefinitely, so he can't finish at least 1 coal, for example. ;(

    I apologize again. I was having a field day with the code last night. All bugs should be fixed in the V1.1 update including the Buildcraft compatibility. Enjoy.

    Sorry for the delay, but I've been looking into the Buildcraft issue.

    First off, Ket, I bow before you. Thanks. I knew it was probably simple, but I wasn't looking in the right places.

    I'm going to make this a V1.0 despite the Buildcraft issue. It will be priority #1 though. The problem seems to be that the wooden pipes see the rotary macerator as a generic inventory, similar to a chest. Once I figure out how to make it read it as a three-slot (furnace-like) inventory, the problem should resolve itself.

    Edit: Testing it now, and unfortunately, pipes take objects from the wrong sets of slots while trying to use this... (Stealing from input slot 1st before output slots)

    I've noticed this and have begun testing to see if I can fix it. Hopefully I don't have to completely change the code for this, but we'll see.

    On a related note: Updated the mod! V0.95

    I've fixed the lever bug, and disabled placing items into the output. Updated link in OP.

    Hello all, and welcome to Advanced Machines. All right, I really need to stop looking at suggestions now. Someone posted a comment on the forums recently stating that rather than "advanced" solar panels, there should be "condensed" solar panels. I thought it was an ingenious idea (though the proposed recipes/outputs was horrid) and set about doing just that. This means that Advanced Machines is proud to introduce the Solar Arrays! These arrays are, put simply, a group of solar panels. they work exactly as their basic counterpart, except for the output EU/t. Please note that the Solar Arrays have a SEPERATE block ID, meaning that the total IDs this mod uses is now 2. Currently the only bug I have is that I have not yet fixed the drop settings, so you can break the Arrays with your drill to retrieve it. A wrench does also work though. Remember to post bugs here, and I will attempt to fix them. And cpw strikes again! Thank him for the Bukkit port.

    The 3.2 beta version is SINGLE PLAYER ONLY at the moment. This version is a direct port of my 3.1.1, modified to use less of the IC2 base files. I will be releasing an SMP version shortly, but there are a couple of small quirks to work out first.

    3.2 Beta 2 Known Bugs:

    OK guys, Beta 2 is out now. Fixes/Changes are as follows:

    • Shift-Click no longer causes crash. Still not quite right, but no accidental crashing.
    • The config file works again!
    • The Solar Arrays will give off appropriate power again!
    • The containers don't properly update in SMP.

    This means that at the moment, the original machines are useless in SMP. The Solar Arrays on the other hand produce their power in the tileentity, so they will properly produce power, but only externally, meaning these only work with cables, storage devices, and other machines. They will not, however work with batteries.

    On the To-Do list are:

    • Implement explosion when the machines receive too much power.
    • Fix the drops of Solar Arrays (Will currently drop themselves in all cases).
    • Implement recipe config options.
    • Finish fixing Shift-Clicking quirks.

    Enjoy, and remember to post all unlisted bugs. They are easier to squash when I can see them.
    Requirements 3.1.1:
    Minecraft 1.0.0
    Industrialcraft 1.42 or later

    Requirements 3.2:
    Minecraft 1.1.0
    Industrialcraft 1.64 or later

    Buildcraft 2.2.5 or later

    Images courtesy of Eagleblade

    Note: The Centrifuge Extractor recipe uses Electrolyzed Water Cells

    Solar Arrays Recipes(No images yet:(

    LV Solar Array:

    :Advanced Machine: :Advanced Machine: :Advanced Machine:
    :Advanced Machine: :HV-Transformer: :Advanced Machine:
    :Advanced Machine: :Advanced Machine: :Advanced Machine:

    Where :Advanced Machine: = Solar Panel and :HV-Transformer: = LV Transformer

    Outputs 8 EU/t

    MV Solar Array:

    :Advanced Machine: :Advanced Machine: :Advanced Machine:
    :Advanced Machine: :HV-Transformer: :Advanced Machine:
    :Advanced Machine: :Advanced Machine: :Advanced Machine:

    Where :Advanced Machine: = LV Solar Array and :HV-Transformer: = MV Transformer

    Outputs 64 EU/t

    HV Solar Array:

    :Advanced Machine: :Advanced Machine: :Advanced Machine:
    :Advanced Machine: :HV-Transformer: :Advanced Machine:
    :Advanced Machine: :Advanced Machine: :Advanced Machine:

    Where :Advanced Machine: = MV Solar Array and :HV-Transformer: = HV Transformer

    Outputs 512 EU/tick

    Please refer to the Preview Video to learn about all the new features:

    Preview Video (Courtesy of Direwolf20)

    To Install:

    Place the zip into the mods folder

    If you get a NoClassDef error, rename the zip folder by adding a z to the beginning.

    Hope you enjoy!