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    noone has noted that spriting w/ the q-suit on ice will make you go about 4x further than before, like you can jump into wayyy unloaded chunks. I'll edit with the distance once i test it.
    edit only happens in multiplayer (or maybe it just isn't happening anymore, will test once i get my server running).

    this freaking annoying stuff happens only if the SMP server that is to slow to proceed sending you the data from the chunks around you and if your updaterate of your chunks is to low to ask for the chunks around you in 4-5x speed on ice... it works well with an high updaterate and a nice Server with good up and downloadrates, but thats the classic stuff in minecraft... becouse high updaterate eats Loads of Graphic recource and CPU recource.. So there are very funny things able with EE and quantumsuit..^^ planned to create an icerace over 5ooo blocks but failed bcouse map destroyed after 2 days of constructing.. random noobs and EE no fun!

    the maximum eu is limited to a packet size, what you got is a packet size Stack.

    the highest "transferable" packet size is 2048 eu. stackable up to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    -edit packets get added to each other for your "EU-reader" so he shows up all packets additional

    Quantumsuit will get nerfed a bit, as soon as i add the "advanced Quantumsuit" (need better Name), and that as soon as i can make SMP-Working Jetpacks (as soon as IC² fixes that), and that as soon as i can override Quantumspeed and Quantumjump.

    Memo to myself: Fix Uraniumcells not giving depleted Cells with my Nuclearfix. Please bug me when i forget to mention it in the next changelog.

    Are you allready talking about "Advanced Quantumsuit" features or is it a Secret. i would like to hear something about it(Just to think about a name to help u) but if its a secret i'm really interressted about that and its features. :P
    and wow lot of complex features :)

    i like the way how greg does with balancing recipes for some ic2 basement items.. and about EE - its Creative nothing else.. if you cry about it don't use it -
    i already suggested a change on Quantum but i think it have been forgotten, or AL is allready working on it. Well it would be nice to configure the Energy drain lvl of nano and quantum. its like "If you don't like it then disable it. -simple.

    Greg 5* for your tier 4 addon i really like to see how it grows <3

    Looks like a minor bug, but i don't like errorlogs!

    Using Current forge .163
    Before Recomended .151
    -snip bug at booth! versions.

    Yey, i got an idea..
    - uninstall EE and rethink your suggestion.

    We allready got "God Matter"(UU-Matter) with it we can do nearby everything. So for what we should need this?
    and hell yea you can automize it with RP or BC to make it like a "Block Replicator".

    well how about, adding your own "pipe"(keep in mind, that liquid pipes and Rubber "die" in those deep themperatures), to transport the liquid oxigen to the gens.

    - snip
    And you wanna keep this with Buildcraft in mind, everything you could do with BC pipes you can almost do with RP tubes, and those are way more efficient then Buildcraft pipe systems.
    - snip

    Hey Greg, what about a particle Accelerator(to create something, Ironman 2 like storeage) and new "Storeage Divices" an
    UltraEV transformator(to Transform QuadEV to EV) for your lightningRod and FusionReactor ?^^

    The Future is here! :D

    <sarcasm> isn't that a nice idea? <sarcasm>