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    Stop those Qsuit weakening suggestions! It is supposed to be overpowered and it's quite balanced considering the extremely high material cost.

    High matterial cost? :D Just get a "little" efficienty 3.6 Reactor running, and you start stacking uu-matter into chest for a supply if something "break".
    Full stop^^
    I don't even build any of the suits(Ups selfown, i build 1 time QS for building Gravisuit[very nice building suit]), becouse in my opinion i don't need them, just a sapper and go! And most of the player like Monoxide use their Lappack instead of Chestplates, so their rest of the suit should be useless, Nano suit is good like it is. Full balanced :P

    hey cpw, why does if you use a 5x5 field of HV on a single MFSU and glas fibre, doesn't blow up the MFSU and the cable the packet each tick is bigger then 512 EU(12800 EU/t), is that wanted or am i just interpret something wrong.. becouse limits for mfsu accepting packets is 512 and not larger then HV... thats a little confusing me right now.. Even if the packets are split up for ever HV pannel, the MFSU + Cables should break/blow up becouse you deliver more then 512eu through the cable per tick...

    that doesn't make sense, it would be like transfering HV through double isolated gold wire.

    Thats not really a solution, but more of an Axe of your own feature. Whats the joke of customization if you can only implement 1 type of upgrade of each type? Or will you let the other types of upgrade to have several making sort of "Induction furnace" situation (People QQing why there was a Ifurnace but not an Imacerator or the like)

    Before nerfing the Qsuits to stupid levels i would rather wait for the Industrial Conflict (Yes spawn i know about it, ergo why i said "its something that i believe have been in development for a while") to release their stuff and see if any of it works specially against the Qsuit.

    I still like the customization part, but i say a big "NOPE" to the nerfing the qsuit part (yet).

    Well i think, i got a "possibil" solution for this without Nerfing the Quantum suit but still Adding features, where still the player needs to work for to get it back up and adds components to it..

    Just an idea thrown into here...

    The Basic DMG absorb of quantum could stay like it is, but the Rate the DMG into EU get pushed up(1million EU stored up), and now to the customaze part,
    some/much, little parts to work against it/ to add features that are worth enough to be an Alternativ to just back it up to its defaults.. (But not to 100% of it's current state, but near Godmode)

    with maybe, Shield Generator(For me the Quantum ability to Convert DMG into EU is like a Shield works, nothing else.), Cooling Parts, Microchips that control the EU flow, conductors.. something like this. but if you add some features, other features get disabled, becouse of insufficient Space in the Suit itself, but both ways, maybe Upgrading Shield systems(Defense), or energy use systems (Yes you read correctly, industrialcraft is nothing else then Science.)(Utility), or giving yourself an Advantage for fight(Offense) like adding electroshocks(not as dmg, but as Debuff to "destroy"(Temp Disabled) chips or Tech by the enemy), to deactivate features of your enemy.(To allow PvP, that take an end)

    That would also add for those who want it an Suit "Near Godmode" but still opens up other Possibility's for the use of the suit. But by installing those features, the Quantum is not Bound to this features only the combination of the tree's is Disabled... (So if you want this "mode" to go mining, you can take this mode to go farming in hell, and this mode for PvP..)

    just a little sample, (To show you what i mean)
    Enemy: (Defense)
    Shield Gen,
    Modified Eu system,
    Bigger Storeage,
    CoolingGen. (That would be something near godmode, just the idea)

    Yours: (Offense, Remember you don't got increased Defense)
    Electronic Overflow, (Applying little shocks to equipment of enemy, little chance to temp deactivate a feature)
    EU Converter, (a bit more speed)
    MicroGlasFibreCables, (Lower Energylos used by other Tools of this "Tree")
    CPU to handle better EU spread,

    the fight, would be even, everybody can loose/win with "luck" or "skill"..

    Remember, its just another posibility to add some user costumize to it, without loosing the full Godmode of the suit completly. (Still Gadgets, and work to get those)

    If Alblaka is already in work of something with the Qsuit to "balance" it or something like this... i would like to wait and see how they "fit" this situation...

    Fits? Haven't you considered that (Depending on the way upgrades play a role), it could make the situation even worse?

    People could forgo the useless features of the Qsuit and just go for Pure Defense, Making it either Equal or Better than the actual situation. (And people complains are purely for the defense aspect of the Qsuit, never about the speed the water breathing or anything, just the defense)

    that one is easy to fix, by just allow to implement 1 armor upgrade. means you take a little bit lesser dmg, so the other guy picks up regen or another upgrade that work against it.
    We should stop discussing here, becouse there is no end in sight. Everything have it's pro's and Conts, the way the guy interpret the idea makes his own pro's and Cont's...
    In my eye's this idea have even more Pro's then Cont's ...

    and beeing focused to just see the Cont's and ignore the Pro's will do nothing.

    You know the only actual reason why the QSuit its considered "OP or Unbalanced" Its because there is nothing in the Game that justify having so much invulnerability... Against other players. Ergo so much QQ i have been reading so much lately.

    And since most people are morons or just have tunnel vision, they only thing they see to remedy the situation its to "Nerf" the Qsuit when there is another and more perfect alternative to work this out (And its something that i believe have been in development for a while) AKA weapons. People would complain a lot less about the "Opness" of the Qsuit if there was a weapon that would bypass the Qsuit shield or deplete it faster (Without 0HitKOing the Qsuit user). Leaving the Qsuit as a completely Valid option against PvE (For single player people or for simple exploration)

    Although i do like the way this suggestion want to take the Qsuit, that doesn't mean you can't have (or remove) what would be the former Qsuit, meaning if you make the proper upgrades and add it to the Qsuit you should be able to have somewhat of a old version of it.

    you are right, there won't be any QQ about the Qsuit if there are weapons that would pierce through the defence, but if that weapon is to strong, the ppls would QQ again... but i don't think there would be much more QQ about nano suit, if there weren't a nano sabber.. and about that nano sabber, just to compare that to a weapon that would pierce through Qsuit, it would need to make more then 20 hearts of DMG/ piercing DMG, so the ppls get enrage about that weapon, becouse its to weak agains other ppls that don't wear that armor.. So more QQ'ing...

    My way of handling it would be to "Nerf" the Qsuit to an maybe Advanced v. of the Nano... with possibility to get stronger with more needs... but not too strong that it gets OP again... so that more QQ about it gets spammed everywhere..

    i don't know much about that Armor and DMG thing of minecraft coding.. but i read often enough that this code is neat...

    just my statement, the Qsuit like it is at the moment is to heavy, and my idea fits that..
    i hate my english myself, so stop complaining about that and ask if u don't understand something.

    Look the Post Above!!!

    Well, what he wrote above is exactly what i mean with this suggestion, The Upgrades that the user creates and inserts make the suit to that what it is, t
    the only thing is that the user CANNOT HAVE ALL UPGRADES INSTALLED which would make the suit UNBALANCED again!

    It would make an Openend in Upgrades, which could/couldnot have an Upgrade for increasing Armor, but with a Max. Number of Upgrades installed..
    That proplem is supposed to be Balanced 2, then the ONE and ONLY way to get it Balanced are the GadGets... by easy changing some simple Values!

    But the Balancing is nothing to discuss over..., i just hope to get my idea picked up and used to increase the Quality of the IC^2 mod, maybe or maybe not... but thats the reason why this forum exists... to submit there ideas in hope that they are balanced/Good enough to get used...!

    I don't know about this going into Vanilla IC2. But why don't you make a mod for it. I for one would love to see this ingame in some way shape or form.

    becouse i don't know how to code in Java... and class files... the only way i can code at the moment, is lua for CC...
    but i would like to see if someone of the "Modders" pick this idea up and adds it, but that would be an alternativ...

    Change the title
    I totally support this idea.
    For a very simple reason : it is not fun having a "super armor" that no other armor can compete with. What is fun is to make choices in a situation where there is hesitation, because thinking of what are the criteria we prefer.
    Customizing a not-OP quantum armor is fun, as long as you can't have ALL the augmentations in it, and solves this problem

    This idea is excellent.

    Ty, i would like to hear more like this :)

    Edit: changed title anyway...
    I hate Opera, but i need to use it bcouse youtube video's does not play in Firefox anymore:(, so sry about that Lines... Opera add's them by iteself)

    just a little "improvement" to your arrow system, why don't we add a new, Item towards it
    Mechanical Crossbow,
    combining the Bow with some mechanical features.
    there are tons of arrows in my chests on multiplayer around 10 Diamond Chests of IronChest mod...

    My improvement would be,
    to use Arrows maybe 16 arrows and a electronic circut(maybe some tin cable) and a batterie(filled) otherwise an Alternative to RE batterie would the use of Single use batterie, to make 16 electrified Arrows, that apply a little "shocked" state,
    paralizing the enemy it hits...

    Would be a Ranged alternative to "mining lazor" that eats loads of EU while killing mobs with it, i know the name "mining, lazor" says everything but its lot of fun if u miss a creeper with "long shot" :P

    its just an idea, and i would like to hear a little critic... i know Alblaka won't add any new weapons...

    I hate my english myself, so don't complain about my grammar! If you don't understand something ASK!
    i'm dumb,

    i meant this to be a kind of "Remake", for the Quantum, and not to a kind of new armor for it.

    The idea behind it, is to "weaken" the Basic Quantum a bit, and make it able to get upgraded by investigating some more Time, in crafting and Farming.

    My idea,

    Remake of the Quantum Suit,

    were it to make the Quantum suit like a little "tool box", and add some gadgets for your Quantum suit,
    that would add lots of posibility's to this suit with combining some Gadgets to get your personal favority suit.
    About that Gadgets, they get implemented in a kind of HuD for the Quantum, and get activated if you wear the Quantum...
    Every Gadget increase the Consume of Energy/s of the Quantum suit.
    But if you wear an Empty quantum suit, you get reduced DmG like with an Iron Armor(Until Energy is Empty),
    those GadGets increase the "Armor" or other "Ability's" added by the Gadgets, Max. 4 Gadgets.

    I just got one idea to build those "Gadgets", with a new Crafting
    Bench, for Micro Robotic Systems, but no idea for the Recipes...

    my Ideas for some Gadgets.

    - Defi, (5% chance to survive a death blow.)
    - Nanobots, (Regenerating 1/20 hearts each 5s.)
    - MicroCompression, (Add's an Additional Inventory raw 9 slots, to your Player)
    - Advanced Energy Loader, (The suit Consumes 15% Lower Energy at Loading)
    - Energy Controll unit, (Increasing Sprint Speed by 10%, but increase consume by 25%)
    - Advanced Cooleant pipes, (Decrease Lava, Burn Timer by 10%[Mean the Burnhour after leaving or Touching Lava])
    - Iridium Plates, (Increase DmG Absorb "Tier" 2 Max.)
    - Advanced LapatronCrystals, (More Energy)
    - Tool Port, (Tools use unused Quantum Energy now)
    - Solar Frames, (Generating 1 EU/t while standing outside under Light.)
    - Shield Generator, (Timebased increase of "Armor" to Diamond Tier, consumes 250EU/t while Activated, 1EU/4t while Offline.)
    - etc. (There are lots of posibility's for adding Gadgets..)

    i Think that would Balance everything out, becouse every gadget is unique and you have to choose and prioritice in crafting...

    I got this idea, becouse if you get a Quantum in Multiplayer then you are Immortal:

    - you can swim in lava for more then 5 minutes,
    - Falling under the map, until the Energy in Chestplate is empty,
    - Stand inside of 9 Nukes, Not even a Scratch in the Energy,
    - no DmG by Nano Sabber or Laser,
    - only weapons of other mods can kill you....

    Thats the reason for my Suggestion, that makes the Quantum to a "Personal Controlled Armor with choosen Features"
    and not everybody that wears it is immortal, and no one can kill anybody else in Multiplayer.
    Firefox is better then opera -.-.... no more huge spacing -.-