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    NEI is not bugged. IC² machines are disabled, in favor of GregTech automatic ones. Look for "automatic whateverIC²machine"
    If you really wish to use IC² machines for whatever reason you can re-enable them in the config and shapeless craft them from a GT one.
    Although those are "inferior" as you wont have the ability to autooutput items and inability to use covers.

    gregtech problems with textures directory maybe? As some people mentioned some posts ago.

    Thanks SpwnX for the fast response, I kind of figured they were disabled for the GT versions, but want to make sure. As for the textures. I know the IC2 mod patch has a base dir of assets/. The base for for the GT patch is mod/, I tried placing it in the root of the texture pack as well as under the assets folder with no luck. I am also having issues with CC and Natura as well. I am using the Spahx PureBDCraft pack. I will shout on their forums again and try to get a response.


    So I guess NEI is bugged out. I am using the latest builds of IC2 and GT with the current NEI. When I try to get the recipes for most IC2 machines nothing happens, and since these recipes are not updated on the wiki it is impossible to see what materials are needed for the IC2 Macerator, Extractor, Compressor, Electric Furnace, or Recycler. Unless these are disabled so that players use the GT versions?

    Also can any explain to me why the texture packs are such a pain to setup? I can't get the GT textures to show up at all, just the default 16x (which makes my eyes bleed on a 32" display lol).

    That's your problem. The non-experimental version of IC2 is pretty much abandoned and wasn't updated when NEI was. Get the experimental from forum headers but note that there are tons of changes and e-net behaves somewhat differently and far more explodey.

    Okay my question now is how will the addons react? Most (if not all) say for version 1.118

    I recently returned to MC and decided to give GT a full go, but NEI isn't being very helpful with displaying the altered recipes for some items. When I press "r" I either get a blank crafting grid with the output of the item or nothing at all. It is all together possible that some items might be IC^2 itself, but I do know the RE battery recipe is one of the altered and when I try to pull the recipe up, nothing happens at all. I also tried doing the Generator (I could be wrong) and it only showed a recipe that involved advanced machine blocks or steel hulls (both of which, would be really hard to acquire on a new world). The crop item (name might be off, but the two sticks used in farming) shows up as a blank recipe.

    So far that is the only ones I have seen. I am using whatever the lastest download from this thread for GT and IC^2 version of 1.118.401-lf with the latest Forge build.
    In addition I also have the following mods/addons:
    IC^2 Addons:
    Nuclear Control - 1.6.2b
    Advanced Machines - 1.6.2
    Advanced Power Management - 1.2.85-IC-1.118
    Advanced Solar Panels - 3.3.8

    ComputerCraft 1.56
    Aether II 1.6.2 version
    Applied Energistics rv-13-b
    Buildcraft 4.0.2
    FrogCraft - lastest from thread
    Optifine HD_U_B5
    idfix 1.6.2-1.1.0
    Steves Carts 2.0.0 build 132
    PlayercoreAPI - Unknown version (pre-req for Aether II)
    Threadedlighting - Unknown version (pre-req for Aether II)
    InvTweaks 1.56-b77
    bspkrsCore 3.03
    TreeCapitator 1.6.2r04 *Not working and possibly blocked by GT mod?*
    Rei Minimap 3.4_01

    If Adfly is 0.05 Cents per click then you make much more Money from getting Donations. Adfly is not even usable to keep a Server running, you must have extra Advertisement running or have your own Server.

    Its not usable at any level. think about it.. you would need 14 clicks just to earn enough money to buy a .25 cent pack of gum (if that even exists still). 50 clicks if you want something off the .99 cent menu at Wendy's. Donations are the way to go... As a new server operator I am curious if I ask for donations to offset and upgrade the servers, would that be technically profiting off the mods? I ask because most mod developers forbid any profiting off their mods if used in a pack. The whole point of running a modded server is to attract users based on the mods the server is using. (sorry for the sad attempt of thread jacking, but it has been bugging me for a bit while I am compiling my server's website together).

    Main reason i hate it is becuase even though its only 5 Seconds, you get 0.05p per Click.... SERIOUSLY.... WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU BOTHER

    mainly due to volume... If your mod is popular enough then you will generate some revenue from it, but not enough to be "omg I am rich now". I am glad Alblaka has always kept this mod away from the ad sites, there are quite a few out there that do not use them.

    adfly is just beyond stupid. There are some greedy ones out there who try and make players go through all three of the ad click services. I have never donated (lol cause I am always broke thanks to college), but if I did I am 90% less likely to donate to someone who makes me click through a ad link rather than someone who doesn't. My view on it is this: You are already making me spend 5 seconds of my precious free time to download your mod so you can get a couple of pennies, then you don't need an extra donation on top of that. (This comes off a bit harsh and the common answer is "so what, its only 5 seconds". On any given week I am working on up to 5 coding/design projects for my class, working on my personal portfolio, volunteering my time at a local observatory, working, trying to get around 3-4 hours of sleep, or reading on design techniques or learning new things within Javascript/jQuery. Five seconds of my time is alot, and I don't have the time to go through 3 different ad services just to get a mod that looked interesting.)

    technically I don't think these services are allowed anyways. It would depend on how Mojang has their EULA written, but if you force a user to go through a ad-based site to generate revenue off the download of their mod, it is the same as charging a price to download. I remember back in the hideous days of WoW players were offering a premium version if they donated (I am seeing Aether II doing this as well) and Blizzard slammed their mighty hammer down on the modding community and threatened action if they did not stop immediately.

    As for the mythical API of Minecraft and the thoughts of a market place. In order to sell your mod (which in itself is an original work derived from another original work) you would need to purchase a permit or get a release from the original developer to sell the mod for a price. Anyways the Minecraft API is a urban myth lol. (look into iPhone apps for EVE Online to see the huge debacle that took place there).

    I dont change anything of Forestry itself. All your arguments are invalid without having to look at them.

    Nerfed the Matter Fabricator to a maximum of 8192EU/t instead of 1000000, unless the regular Massfab is enabled.
    Fixed the Energy Bar in the Fusion Reactor.
    Made the Centrifuge a MetaTileEntity.

    I said one of the comments on the video suggested it might be an infraction with your mod. I didn't come on here to blame you for screwing up anything. I am just following a lead and exhausting it in a effort to squash the bug and move on with my farm. With that said I will continue to investigate and see what the deal is on the farm, also the same comment pointed out that there was a newer version out, so I am going to grab that and see if the farm starts up, if not then back to the drawing boards.

    I was reading on the MC forums an article that is shedding some light upon the urban legend known as the "modding API" and what I gathered from that mods like Optifine are going to be extincted as it directly modifies the game engine and that includes other API's like forge. Now I might have misread that article, but that is how I understood it. Also mod delivery would be handed at the start menu of the game, rendering MC forums useless.

    So turns out they changed the NDA and I never saw it, but yes I can say which one now and it MWO. They just dumped a large amount of users into the server, and hopefully soon they will move to open beta and kill the NDA.