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    AA IDs

    Thaumcraft IDs

    In the Configs there are other IDs than in the log.
    How could I fix this...

    Would it be possible to disable machines or receipts in total if set to false in the config file?
    Examples: I disabled the generation of silver in the world. I would like to replace the silver in receipts in this mod with the silver from other mods.
    I think this is no problem using the ore-dictionary which i think is already used.
    But i would like to kick out the silver implemented by this mod totally. It should not be available and shown in NEI anymore and can not be cheated in.

    Is there a possibility you can implement that?

    Hey GregoriusT,
    I found a little bug with the quantum chest and buildcraft/krapht's logistics pipes.
    They are working correctly as far as I have tested.
    But when useing a requester pipe the amount stored in the quantum chest isn't displayed correctly.
    As long as there is <=64 blocks (in my test case cobblestone) in the chest it reads the mount correctly.
    But when storing more than a stack the requester pipe always displays 64 blocks. I think, this is because the Chest actually provides just a stack of 64 blocks in the output slot an refills its internal stack as long as the internal counter in not zero.
    Is there any way you can fix that or is it on krapht's side to fix it (probably)?

    I've got the some Problem and I can extend it.
    When wearing gravity-chestplate and ultimate-solarhelmet and looking for reciepts in NEI for about 6-10 (didn't measured it exactly) times the games crashes with following error:

    With looking for a reciept I mean pressing R-Key (Looking up crafting reciept by default)
    I have tested it multiple times
    1. Putting empty G.Chestplate and U.Solarhelmet in character so U.Solarhelmet is not full while loading G.Chestplate.
    2. Some as above but solarhelmet is filled up first
    3. Just a single U.Solarhelmet loading itsself
    4. Just a single G.Chestplate loaded a bit and using fly mode
    I hope you can fix it quickly.

    Edit: I read GregoriusT's thread aber posting mine and I tried the some pattern while wearing Quantum Suit and Nano Suit. This Error does not occure with those Armor.

    Server Crash Log:

    Further Infos:

    Can you give any information on when you will have fixed this error? I would like to use this mod on a server.

    This is an Error occurs when I use the MFFS Device on a Bukkit server with mod_ModularForceFieldSystemV2. and industrialcraft2-1.103-mcpc1.2.5-r1.

    Usually I am running a bunch of other mods as well but I have tried this on a bukkit server just with IC2 and MFFS. It is the some problem there.

    Trying this in Singleplayer will not cause this error.

    It only occurs when using a bukkit server.