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    As much as I love the Bat Pack, It does nothing for me in combat. So I suggest a Battle Bat Pack (BBP).

    to balance, it would only have 40,000 EU with 3 armor, be made of an Iron chest, 4 batteries, and an electrical circuit. No further upgrades either (like bat to lap pack)

    I think its Thermal Expansion, but some mod changed the amount that coal generates from 4000 to 10k and the change isnt caught by NEI's.

    Any one have an idea how to fix this? not that im complaining about the extra EU, but it is obnoxious.

    Checked the TE mods' configs, didnt find anything, but noticed it started after installing it. So Im not sure where to look

    edit: i did add power crystal energy conversion mod at that time to, didnt see anything in that config either, but it was a mess, so i might have missed something

    I think a couple words every week or so would be nice. It doesnt have to be descriptive or lengthy, just a hey we have made some work here kind of thing.

    Can that link to the builds be posted somewhere more convenient? I loved how forestry has updates every week or so (havent checked in a while due to not playing in general :D ). It's a bit of work to reupdate that often, but i enjoy seeing the progress.

    Now just have to wait for elorram to update RP2 :D . hopefully soon since she tweeted that she is back to working on it

    I'm currently planning to set that up on PvP lol. Is it efficient ? Does it worth it, compared with some greengens ?
    At least, one of the not-cool point with Forestry, is the fact Sapplings'll give you more EU with Forestry-machines than IC² Biofuel :/

    The Redpower one? yeah, but you have to understand the engineering needed to set it up, built 3-4 on my test world to get the design down as small as possible and for the redstone wiring (i dont use the rp coms)

    Yeah, there is enough extra wood to run a greengen easily enough, though again at the cost of how well you can actually make the machine. Mine for example could have the timer function fixed to have it run even more efficiently (some times the cycle stops it extended which doesnt allow the trees to grow), but it would take more work than I want. So it will be as efficient as you make it.

    P.S. my machine plants 64 saps to get that 2-3 stacks/8, but then again the timer was designed to run two and so mine is only running at half cap, but would require another machine for the other end of the timer to run. so like i said, as efficient as you make it.

    P.S.S. made another world since everything updated in march, its 8 small machines ran off one timer. dont know the output yet as I have yet to finish it, but am getting bored due to the lack of EU, of which is why im building it... catch 22ish. XD

    its just them dam extra bees.
    how do bees even produce diamond and stuff?

    its minecraft... theres a lot of things that dont make sense.

    But breeding bees isnt the easiest thing either (especially the thaumic bees add on), but the point is to eventually get to a point that you can work on developing your awesome base, rather than clearing 24 square chunks looking for all the diamond needed. the idea is, you could use your time and resources digging for them or breeding something that can produce them (not even always a guaranteed production too, based on the genetics, like the meadow bees only managing one production every 5 gens MinecraftGhast ).

    And for those that dont know, bees are separated into group and the second of normally three tiers in each group have recessive traits. This means that though cross breeding to this tier is easy, making sure you keep the genetic required in the next generation isnt. as example, i happened across the valiant bee, it took 5 generations to get the first valiant offspring another 3 generations to get a princess and 13 more generations to get a consistent strain of valiant bees after that. breeding isnt easy, by any stretch of the imagination.

    Edit: Any other questions about how forestry 2.0 works?

    Edit: wait, extra bees? ill have to look into this...

    At least, the bee system is cool, in Hard Mode and without Extrabees ... but the ways it adds to generate EU are way easier than IC²-vanilla ways (think to Treefarms + Biogas Engine and such)

    So thats whys?

    You havent seen forestry 2.0 yet then have you. to build a basic tree farm, you need over a stack of tin (macerated), similar of copper, a but load of glass... its so expensive to build now, its almost not worth it. what caps it as not worth it is the entire system HAS to be ran with apatite, which now only spawns in stone areas above 64 (ie only found in mountain biome).

    For the bees to spawn you would have to travel or regen the world, which i wouldnt expect, but forestry is no longer 'cheatsie' by any means in terms of the farms any more.

    Even the bee hives are harder to make, requiring 3 different machine before you can produce one.

    Edit: Even in my Single player map, I have given up on the idea that an automated farm would be worth it as it cant be left to work without apatite. Red Power 2 on the other hand, made a tree farm using frames and mores that generated a 2-3 stacks of wood every 8 minutes for about the same cost and never needs attending to (other than some issues with rp2 timers being linked to the mc world time causing interruptions in the process)

    Couple questions:

    So the servers up? IP/pass please

    I cant find a gregtech download link, help please (not on his forum page here -.-)

    As well, I kinda like the PvP Idea, been waiting for a reason to make a tesla-fort. But why not twilight woods? It wouldnt be any different than people "hiding" in the nether. In fact having a nether fort soulds like a good idea, make a portal at bed rock with high defense and from the nether (with the 8 to 1 travel rate) you can have mining outposts everywhere without needing to risk crossing the over world. Unlike twilight forest, which is just a secondary over world (with a few differences albeit).

    One last thing, anyone know where i can get the API for the most current buildcraft? need it to see how some of the foresty mods stuff works

    Decided I'd take the advise and develop some simpler mods first.

    Home Tree - Will have a recipe to make vanilla saplings grow into 100 block high trees and tree poison to tear them down (slight chance to drop wood of tree type)

    More Tools - Will allow the crafting of more durable or effective tools and weapons

    and after that

    Clockwork Craft - lots of gears and mechanical power to operate useful machines

    after that I should have the base knowledge to tackle the airship mod/addon

    Edit: and something with better boats....

    Edit: and probably Civcraft - an npc mod that the npc's are specialized to one task and with randomly spawn (low chance) and will be able to be trade with. What is required to trade is based on realistic needs (ie a farmer will need wood and stone to build a simple house and tools, a farmer will auto search tall grass for seeds). npc's will trade with each other too. As well, possibly morality levels (like if a npc desperately needed something, they might attempt to steal it).

    And later cross mod it so the npc's will want and use machines and tools from other mods

    by beginner I didn't mean programming beginner (I figured you had probably coded before), I meant a MC modding beginner
    to do what you want in a way that wouldn't be horribly laggy or have other issues, you will have to have to know your way arround MC code well

    Of course, and the only thing that is slowing me down ATM

    one, this is way too complex for you to start off on as your first mod, you'll need to get pretty familiar with the code to do something like this

    Would agree, but with the youtube vids I've found, the basics are covered and I can do the rest on my own I believe. I'm not new to programming, just modding because I dont know what the variables are/do.

    two, from a brief review of you first post, it sounds like you think it would work to have "sub-worlds" that move independantly of the main one, if that what you are thinking, I'll tell you now that's not feasible

    It actually is, another mod has done it

    three, I know how flowerchild/eloram/etc. do their smooth movement, and, as I said before, it's not the kind of thing a beginner would understand

    Beginner to Modding... not programing. And I can prove it too, send me the code and I'll write you a paper on how it does it.

    four, the reason it is so hard, is that MC code is not designed for any sort of moving blocks, so you literally have to break the code to do it

    Then the mod exampled on number two has, and has done it well

    The computer environment is expansive. Nothing is impossible, just undiscovered.

    the lay-mans description of this would be to have an area with its own xyz axis of which blocks placed within are linked with the areas axis, therefore when the area moves so do the block but the blocks are not change to entities. Actually, this gives me and idea for a Timecraft mod that has a theoretical t axis, but until quantum computer storage is made it would only be able to save points in time rather than being able to track continuously, but i digress.

    I've been working on the ground work for how it would work in minecraft for sometime, I just dont have the knowledge of variable and methods within minecraft to do it.

    But thank you for the feedback. I'll consider number one should I get suck on the more advanced stuff, but hopefully I'll have help in a couple days.

    Edit: Cool IC2 addons too. will probably get some once it updates

    Actually, I think I found someone thats done it before, even using the term subworlds. In process on gaining contact now. Hopefully this will advance progress quickly.

    It's pretty easy to generate ores (or any block for that matter) in the world using Forge, I've done it on several occasions, and I haven't done much modding.

    More than creating ores, and more of identification of locations, but if the contact helps, I'll have all the knowledge to do this within the next two weeks hopefully

    Given School doesnt take too much time*

    Agreed, I was just adding to the semi-off-topic comment above.

    Have you tried looking through the Forge javadoc? It includes the Minecraft classes, and occasionally has useful comments left in. Other than that, reading other people's code helped me a lot when learning modding. You're going in a direction I don't think anyone's explored, though.

    It is something no one has tried (other wise I dont think I'd have to do it lol) but I have a good basis for how it needs to work, I just dont understand the inter workings of minecraft yet to make it happen. Hence the month of research unless I can find a piece of code that can smoothly move objects through the world like the BTW lift (again, damn Flowerchild) among a couple other things.

    Edit: Forge has hooks to minecraft's world gen right? hmm, that might not be what I need though...

    Edit: I think I need a mentor to help me through this XD. I need help from someone who knows the tricks of the trade so to say

    Yes, that's how I did teleporting in Beam Me Up!, which is even open-source, so anyone's welcome to steal those bits of code. Turned out to not be all that complicated, and works every time (near as I and other testers can tell).

    Cool, but as I said above, its not really good for consistently moving objects. Anyone know how Flowerchild of BTW did his lifts? The movement is flawless, though I worry he would throw a hissy fit if anyone shared that. I got banned from his forum for asking to help code for compatability so he can continue to make the mod he loves without worrying about it himself... I have so many bad words I wish to call him

    Anyways, I have a lot of reading through the source files to begin making the Airship mod to know what all the variables do, unless someone has a list of variables and methods descriptions i can look at

    Btw do you have it as something like an IC2 addon in mind (since it's posted here =P ) or as a stand-alone mod? ...It'd be amazing to have a ship that uses some sort of fuel/electricity (IC2 Eu and/or buildcraft oil?) to fly. I've been waiting for something like that and just thinking about it gets me all excited XD ..i want to build my nuclear powered flying base(-ship) :D

    Actually, my original thread here was asking for the developers to design it cause I was thinking the IC2 power sys would be perfect. So in short, Yes, the air ship portion will be a IC Addon.

    The independent mod I'll make afterword will be Clockwork Craft which, will be a little more difficult to say the least but, will include buildable clockwork towers and have the world gen. After that I'll move on to other things with it.

    BTW, can anyone point me in the right direction for instructions on what the methods are in Vanilla and forge? I cant read and code, but i dont know what the methods do or what the variables stand for. Im a poor researcher hate to say. Edit: found some basic stuff, but nothing in depth in terms of explanation of the variables

    Thanks for the feed back,

    I think he meant something more closely to the "zeppelin mod"..a bit more "mobile/versatile" than rp2 frames. Personally, i will start throwing money at you if you manage to get something like that for SMP. (and less crashy than the zeppelin mod)

    You can quote me on that ..i will start throwing money

    If I could make money on it, that would be nice XD

    havent looked at RP2's code
    Don't do that. Elo would kill you, because you WON'T DECOMPILE HER FREAKKIN CODE! . Also, remaking the Zeppelin mod could be a good Idea, but if would also needs to be really usefull (more than just a way to move [Because a lot of CHEATERS users are playing with Mystcraft, Portal Gun and other Easy-teleportation mods).

    Noted XD

    More useful? If it works, the mod I was talking about would allow clockwork towers and world gens (like the steam game spiral knights). Locking sub-worlds to x and y axis will allow machines like boring machines to move along only the z (or any other combination of axis like that). Maxing or minimizing world height or dictating blocks travel-able through, you can make it so airships cant go under water or sub to fly and even lava ship. You could make castle doors and gates that you will move with while operating. But the main thing would be that other blocks can operate while in transit, like your IC2 machines will still be running while flying around rather than having to stop to process materials (i.e. a mobile base).

    nothing special with RP2 code, it merely save TE objects just like they saved on chunkunloading and then load on new location, you can implement this method without issues youself.

    Ah, okay, thats not what I was thinking.

    Thank everyone for the feedback, this gives me a good basis on where I would start my self