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    "[CHANGED] Electric Tiers: Aluminium is MV now, while Galvanized Steel is LV.")

    Does it mean that people already having aluminium turbines running will have their infrastructure fried upon the update?

    EDIT: Nevermind, refreshed and the answer came just in : "NOTE: Your existing Machines will stay the same Tier they were before, nothing breaks."

    So I will need to break and replace the turbine, OR I will need to build totally new machine (like recycling the old), changing the tier in hands?


    [ADDED] Tiny Funnels (available in Ceramic, Plastic, Stainless Steel, Tungsten and Adamantium), which are used to insert Fluids into GT Barrels, Boilers, Tanks and Basic Machines by hand.

    Tried to put it on my Bronze Buzzsaw and tried to insert Lubricat via Universal Cell and Measurement Pot, both did not worked. What is basic machine if not this? Do we really need to click on opening of pipe leading to this machine to achieve same thing? (that works only with universal cells) I am kinda sad that it is still not possible to run Buzzsaw and similar machines by hand properly (I take hack with inserting into open pipe as not proper way to do that)

    (also yes, buzzsaw has fluids in from bottom, which is bummer, because guess where you cannot attach the funnel xD )

    They were there in past for sure, because we were putting them into our excels to work with them. And for sure we were not counting them (because if I look on basalt blocks the crucible is made of, those ones do have such an info)

    some crucibles lost the "Contains X units of .... + Melt + Boil + Mass" info.

    Basalt, Black granite, Red granite, nether bricks, carbon ones. All others do have this info. We are able to produce some, so the argument that they are not craftable is invalid (except carbon). Especially Mass info is kinda crucial...
    Running latest (41)

    Some players (At least two of them from separate machines) report that after crafting and deploying the Item Barrel and putting items in it, they get GL error chat messages (quite spam of them)
    "OpenGL Error: 1280 (Invalid Enum)" , or from client log:

    1. [16:48:22] [Client thread/ERROR]: ########## GL ERROR ##########
    2. [16:48:22] [Client thread/ERROR]: @ Post render
    3. [16:48:22] [Client thread/ERROR]: 1280: Invalid enum

    Also, I tried to check GregTech.log if it does not report anything and I found this (not related)
    And yes, we have applecore latest (1.3.2 version). Some versions of GT back this was not a thing for sure. As I seen, it has probably no effect on game, though.

    Well, I am lil disappointed then. Because everything from Railcraft except Advanced HS and Electric rail can be achieved via normal GT machines. We can make normal and reinforced rail in GT, we can do all plates, metal posts, etc:) I guess it is because of "composition", but still, we expect GT-magic to solve that :))))) Well never mind then...

    Advanced rail from railcraft has missing recipes. As you Greg removed by default standard crafting of those, you probably forgot to add this one recipe. Ther is no way how to build some control tracks, like Locking Track or Booster Track (well that one has counterpart in GT, but the former doesn't). Standard Rail has recipe in Roll Former, this one is recipeless.

    Also dry grass can be nice substitute to wheat for cows, or crafting material for early tools :)

    I hope you will give us more details then.
    Take the End worldgen as a suggestion, what to do sometimes soon, because it is soooo easy to get there via your strongholds with portals, but then ... only one island and it is wiped out so fast. And at least people on our server start to be in tech-tree situation, when End starts to be useful :) Resetting the map might work but is boring, kinda.

    I thought that collecting leftover water is enough from one side of turbine/engine....You know, it just tries to push to any side until some pipe is found...


    [ADDED] Some new Worldgen. Nothing crucial.

    Mhm, **cough** IF that would be conversion of End generator to some endless asteroid field, that would be awesome, because only one island sux **cough**

    Greg, we have one little problem. One of my players had already working distillery. After update to latest, half of outputs do not output automatically. Only petrol and dusts do output, all other things just sit inside, even though pipes / BC tanks are at outputs. Reassembling the tower did not helped.

    We will do some more tests, but that is first view of it. If confirmed, I think it should make it into tomorrows bug release :)

    EDIT: ALL fluids are outputted from SAME output (lowest after solids)