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    1/72 ? Why not only 1/36 ? Will they have stack size of 72?(meh....I know they won't and they will be annoying for that xD )
    One even cannot craft 9 of them to get some already existing pile, 9/72 =1/8 ...will you be adding more of those fractions? Or those will be crafted into bigger only in machines, and due to max stack size only to two small piles at once maximally?
    I see that it would be nice for mixing and so, but well, 1/36 looks better for manipulation.

    I went straight to steam turbine , jumping over steam engines for this time, because turbine does say possible range of inputted steam.

    One of our players used to have engine with ~48steam/t usage, connected pipe with 50L/t bandwidth and reported that engine still overheats. Maybe he was just stupid, I did not seen the setup, but well, maybe he needed 48L/t pipe, which does not exist.... engines don't have something like "~48L/t, not less than 45, not more than 50". If engines do use same ranges, as everything else, it sometimes doesn't look like that. (Still could been stupid and use too big engine for the machine, I don't know..)

    Turbines are WAY user friendlier in this case.

    Well, texture of pump is really nice thing to see, especially when the pump is sided to something that is full block and all you can see is tiny sides of the pump :) I guess one has to assemble it somewhere else then, and break/place on final position...I liked the possibility to setup it on place more, that is why we could use tools on covers that are on other side of block than we click in first place, hm?

    Oh, I thought you were adding stuff into backpacks, that would make sense, then nevermind. I can address it to Forestry devs then. And for pickaxes, ya, there are mods with those crafrings, but well that would be why make it on default as false. I guess you made the list of mods - that you change recipes for - smaller, for example old changes to BC (aka quarry using drill etc) are not gonna happen again? I am aware we can do it ourself via scripts, but same can be told about railcraft things and those are modified heavily :)

    Greg, you may want to add your meat and loot stuff into forestry's Hunter backpack whitelist, you have all other stuff whitelisted for some of them :) (vanilla meats and mob loots do fit in this one on default)

    Also,I like idea of replacing vanilla stone tools with gt ones, what about making it default? Or at least configurable? :) we already do mess with a lot of stuff :)

    And one thing. I tried gt pump on pipes, nothing unusual...but when one uses screwdriver, it does not write pump states to chat, is it intended or bug? I see it as not really intuitive. I was clicking on the side of pipe on corner, so not directly on side with pump.

    Ok, thanks for clarification, I was expecting that for that reasons :)
    Well, completely lit rooms are good, except that vanilla allows zombies spawn on that, too. It is called "Village sieges" (or something like that), kinda rare, but then they ignore light completely and spawn in big groups around villagers. So I see it as "if golems can spawn, also zombies". Well, we will deal with that, I guess :)

    (Maybe you also can add later some entity-type selectable Tesla coil, that aspect of IC2 is kinda....forgotten xD )

    One stupid question:
    "Mobs cannot spawn on this block" - does it also apply for Villager's golems and newly spawned villagers? I guess yes, but isn't it pity to want exclude those blocks from building material for fancy villager towns? :)

    Random thoughts:
    1) What about thermometer (or similar sensor) being able to detect how much HU is in things like Boilers? Now anything can detect it (if I looked through everything correctly), so it ends up I can have empty Boiler (no water, no steam), burning box going on full speed under it, but boiler is still same for all detectors. Thermometer still shows same temperature, etc. Even though it is bad practise to keep boiler empty, yet there is no legit way to get "how hot the boiler is".

    2) What about GT harvesters again, performing harvesting right-click on block in front(or around)? So it is compatible with IC2 crops, Pams crops, etc etc. Possible switching mode to "destroy-click", for vanilla/nonrightclickable crops? Probably running on electricity, using robot arms, and so :) maybe harvesting 3*3 area (so all 8 blocks around them)

    Also I found out that Measuring Pot cannot interact with Fluid Burning box, at least I tried BC Fuel. One can have it in the pot, but not input it into box. Same thing with buckets (but there I can imagine why, because they cannot deal with not-full-bucket-volume), so only Universal cells are working. I would vote to enable Measuring pots, too, though :)

    You need to put every version , every modpack profile, into its own directory. DO NOT mix like 1.7.10 and 1.10.2 MC in same .minecraft directory. Never. Then strange things start to happen because versions do change the stuff. Always go to profile options and select Custom Directory. For example .minecraft/myprofiles/<profilename>
    Then your options.txt will be separate for each version and won't collide. Also same situation for assets, libraries etc. If you mix more versions, then it even normally don't run, or run borked.

    btw if you just delete options.txt, it should recreate. At least if you use (better) standalone exe launher and not installer.

    Do I see right Win10? For sure check graphic drivers, that beta-version of windows tend to install what he thinks is actual one, even though it REALLY does not. Then with some shitty default driver you are doomed. Also you need to disable that thing, that system likes to switch it right back when he wants.

    Greg, your Sense does not work as expected with Pam's Harvestcraft crops on right-click :)
    Those can be breaked and then Sense breaks 3*3, but they can also be right-clicked to just harvest them that the crop stays in first stage. They work kinda like IC2 Crops, but without cropsticks. However, when right-clicked with Sense, only one clicked gets harvested, same as if I did not used the Sense. Also it does not eat durability :P. Can you please look at it and if possible, add same behaviour to those crops? Thanks!
    If not easy or wanted, we can live with that, but you know, we want to do things properly with your mod :)

    Greg, can you please add Creative Tab for all your Food? It has no tab atm (if I looked carefully enough), so filtering via NEI subsets is not kinda working, too. Or use the basic food tab? It would be really aprecciated, thanks.

    When you mine stuf that takes less than 100 80 (?) durability per block, you can manage the pickaxe with less than 100 80 durability. When mining with such a tool, you can hear the "crack" sound of destroying the tool every time, even if durability goes for example from 75 to 50. So when you mine something that takes like 20 durability, your tool will crack 3 times before it really gets destroyed. (at least observed on flint pickaxes, multiple times)

    Well, but wasting tons of redstone is not a really good way to go. You did good by making the machine. The redstone recipe is here for the first times, then you use cheaper machine way :3

    However improving wiki is really useful work :)

    Greg, I tried to use Holy water on zombie villager but it kinda did not worked, even though descriptios states that it should cure them. I then used Cure All pill with exactly same description and that worked. Is that a bug or Holy water has some special use than right-clicking the zombie with it? With not full hunger(I tried both full/not full) I rather tended to drink it than use on villager/throw/anything else. Can you clarify the usage, please?

    Well, not so much...

    Greg, the book "World Domination with OpenBlocks" from OpenBlocks mod cannot be inserted into your bookshelves, however it can be inserted into Bibliocraft ones. Probably it is not a book codewise, but I guess you add excepions :)

    Greg, don't you want to change your high-speed tracks to rather use stone (or concrete) railbeds instead of wooden ones? Railcraft's reinforced track uses stone ones and is just 1,25x speed, I think it would be nice to have more durable and robust tracks to use more durable materials :)

    Yay on UUM system! :)
    One question:


    It requires Charged Matter (1L per Proton), Neutral Matter (1L per Neutron), 65536 QU per Liter of used Matter (watch out for the efficiency of the Replicator Tier you are using!), and an USB 4.0 Stick with Data of a non-radioactive Element to output 1 Unit of the desired Material.

    ...which shape will be this unit of? Same as scanned items, or some one 1-unit-large item?
    Does this ->


    If you insert more than just one Material Unit (by inserting a Storage Block or a Double Ingot for example) then you successfully wasted Material. :P

    ..mean, that you cannot replicate items with more than 1 unit of material, or it will scan it right, but it will save ratios of 1 unit (so rest units are lost), or that data will be useless on replicator, because they are not exactly 1 unit?

    axlegear do you have Railcraft Cosmetics addon in your modpack? Found out that it has memory leaks (RAM buildup) with Models (but that might be only client-side), we somehow managed to make all the times new modes. Will be fixed soon.

    @Grag, they steal your ideas. ....most funny is that everyone have concern about their animal concentration camps won't be as much laggy as they are....

    EDIT: ups, sorry for double post, please delete one, laggy internet -.-'