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    [FIXED] Wooden Pipes being semi-fireproof (Same for the Sealed Wood and Ironwood Stuff), and also for other wooden things such as the cheaper GT Chests. That's what you get for reporting it. XD

    Does it mean that I cannot input fuels into burning boxes, or water into boiler by wooden pipes? Or the fire will spread only if something goes wrong?

    My players do report missing Germanium in NEI, even though it can be obtained via sluice from kesterite on daily basis and they physically have it. Also recipes do exist if you follow them from sluice show.

    If it is on a list of hidden thingies, maybe it shouldn't, as a material that is obtainable and possibly for at least some uses :) (possibly circuitry?)

    Propane on burning states that it outputs distilled water + CO2. Do you need to click it with something like universal cell or measuring pot to get it, or pump with pipe is only way to do it?

    Also we would like to get some more uses for glue. For now, it is usable only for sticky dynamite, but I guess it can be used for more, like sticky pistons , leashes, etc ?

    CPU limitations and so....are why people spend like 5€/month to run the server, so they have no such limitations, or WAY bigger limits.

    1. ic2 {
    2. B:DisableAllCompressorRecipes=false
    3. B:DisableAllExtractorRecipes=false
    4. B:DisableAllMaceratorRecipes=false
    5. B:DisableAllOreWasherRecipes=false
    6. B:EnableAddingCompressorRecipes=true
    7. B:EnableAddingExtractorRecipes=true
    8. B:EnableAddingMaceratorRecipes=true
    9. B:EnableAddingOreWasherRecipes=true
    10. }

    First 4 are to disable recipes that those machines do use, the second 4 lines are for enabling machines themself? (their crafting recipe?) For now those machines do have GT recipe for them. For proper no--crash work, am I guessing right to make first four lines true, and second four lines false, so the mahcine cannot be crafted and accessed?

    Civilised world won't end, if so called elites finally change their approach. Otherwise more douches everywhere, really...I was seeing more that we lose slowly democracy, because some people rather riot and burn cars than accept the vote.(yes we read patreon)

    Can confirm villager sounds, too. Also it lags for us when those sounds do play on big crafting.


    [NOTE] I can't exactly pinpoint what I did, but I think removing some vanilla function from my TileEntities (which was only used for comparator inventory scanning), made the FPS go up extremely on my Client for some reason, and the RAM usage doesn't escalate insanely fast anymore and now goes from 1GB to 2GB, instead of 2.5GB to 4GB.

    Hacks! ...I mean... Nice!

    Can you publish this fix somewhere? I would find it kinda useful :)

    Best is to make tunnels in a 3*3 chunk grid , so they intersect where middle of veins like y=7 so you get small diamonds. And on every intersection, dig up, use ic2 scaffolding for easy climbing. Don't forget to stay on torch.

    Regarding crucible, you still can change burning boxes. Bronze one has 24hu/t, steel one has 32hu/t, so then you are 1.5x faster. Make titanium one and with 96hu/t your smelting is way faster. But faster heating up makes really smaller place for mistakes, so it is better to be experienced enough to go for fast smelting. Also having thermometer helps a lot, and then later you can even do easy thermostat system that will keep temperature you want. It only needs to get advanced in tech tree.

    Crucible and other in-world craftings are superior to gt 5 system, that is my opinion. And crucible system is pure example of OP's idea of reducing nei searches and actually doing it yourself. And the progress is really rewarding .

    Little research:
    Made strongholds little bigger.
    Found like 5 libraries, one room with safes.
    Two different keys #1, same key id.
    One key #2
    Three exact keys #3 and one more key #3 from different material, same ids.
    Two different keys #4, same id.
    One key #5.

    Key 3 does not fit :)
    ...that was no surprise, the thing that some keys generate more than once was :0)

    Get autosapling mod, then your trees will regrow xD or use bc oil or many ways...

    Greg. Just updated and found your ic2 generator recipes. The regular generator is nice, good. BUT. You added recipes for water and wind generator, but those are deprecated, you should have instead made recipes for new kinetic wind & water generators. Those old ones are not kinda used, the new ones are WAY better and fancier :) can you exchange them, please? So old ones don't have recipes but new ones (kinetic ones) have your recipes? Thanks !

    Avura, calcification is that regular water when boiled, will leave minerals inside of boiler. More calcification = less effective the boiler is. So it ends that all heat is consumed by those minerals that are stuck on boiler's sides, and it loses more heat to air around than burning box supplies(effectively it is insulator ). Then water is cold xD .
    You need to use distilled water or let the boiler get cold and decalcify it by chisel. :)

    Well, we managed more times that we found one more key than safes. So there might be some hidden safe, but no luck, yet. Greg some time ago wrote, that exactly every safe has a key somewhere. But dunno, if every key has exactly one safe xD

    Covers : we can wait, at least you would have one thing already done for next week, without needs of new ideas. :)