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    Well, looks like you have another modpack request! I'm compiling a private modpack through the FTB Launcher's "private modpacks" feature. A file within the download will give the usernames of all the modders involved, which mods they made in the modpack, and and a link to the mod's "page" (generally a MCF thread.) May I have permission to use this mod in the modpack?

    I'm currently working on compiling a private modpack which will be distributed through the FTB Launcher's "private modpack" feature. A file within the download will give the usernames of all the modders involved, which mods they made in the modpack, and and a link to the mod's "page" (generally a MCF thread.) I looked through the license, but all I could make out of it is "my rights to distribute this modification are limited," and I suspect it doesn't give me permission to distribute this work privately without permission from the creator. Please correct me if I'm wrong here.

    So. May I have permission to distribute this in a private modpack?

    Okay, question. Does CraftGuide tell you any of the Industrial Centrifuge's recipes? Thought not.

    That's the entire point in NEI's API. CraftGuide, as far as I know, only knows the vanilla GUIs. NEI can look up any and all of those up WITHOUT any plugins (other than RP2 Microblocks and IC2 Crafting, but those don't use the standard crafting API.) That is, without a Railcraft plugin, you could still see how to make Coke Oven Bricks. The point in plugins is for mods like GregTech that add GUIs that NEI doesn't know about, like the Industrial Centrifuge. Without the API, it's terribly hard to find out how to get mod items.

    Anyway, I haven't got anything against CraftGuide, I just wanted to explain why the API is necessary for mods like GregTech, TE, and IC2 to see how to get Steel (Blast Furnace or Industrial Blast Furnace,) Silicon Cells (Industrial Centrifuge Redstone or a few other things,) Redstone Energy Cells, or Gold Dust (How's CraftGuide supposed to know about the Macerator? The macerator didn't tell it about itself.)

    @above, I suggest starting with just IC2 and GregTech, and then adding mods from there to find the source of the problem.

    Got it, trying.

    EDIT: Now OmniTools is complaining that Forestry has no Pipette item, which it does. Curiouser and curiouser.

    EDIT again: We have found the source of the problem! OmniTools seems to mess the (bleep) out of Forestry's and IC2's API.

    all right. Open up the .zip folders of all the mods you listed (except IC2 of course), and there should be a folder named "ic2". Delete that.
    Or take a look at this thread: Trivial fix for 'incompatibilitys' of a NEW IC² version to other mods.

    EDIT: At least I *think* that's the problem. Though deleting the ic2 folders shouldn't have an adverse effect, other than not letting the mod run without IC² present :P

    Hmm, weird, such folders don't appear to exist in GraviSuite and GregTech, which were causing the crashes.

    And I'm getting a NullPointerException, not a NoSuchMethodError, so that might not be the reason for the crash. The crash from GregTech looked like it was related to adding the RE-Battery to the Ore Dictionary, but, again, a bunch of other add-ons gave me the crash.

    Something seems wonky with the API, I updated a few mods (not including this one) and suddenly got a crash from every mod that tried to use the API, including Forestry.

    An example of what I get from GregTech is:

    Lets see what I have there in the Code...

    GT_OreDictUnificator.registerOre("10kEUStore", new ItemStack(GT_ModHandler.getIC2Item("reBattery", 1).getItem(), 1, -1));

    ...You haven't installed IC² properly. That is the first Location, where a Nullpointer from an IC²-API call doesnt get caught (everything before that is hard enough to resist Nullpointers from the IC²-Item-API), and I highly doubt, that the reBattery has been renamed or removed from IC².

    Tried removing IC from my mods folder and re-downloading the beta 1.112, didn't work. Checking if, after removing GT, if the RE-Battery's still there.

    EDIT: Whoa. Got a crash from Advanced Solars. And then, removing everything IC2-related other than IC2 got me a Forestry crash, presumably because of the Electric Engines. Curiouser and curiouser. Perhaps there's a newer "open beta" thread than the one Mistaqur's Bitbucket page links to? I'm using 1.112.170-lf, tried re-installing after I saw your reply.

    The only thing I can think of is some IC2 add-on having an item ID conflict with IC's RE-Battery. Which isn't right, since I got a crash from Mistaqur's NEI plugins and IC2 and, afterwards, removed only the plugins and the battery was there, all right. Trying ID Resolver just to be sure.

    EDIT again: Not an ID conflict, ID Resolver didn't report any before I got the crash. I'll start complaining on the "open beta" thread.

    Odd, just got this crash. Could be because I updated the mod, could be because I updated Forge.

    I seem to remember a few pages ago, you said the problem with only the uranium ore block being able to be put in the compressor was fixed. According to NEI, it seems the Uranium Ore block can be compressed into Refined Uranium, but the Uranium Ore item can't. And yes, I am using the current version of NEI.