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    IC2 got a lot of predefined config into the mod options menu, the balance tab is very complete, you can change generators production or uu matter consumption.

    Good to know for the redstone, i'll avoid only redstone clock so. Yeah i forgot that transformers also limit the output, you would have to use 1 EV transformer every roughly 10 reactors but that's just tricks, the switch cable would be better if not buggy. Also i noticed on your map that sometimes you're using switch cable to control a matter generator but this machine can already be switched by redstone signal.

    Just thought of this, might not work... but if you just need 1-3, what about having that number of inputs to the machine?

    You have your main buffer of over 9000 plates.

    You have 2 outputs going to different sides of the machine.

    The machine would gain 2 plates at a time, more or less. (or 3, w/e small number you need)

    I'm using 3 electronic sorting machines again, and yeah that's what i'm doing, sending plates by 1 to metal former then canning machines (buffer of 3x64) then once this buffer is full it will send plates to the batch crafter making dual rods. If sorting with quantity was possible the 3x64 buffers would not be necessary.

    I checked your map, i loved the way you stacked all reactor and your mox design but you use a lot of redstone which as you said can cause lags and i don't find it a good way to automate ic2 stuff .

    I modified a bit my design, now i'm using a weighted item distributor to send iron plates in priority to canning machine then batch crafter, it makes a buffer of 128 iron plates but for now it's working but i wish the sorting machines would be able to also sort quantity (i'll make report on mantis, in case it's a bug).

    For your EU issue, i know the splitter cables doesn't work, you still can use 2 transformers to achieve the same goal but beware of wrong wiring (RIP my old mining factory, only 1 machine wrongly wired on 2048 instead of 512 destroyed the entire building ).


    I'm currently trying to fully automate my mox reactors, i already assembled several machines to make an automate procress to extract depleted rods then craft new ones but i got a little issue in my design.


    1 thermal centrifuge is behind to extract rods then 3 sorting machines move items in order to makes dual rods again, for now the uranium must be supplied manually but i'm planning to add UU generated uranium system later

    For each output of 3 irons plates by the metal former, i need to keep 1 plate for crafting the dual rod and 2 plates to make empty rods for the canning machine so i set up the sorting machines to the right like this :


    If i put a stack on iron plates it will seperate this stack at 33% on the north and 66% on the top so my design would work but if i put iron plates one by one (like a metal former) it will send everything to the north, i don't know if it's a bug but i would like to be able to send exactly 1 iron plate on north then 2 iron plates on top.

    Any ideas ?


    I don't know about GT portable scanner and i'm not talking about unknow seeds but already known ones, when you scan them while it's growing, it shows the names and discoverer but not known stats of the seed.

    I often forgot what were stats of my seeds so this little improvement would help me.

    My friends and I have decided to set up windmills before continuing to set up water mills (On my server there is a "company system" and we hired someone who brought us a double chest of windmills :love: ) so we already have about 80 stack of windmills set up and the production is awesome compared to other renewable generators it's a lot more.

    Tomorrow i'll post screenshots to show you how it's set up and from now we have stopped mining because our generation of UUM is sufficient enough to produce more than one double chest per night so the rest of the projet will be more and more easier.

    EDIT :

    I hope this time I did the thing in the good way because it took us 3 hours to completely rebuild our installation.

    The EU reader display 2032EU/t but I think it's a bug with the HV transformer because without it and with theory I obtain 900EU/t (instead of 655EU/t with my old design).


    I understand why your design is better but why on a sign in your map you're saying that a WM produces 13,06 EU/t if I count the number of block of water around a water mill in the middle of a tower there is 21 blocks and according to the wiki a WM
    will produces at least 0.21EU/t.

    I can add windmills later to the map if you desire.

    This map is sufficient to help me to undestand, thanks you.

    I've discovered that my design fits the same number of watermills [with some free space, you will see on map i will upload], but my design watermills has a higher production than yours.
    Each watermill tower has 64 watermills for aesthetic, math and convenience reasons. [Same reason that windmill towers are 32 high]
    Map : WaterMap (Mass scale)

    Why 64 ? If I put a cable with a length of 39 doesn't it better ? and also can I use MFE(up to 128EU/t) and MFSU (up to 512EU/t) instead of MV-transformer to transfer energy to economize space between each section and make a huge tower with nospace of water mills ervery 40 blocks (if I put 39 cables between each relay).

    Hi i've started it,

    First making a hole :

    Then I install tin cable (1911 cables)

    And I've started to set up Water Mills

    There are 157 WM per tower and each tower produces 23EU/t so 23 tower produce 550EU/t but when it'll be complete (up to the layer 169 before Wind mills) the production will raise 4500 EU/t :)

    For the moment My friends and i need to mine because it's very costly :s

    I'll give you some news later ;)


    I have only two quarry running with 450 redstones engine and it's sufficient to supply a recycler with 8 OCs.

    The astuce is to transform 1 cobblestone into sand then glass and craft cobblestone transport pipes, with 3 stacks of cobblestone you got 8 stacks of cobblestone transport pipes :D

    For wind mills you would needs Heights 161 to 239
    First setup designed by me uses lower height (Highest wind mill is at Y 181) , second setup is a compactier one but requires higher height (Highest wind mill is at Y 234).
    About water mills there is a map with a compact setup designed by me : WatermillSetup

    Ok thanks you, but for the water mills I think I'll make classic water tower with 4 columns of water mills per cable instead of 2 per cable like your map and I have counted a maximum of 49 water towers per area (32*32 with walls become 30*30 and we need 5 blocks for the first water tower then 4 for next water towers so I can have a 29*29 water towers area so they'll be two free lines, I think to use them to put output cables).

    And I've seen that you use MV-transformer on your map to serve as a relay but I still don't understand how exactly it works, for example with two packets of 1 EU/t will it send two packets of 128EU/t every 6,4 seconds or send only one packet every 3,2 seconds ? If it's the first case I think I can use LV-transformer even if it's less boring to craft a MV-transformer.


    There isn't compact solars on my server, Me and the administrator think that this addon is a little cheat on our server because for us the space available also represente the capacity to produce energy and to be clear I'm not in lack of resources, I only want to produce the more energy in one area.

    SpwnX : I've already saw your windmill design and I like it, it's very usefull.

    So if I clearly understand to have the best and safest production on my area I should do this :

    254 to 255 - Solar Panels
    235 to 253 - Water Mills
    181 to 234 - Wind Mills
    Bedrock to 180 - Water Mills

    And like I don't care about the cost I'll make a compact version :)


    I'm currently playing on a server which allow us to buy 32x32 area where we can do whatever we want to do and I was thinking about making a huge renewable generation of energy to produce UUM but I want the more productive possible area so I need to share the height ( BedRock to 255) between solar panels, wind mills and water mills.

    The first solution I see is this :

    Layer - Generator

    254 to 255 - Solar Panels
    h2 to 253 - Water Mills
    h1 to (h2 - 1) - Wind Mills
    Bedrock to (h1 - 1) - Water Mills

    Could you help me to choise h1 and h2 in order to have a the better production and a low chance of breaking a windmill ?

    Thanks you for your reading.