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    Hello, amazing stuff there! I really like the windmill idea. The Ic2 windmills do not even have a SLIGHT resemblance to a real windmill. I wonder why Greg hasn't added smth better looking for those yet.
    Loving the new factory machines (hope they do not use vanilla IC2 machines as part of recipes because GT disables those, so that will make your machines uncraftable, too.) I also, as a GT fan and user forever, hope they are crazy expensive.
    So sad this doesn't work with the experimental version, but when it does work I am definitely installing this one. Nice job and keep it up! :)

    I actually built this reactor design in my world, first time ever doing a breeder - it's AMAZING. Uranium is OVERFLOWING at the cost of a single thorium cell and few stacks of copper blocks. It's awesome.

    Properly automated it to pull out the re-enriched cells and to put new near-depleted and it's awesome.

    Ty for introducing me to breeders, dear thread xD

    Does the last slot contain 1 or 64 heating cells? Because in the reactor planner it says Heating cell (x64), but the material cost is way different then having 64 heating cells. So which one is it?

    Very wierd issue indedd.

    THis is the third mod I tried and when I try to download the latest version - my computer always says something like "Page not found" etc. I tried 2 different computers with 3 different browzers each.

    I tried with Transformers, this mod and a crop-card collection mod. All of them -> same issue. All versions are downloadable just fine, and the last one is not found. NO idea why isthat, i tried diff browzers, computers, etc. Nothing works. All mods have their dowloads as attachemnts and not links to some mediafire/dropbox etc.

    Does anyone have any idea ?

    Annd also can someone send me a PM with this mod's version for 1.109 as i cannot download it ? :(

    Does anyone have any idea what my problem might be ?

    Not everyone has already updated MC. And it would be updated one day, so YOUR comment is irrelevent ... it's just stupid saying "It's irrelevant because it's not updated yet and you can't play with for a few weeks". Actually, next time I'll be able to play, it will probably be updated ...
    Sorry about flaming, no offense :/

    Suggestion Block Detector:
    This would be very simple: a block emitting a redstone signal when the block you've chose in the GUI (by puting one in a slot for example) is detected on the right side (right mean here true ^^). That would make you able to automate plenty of things, starting with agriculture.

    I am sorry, I didn't mean to offend you, too. I just menat that following the author's statement that he will not update until IC2 release is official... that might take a loooooong time (or possible even never). That's why i thought it was not relevant to the matter at hands, which is playing with what we currently have.