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    Java's pretty slick, you should learn it :3 sometimes learning multiable languages at once helps, it give you perspective I guess. I know Ruby pretty well, and HTML cause' that's simple as fuck (remembering all the different tags is the hard part that I can't do :whistling: ). I can probably crawl through scala if I have a good IDE.

    *Cough* Intellij IDEA *Cough*

    These are all the field names directly from the class gotten through reflection.

    wouldn't it be simpler to just make a second mod specifically designed to use the original API? Better yet i think all Immibis really has to do is simply port his 1.4.7 Advanced Machines to 1.7.10. It's already got the original API's mappings. So all he would need to do is port it. However that in of itself i won't be surprised is the hard part.

    Well, what I could possibly do is make an api that makes the experimental api compatible with the classic api...


    Also, since you are the maker of Advanced Machines, could you add some support around there, so it could actually be used with this mod?


    It's too of a pain to handle two different energy apis.

    As you can see here, I handle the two different energy apis, however I have to make two different classes for each system (classic and experimental). Making everything a complete mess eventually.……

    Someone called me? :P