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    3: High voltage has higher loss, but because you will be sending much larger packets of EU, the overall loss will be much less. e.g. batbox sending current to another batbox over 5 cables, that's one loss. Over 32 pulses (for ease of math), you essentially lose one full pulse.
    Using an MFE, because the energy is bunched up into larger packets, 2 or 3 loss is much less of an issue (basically, you'll need to have 4 times the loss before you're better off with lower voltage). Similar rules apply to the higher tiers of electricity.

    I don't know if I got it, tell me if I'm right:

    I have 2 insulated copper cables which are 5 blocks long, If I send through them the same amount of energy (for example 32 EU/t) but in the first cable this power is into only a single packet and in the second one into 16 different packets, at the end of the cables will the first cable have a packet of 31 EU and the second one 16 packets of 1EU?

    Is the energy loss calculated on every packet or on the average energy per tick?

    I apologize for my English.

    I mean no disrespect to any mod developer; I use and enjoy a large number of Minecraft mods, and appreciate the dedication and work that goes into them. However, having been re-introduced to this mod by the Yogscast (I used the original IC long, long ago) and thus introduced to the 'controversy' over the modpack, I find myself confused. People keep throwing around words like 'illegal' and 'unlicensed', which leads me to wonder: what makes you think that mod developers have the authority to 'license' the use of their mods or to in any way restrict their use, modification, and/or distribution? I'm not trying to incite anything, I'm genuinely curious. As I understand it, Notch holds all rights to Minecraft and anything derived from it, such as mods. He allows users to decompile his code and make modifications, but he could at any time tell you to stop and you'd have to or face the possible legal consequences. If it's all right for a mod developer to modify and distribute code owned by Notch/Mojang, why can any other user not do the same to the mod developer's code?

    I'm not sure but I think that a mod is an intellectual property.

    I apologize for my English.

    40 EU/t where the tick is a reactor tick (1 second, or 20 game tick), so it's actually 2 EU/Minecraft tick... how did you get 3? XD

    I think you are wrong: this is a quote from the wiki


    Uranium Cell: The key part of a reactor and each cell will pulse one or more times, producing some heat and 100 EU for each pulse during one reactor tick. On it's own, a cell will only pulse once (5 EU/t) but for each adjacent uranium cell it will pulse again for free, producing additional heat and packets of 100 EU.

    this means that even a single uranium cell should produce more than his system. the uranium cells inside his reactor make 2 pulse each every second (a reactor tick), so he is producing 800 EU/s (40 EU/t).

    to the OP: can you describe how you connected the reactor to your system? (what kind of cables, how long they are, where you are storing the produced energy, etc.)

    I apologize for my English.

    Hello everyone, i'm Gjrud and this is my first post here.

    I downloaded this awesome mod two days ago and I have few questions about the electric system:

    1) I read on the wiki that insulated copper cables lose 0.2EU every block and that the energy lost is rounded down at the end of the cable, does it mean that if I place a four blocks long insulated copper cable I don't lose any EU?

    2) if, for example, I make a 60 blocks long chain of batboxes and each of it is connected to the next one with a a 4 blocks long copper cable does it lose any energy?

    3)If I have this system:

    Where "_" and "|" are cables, "[.]" is a batbox (the input is the top, the output the bottom) and "S" are solar panels, is there any energy lost? I have this question because from each panel to the batbox there are 4 pieces, but the entire cable is 6 blocks long.

    Last question, I Supposed that there is no energy lost in each case above and made this design for a roof made of solar panels:

    Am I correct? (the blue arrows are the direction of the output, the batboxe at the bottom center sends the output inside the house, Solar panels are placed on top of everything).

    Have I overcomplicated it? (I wanted a flat design 13x13).

    I apologize for my English.