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    I take it the Bug-tracker was taken down for 1.109 Beta?
    Nano Armor absorbs no damage at all, changes to electric armor seems to also make it not absorb general mob damage. At the moment, even leather is better.
    Just tried with full Quantum armor, chestpiece and all. Got one-shot by a creeper. So yeah, it's absorbing no damage what so ever, explosive, mobs-damage or otherwise.

    Ah, strike that. Q-chest does absorb fall damage, but that's pretty much it. Falling down 40ish blocks hurts less than a skeleton looking at me.

    What type of fuel are you using?
    What is the plan you are using, does it contain condensers?

    Was trying a few different ones, all of them seemed to go nuclear on me after a short while. Though, just downloaded the new version (No clue what version number it is, since the file has no indication of such) and tried to re-create it, seems to have corrected itself, so I can't recreate it after updating.

    Did you alter the mechanics for Nuclear Reactors? Using the builds from the forum for "Vanilla" IC2, results in them blowing up when run in the ReactorPlanner. Also, as someone else suggested, changing the GUI so you don't have to click through all the different components, would make the Planner a lot easier to navigate and use.

    The Industrial Grinder is dropped when broken in Creative. Looking forward to figuring out how to place the Casing to make the Grinder work :D

    10252? Somewhat random number. On the server I play on, I've got 20 HVs feeding directly into a Mass Fab, giving me an UU every 5 seconds, but that's just overkill. I'm somewhat amazed I even managed to gather all that Iron and other materials, maybe next time around I'll try something different.

    I would very much like to see it show stacked items, like the Heating Cells, while it's fairly easy to guess how many a breeder uses (even if it's not indicated on the thread for reactors) it does not seem to calc it correctly, nor indicate how many you need.

    Minor bug report: The Advanced Chainsaw does not draw power from the GraviChestPlate or Ultimate Lappack (Or Advanced Lappack or Lappack or Batpack) when shearing Grass and Fern, causing it to drain its own internal power fast.
    Also, not so much a bug, but for the visual improvement, IC2 Nano Armor and Quantum Armor, as well as Mining Laser and Nano Saber has custom item colors, perhaps your items should use this as well, to indicate them also being improved/advanced gear/tools.
    And rename "GraviChestPlate" to Gravitation Chestplate.

    Otherwise, very good mod and really expensive items, I like it! I really like finally having an upgrade for the Diamond Drill I've been carrying around since forever.

    Is the shield supposed to destroy any items on you, if you are killed by it? Playing on a mod-test-server, friend of mine was testing out the mod and had an invisible field up, he forgot to tell me about, walked into it, got spammed error messages and died, items were dropped but instantly vanished, as if taken out by an explosion or such.

    [Force Field] Attention High Energy Field
    [Field Security] Fail: access denied

    copy-paste that message 50 times or so, to re-create my chat after wandering into the shield.

    hahahaha yeah well thats a very future block few more stuff that i need to add before :)

    that is a good idea to make them use more power, the tools really use osmium plates witch are a lot more expensive then iridium, but i am thinking about the crafting recipe so it will need 2 advanced circuits, 3 Osmium plates, 2 Iridium plates, one lapatron and the diamond drill. make it have a million eu storage and make it use bit more then double of the power usage of a normal drill :D

    Ah, right! Seems the pictures of recipes had me confused. In any case, I agree with you, agreeing with me... no wait... Anyways! being 25% faster and using 50-100% more EU per use would be a pretty good balance, even more so considering that they're more expensive than I originally assumed. There's a mod for improved Quantum armor, improved Lappack, improved machines, improved (well, compacted, but still) solars, so I'm very happy someone made a mod that improved the tools of the trade, as it were. Because, you knowing me, you know... I like to dig!

    And I Dig this mod!

    Iridium Energy Storage sounds neat, remember to make it accept, and output 2048eu/t.

    I also like that the upgrades are rather costly, and just the fact that I now have the option to improve my Dia Drill & Chainsaw that have been my faithful companions since pretty much 30-40min after starting over, every time I had to do so.
    I'm not sure I understand the need for them to have an enhanced internal power-storage, if you really have to, make it need a Laptron and two more Iridium Plates (rather than the 2nd and 3rd E. Crystal, giving it a cool even million EU storage (Rename to Quantum Drill/Chainsaw perhaps? - Unless IC2 Devs are considering doing that already, who knows...)

    Also, you should make the improvements be 25% better/faster, considering the material cost I believe it would make more sense, though mostly because +25% Improvement sounds neat! So Drill would be 16 -> 20 and Chainsaw 12 -> 15.

    In either case, you should make them use more EU per use, due to the more advanced materials used, making the upkeep increase as well (makes more sense too, since they have increased eu storage internally - maybe 50% more expensive, heck, if you can afford to make it, you can afford to waste a bit more EU, in exchange for the faster rate.

    Was mine really that horrible, to be totally ignored? :P It does what it's supposed to, fine eff and EU/t, me thinks. Also, I like symmetric designs, clearly! :D