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    Made an area projector and a 30 foot sphere. Worked flawlessly on and off many times with no problems.

    I then turned off the projector and added a hardner. Tried again. The lag killed the server and the problem could only be mended by restoring from a backup.

    Considering that I liked destroyed hundreds of blocks I understand the lag, but this seems like too easy way to accidentally or intentionally kill a server. I don't really know what can be done about it.

    I'm highly in favor of having torches either give off far less light or to have them burn out so that they luminators get some more love.

    I checked out Quorg's Torch burn out mod which is very well designed, but the SMP version is for 1.0.0 only. 1.8.1 SSP only.

    I've been running a server for a few days, and already most all the players have quantum leggings. Unfortunately, that means everyone is running around at light speed and there is absolutely no need for boats or minecarts ever (carts were also indirectly received a nerf with the new sprint feature). Even if there is an already ready to go minecart track with minecart it's still faster to just run with ctrl. Even with using ctrl almost 100% of the time the energy usage is still minuscule.

    I would suggest that the quantum leggings use far more energy and/or not go so fast. The suit's sprint feature should be something you use only in an emergency or if you are willing to burn through a lot of energy. You should prefer to still take a fast minecart to a destination and save energy instead of just ctrl-ing everywhere without thought.

    The rest of the suit's energy use is probably too low as well.

    There is pretty much no way to make a spherical forcefield work well and not be CPU intensive in any game. I had one in the source engine and it was still laggy despite it being a much better engine.

    I definitely agree with putting it on the backburner.

    There was some discussion and support in the last thread, which is apparently gone, so here it is again:

    Some types of energy will inherently be better when playing on a world that isn't default (lava world, sky world, etc.). To avoid everyone only using geothermals on lava world I'd like to be able to go into a config file and modify the output of geothermal furnaces. Similarly, this would stop people complaining about things being under/overpowered as they could easily just change their own config file to something more "balanced".

    Here's an example of what it might look like, doubling solar and halving geothermal.

    wind 1
    water 1
    geothermal 0.5
    solar 2