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    @FourFiore: agreed.

    Glacier on 1.8 spawns in a small forest by a desert, but if you hike at the sun across the desert, there's a fantastic mountain/valley combo, with several surface dungeons nearby. Buildcraft install failed, so I don't know how it is for oil.

    I know all of this my problem is I can't make copper bars, I can only make copper ingots which can't make copper wire. I was actually trying to make the macerator but i can't make the copper wire due to having only copper ingots.

    Ok I figured it out since I installed redstone power mod I have 2 copper ores and I was smelting the wrong one. Thanks for attempting to help, but it seems it wasn't anything to do with IC2 at all.

    Things like this make me cry inside. I would be ever so happy if Forge modders could tag certain items as duplicates of other mod's stuff, so people could have Eloraam or IC2 standalone, or have the two together not have duplicate items. (sigh)