Really good seed.

  • 7897555747535239042 I just spawned in and there is a big cave right there. There are also tonnes of rubber trees. I think you even spawn on top of one.

  • For 1.15, i use the seed "a". Spawns in a swamp with so many rubber trees i dont even bother to get a treetap, i just cut them all down. Also swamp trees are great if you have a instant-tree-cutting mod. Theres a surface lava pool to get a good start with geothermal too. Caves arn't great though.

  • My seed is "We have the technology!", I spawned in the middle of a swamp biome, a mountain one and a forest one. I built my house over a cliff at Y 110. in the mountain biome there are a quite good number of water source near the top and they are creating a nice effect flowing down. rubber trees (and trees in general) are very common and the forest is not so full, you can actually see what is around you xD. Oh, there is also a river!

  • I vote that we have a IC2 Seed thread with a list of good starting seeds.
    Possibly also a IC2 + BC good seeds with oil nearby

  • @FourFiore: agreed.

    Glacier on 1.8 spawns in a small forest by a desert, but if you hike at the sun across the desert, there's a fantastic mountain/valley combo, with several surface dungeons nearby. Buildcraft install failed, so I don't know how it is for oil.

    I know just enough to get me into trouble, and not nearly enough to get me back out again.