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    Now, I used the search bar and searched for "toolbox" and just saw random crap about it and no suggestions based on it so I guess I am safe:

    I always felt that toolboxes were useless. They can store tools but when you open them, all the tools come out, making it actually better to not have the toolbox at all.

    I put my toolbox in the recycler in shame that the toolbox was wasted in a crafting recipe and wondered how it could have been better and thought:

    "In real life, toolboxes can store many tools but when somebody actually uses the tools inside, they don't take them out all at once, they take one out at a time."

    So then I thought:
    If toolboxes could be portable chests for tools in industrialcraft, then that would be nice.

    From my Idea, I would think that you could right click while holding the toolbox and put tools in your hotbar or whatever that is called (the thing where all your tools show up and you can use them) into the toolbox and take tools out and in as necessary. That way, You actually DO save inventory space and works much better than the current toolbox.

    Apologies if this idea is stupid or I didn't search hard enough for toolbox suggestions. Feedback is appreciated, even from that certified asshole guy :)

    Ok, now I did something with the mining laser and now this happens:

    THIS happens when I look up the crafting recipe for the blue dynamite-o-mote thing on NEI:

    the rotary macerator will not macerate anything in the 2nd slot provided! only does the first slot

    that's not a bug, the 2nd slot is for additive macerating. if you put copper in the first slot and tin in the 2nd slot for example, it will produce bronze.


    Yes. You can track down any of the IC2 devs and complain about their stupid API crashing on you.

    This crash _should_ have been fixed with 1.107, and maybe it was ... for a time.

    Alright, I have a new problem:
    I deleted industrialcraft 1.106 and installed 1.107 and now I get this error:

    Forge Mod Loader has found a problem with your minecraft installation
    The mods and versions listed below could not be found
    IC2 : [1.106,)
    The file 'ForgeModLoader-client-0.log' contains more information

    How do I fix that?

    Landscaping? Manual Terraforming?

    Fixing annoying creeper holes
    Making Plantclump out of it (GregTech centrifuge...)
    Bug others with it , Make big platforms of grass (dirt -> grass)
    Useful block to build temporary pillars since it breaks very fast

    There are many other uses, just put your mind to work and it will find an interesting one.

    that can be easily substituted with cobblestone like stated earlier so I don't see what you are trying to say.

    When I crafted a rotary macerator and placed it in the world, minecraft crashed.
    I don't have that crash report anymore for that I created a new .minecraft and reinstalled the mods and put the save back.

    now, I get this crash message:

    If there is anything you can do, thanks. I don't see what the error is.

    This is my opinion.

    I think this is a great Idea. It actually makes it much more interesting and realistic.
    Also, If certain generators worked better or worse in certain biomes, that would be awesome.

    so this is what I think:

    there are 3 types of "regular generators" now:
    Generators that use coal
    Generators that use natural gas (not sure how you would exactly obtain it)
    and generators that use oil.

    all 3 of them have just as much output and pollute just as much.

    List of clean generators:
    solar panels
    Geothermal generators
    water mills

    List of "bad" generators:
    the 3 listed earlier

    Ones that don't necessarily fall in any category:
    Nuclear reactors.

    I think that nuclear reactors should produce nuclear waste.
    The waste, just like in real life, would have to be stored somewhere.
    You can't process them in recyclers.
    You can't put them in normal chest.

    what you have to do is craft a chest that is designed to hold nuclear waste (I don't exactly know what the crafting recipe would be) and nuclear waste doesn't stack so If you were to run solely off of nuclear power, you would need A LOT of those chests.

    So, yeah. my thought. whatever.

    But I think this is a GREAT Idea!!! :D

    By the "On your bar", I SUGGESTED required Compressed Air on your Hotbar to be effective.
    Hazmat is not OP in my opinion, it should just take some damage in lava. And, you only get the protection if you have the full set. Otherwise it is dead super fast.

    Even if that was true, it is still very overpowered for it to not take damage at all.

    So actually, what you are saying about it being damaged in lava is a great idea.

    Too lazy to dig dirt, but not lazy to find cobble sand and scrap? Yeah right.

    I do not understand what you are trying to say.
    To find ores, you have to go mining and you would get plenty of cobblestone while at it.

    Meanwhile, there is really no reason to go dig some dirt.

    I actually think this is not bad, but this is unnecessary. what does anyone use dirt for other than to recycle all over again?

    Everything I think of could easily be substituted with cobblestone.

    Hazmat not breaking is a bug I haven't heard of, I'll need to test. TESTED: I'm seeing a Fire Resistance effect applied, I'm guessing it is just being applied too soon. Don't know, as I didn't code it.
    Compressed Air works fine in my opinion, as it burns all the air up VERY fast after you run out of your "real" stuff...

    EDIT: Compressed Air works differently, but still fine. On your bar maybe?

    To me, what happens is that as long as you have at least one compressed air cell in your inventory, when the bubbles reach 4, it gets refilled to 9 or something close.

    Yes, that is what happens to me for the hazmat suit. It's so overpowered that I am having a hard time trying to switch the chest hazmat with the batpack...

    With a full set of hazmat armor, not only is it impossible for you to die in lava or poison or anything, the hazmat suit TAKES NO DAMAGE. It would be more realistic if the hazmat armor actually took damage. if there is a reason why it doesn't do that, please do tell me.

    As for the scuba and compressed air cells, I believe it should be reworked.
    I believe scuba air tanks are actually put on your back and in industrialcraft, you just have to put compressed air cells in your inventory and you can breathe underwater with a full set of hazmat armor.

    I thought that was really stupid, so I thought of something:

    There is a new block (not sure what it would be called) that would accept compressed air cells and in the other slot, you would have a slot for the air tank.

    The air tank is a new item I thought of that works like a batpack/jetpack/CFpack in which it stores air from compressed air cells. I guess it can accept a pretty big deal of air cells.

    So with the new machine, you put the air cells in one slot and the air tank in the other and that is where the scuba helmet is going to get air from (the air tank)

    If there is a particular reason why it is the way it is currently, please do tell me.
    Feedback is appreciated. Thanks for reading!!! :D

    First, this assumes you have enough Java knowledge to actually pull this off

    Refer to this thread on how to decompile IC2 to begin coding your addon, however if I get what you are thinking about making (an addon where redstone needs electricity to run) I'm not certain of Forge's full capabilities, but my guess is that that may require anywhere from minor to major base file modification (assuming you know what that is)

    EDIT: No there are no addons that do this, you have not broken any rules by asking (why would you?)

    I was going to put this in a theoretical addon suggestions sub forum but there wasn't so I decided to make it myself.
    so I guess that ruins any chance of me making an addon. I know nothing about java programming :/