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    Whoops, I fixed that...

    thanks :D

    Edit: you're not alone, I wear solar helmet on long journeys too. Remember, minecraft isn't about getting technologically advanced, it's about adventures and building :)

    I have successfully crafted the quantum helmet today using a mass fabricator connected to high voltage and mining lots of sand to place in the recycler.
    The boots were my next goal.

    I have noticed that it uses 10k energy to replenish hunger but I never knew that the full hunger bar replenishment was new, maybe that was done so you can still heal?

    I thought it would be amusing if somebody actually held a contest for this but I'm not sure if it is allowed.

    So, what's the fastest time you have gotten a full set?

    1: SpwnX, Raw Code ("few hours")
    2: blaster (2 days)

    In progress:
    Nicol bolas planeswalker (currently has quantum leggings and helmet)

    If I can hold a contest, then here are the rules:

    • it doesn't matter if you can successfully charge it, it only matters that you craft it.
    • No cheating out items, every item must be obtained legitimately. you can use CraftGuide and use NEI only for recipes but that is the only kind of support you can get.

    More rules coming as I find new problems.

    I have decided to get my quantum armor in order of leggings, helmet, boots, then chest plate. The leggings are obviously first as you run in your mines and caves and whatever faster, plus what else goes on the legs (other than hazmat leggings). Then comes the helmet so you don't have to care about food and other effects (what else goes there anyway. Nobody wears solar helmets and who wears scuba helmets while mining (unless you are really paranoid)), then the boots cause they are cheaper to craft (what goes there anyway? rubber boots? quantum is better. Static boots? screw it!! takes too long to charge!!!) and then the body armor (takes too long to craft and some utility thing is usually there)

    if all those things are added, then the originality of it all goes out the window :)
    Why aren't you staying with AtomicStryker's version, if you want those things?
    If it's because of the Overclocker/Upgrades slots in the right side, just ignore them, noone is forcing you to add upgrades to the machines :D

    Atomic stryker's versions of the machines only accept low voltage and you can't configure that.

    I like how this addon's advanced machines is similar to the induction furnace unlike atomic stryker's version but I with that these 3 advanced machines had some sort of special ability like the induction furnace too. Just having more output slots IMO is stupid. The induction furnace has 2 input slots which can be used to process a single stack twice as fast or 2 different stacks at the same time for about the same efficiency, So I thought:

    Rotary macerator: similar to atomic stryker's version with additive macerating, which adds a 2nd input slot but the 2nd input slot is different from the induction furnace's input slot. The difference is, If the ability was the same as the induction furnace, then it wouldn't make sense since it's a ROTARY macerator. THe first slot is for normal macerating and for some items, if you add a 2nd item in the 2nd input slot, you get something new as the result of the mixed items. Suggestions I have are:

    1: Put copper in the 1st slot and tin in the 2nd slot. Copper will be consumed every dust created and tin will be consumed every 4 dust created. This creates bronze dust with twice as much as you would crafting it.

    Centrifuge extractor: Again since this is a CENTRIFUGE extractor, it wouldn't make sense if the ability was the same as the induction furnace. There are 2? slots and if the items in both slots have the same output they will work simultaneously, which otherwise, it won't work. For example, if you put sticky resin in one slot and rubber wood in another you would get 4 rubber each time.

    Singularity compressor: Has 3 input slots, if you put bronze tin and refined iron in each of them you get one advanced alloy each of the 3 you have in the input.

    Other than that, this is great. I switched from atomic stryker's version for these machines being more similar to the induction furnace and if these were added that would be great

    I want to configure IC2 so that when I use the OD/OV scanner, the results for ores they find are based off of the emc value from EE2 (NO, I do not have that mod, I do like the EMC system though)

    ALso, I have noticed that sometimes, the OD/OV scanner doesn't register diamonds to their value, so I would like to fix that too.

    How do I fix that?

    I want to change ore values to:
    redstone: 64
    Iron: 256
    Gold: 2048
    Diamond: 8192 (Also, I need help making it so that the OD/OV scanner can recognize and show the value accounting for diamond)

    And whatever the emc value is for copper tin, uranium, and coal (if anyone knows what they are, please tell me)

    I would be very grateful if somebody could help me :D

    I visited Mojang site only once: i need download minecraft_server.jar for MCP :D

    I have free launcher for MinecraftAlpha by AnjoCaido, but it downloads and starts latest versions of MC without any problems

    You must have had to download minecraft from for the mods to work so your claim is false.

    I found a bug, sometimes in NEI, one of the slots in certain recipes is replaced by the charging electric jetpack when you have solar helmet on.

    Please fix this, thanks :D

    Could you make it so that you can configure the machines to accept medium voltage and not have upgrade slots? Or could I delete this addon and get the other one and it would still work?

    Other than that nice mod :D

    I honestly think that the centrifuge extractor and the singularity compressor should have some sort of additive processing too:

    Extractor: has 2 input slots, you can process sticky resin and rubber wood at the same time
    Compressor: has 3 input slots, put bronze tin and refined iron in it and for each of those, you get one advanced alloy

    Hello, could you guys maybe add a slot so i can add transformer upgrades to induction furnace? It's kinda annoying that all my other machines are running hv but induction needs a transformer to run on my powergrid :s

    One would think to just use a MV transformer...

    Anyways, I disagree, this is unnecessary. You could get an addon that lets you configure that but I don't know of any that does that.