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    It's... probably possible, though I'm not sure about components taking up multiple slots -- that sounds like it might get clunky and hit a whole bunch of corner cases in a hurry. Other than that, it would definitely work, but I'm not sure that I see it adding anything to the experience in exchange for losing compatibility with the vanilla crafting mechanic.

    To put it another way: what's awesome about it?

    Hmm, good question.

    I guess I just thought it would be interesting... You do raise a good point though...

    I don't see gregtech adding this too...

    Because I'm an idiot, I can't remember what you need to make a lightning rod generator (or whatever it's called)

    You need 4 HV transformers, one of those blue lightning rod generator things, and _______

    What is that blank line there? I know that you place it on top of the blue thing and the more you place the more likely lightning will strike but I can't remember what that thing was.

    I had this idea for a while but I was too lazy to write about it.

    It's a 5*5 crafting table, AKA machine crafting bench.

    The machines are crafted in a 5*5 crafting bench with new recipes that fit in the 5*5 thing, maybe new components. Maybe some parts take up multiple slots, maybe not.

    This may require a complete rewrite or maybe even an industrialcraft 3 so I don't have my hopes too high.

    This idea was formulated with the idea that machines are very complicated to make and have small parts everywhere IRL and I thought this would make the game interesting.

    Ask any questions, and please tell me if this was suggested before, or if it's truly impossible (theoretically, anything is possible though), if it's a coincidental ripoff, or whatever.

    Edit: Or just outright say whether it's a stupid idea or not.

    I have noticed how many people are assholes to noobs when it comes to block ID conflicts talking about how easy it is to fix it.

    Now, the first time I ran into a block ID conflict, I ran into the same situation where they thought I was an idiot. Fortunately, they told me how to fix it anyway.

    So to prevent the people from yelling at the noobs and to prevent the noobs from being yelled at, I decided to make a thread about how to identify block IDs in crash reports and how to fix them.

    1: If you scroll down on the crash report, you will eventually see the error, which is usually identified as null pointer exception, illegal argument exception, etc. So if it's a block ID conflict, then it will say block ID X is already occupied by Block A (not literally, X and A were used as variables)

    Identify which block it is conflicting with and which mod it is coming from. So for example, I had an block ID conflict with gregtech and computercraft, and it said that a gregtech block was trying to occpuy a slot that was already occupied by a computercraft turtle.

    2: Go to %appdata%, then roaming, then .minecraft, then config.
    3: Find the mods that are conflicting with each other, in the example shown above, it's gregtech and computercraft. Open one of the configs which is conflicting using notepad (so in this case, I can choose to open the gregtech or computercraft config)
    4: Find the block ID section. You can use the ctrl F function to find it.
    5: change the block ID of the block that is conflicting. By that I mean change the number to something else. Make sure the number is 4095 or less, and ideally, since I think vanilla blocks occupied these slots, 257 or more. That time, I changed the block ID for computers and turtles in computercraft from ~4000 to 500-504 respectively. It is usually a good idea to change the block ID for ALL the blocks in the mod just to be safe.
    6: CLose everything, making sure you saved what you did in the config. If the block ID is left blank, it will go back to the default so make sure you actualy inputted a new block Id for the block.
    7: If you successfully changed the block ID and the new block ID for the block IDs you changed aren't occupied already, then minecraft will successfully load. If you did change it but got a similar crash report, try changing to a different block ID. If you didn't change it, then GO BACK AND CHANGE THE DAMN THING.

    This thread should be helpful for noobs and experts, and I hope people take the time to read this so that there are less crash reports about ID conflicts and yelling.

    You put up a good argument there.

    However, I use NEI for a different reason:

    If something screws up in my world (got corrupted, etc) then what else do I do?

    CraftGuide seemingly works right out of the box because the plugins are already integrated into most mods, unlike NEI.

    I prefer NEI for the top reason I stated, and it isn't that big of a deal to get the plugins. I only use NEI for the recipes, and the cheat mode in creative mode or when my world gets corrupted. It's also never a bad idea to have one of these item cheats in handy. No one's forcing you to use it to cheat.

    Okay, I updated to 1.4.6 with the latest version of everything, and I STILL get this NEI bug:

    So, any ideas what else I should do?

    May I ask where you got that gregtech nuclear planner?

    So, I'm still getting this crash, can someone help me diagnose and fix it?

    White = standard machine casing, no surprises there
    Black = reinforced machine casing, no surprises there
    Green = machine itself, seems logical enough
    EDIT: Forgot about Blue = water, pretty logical
    EDIT2: Forgot once again that Red = lava, given that it is a Blast Furnace based upon heat, seems super logical

    Is there something you are not understanding about this?

    1: yeah...
    2: No surprises? *facebrick*
    3: To some extent...
    4 and 5: Wait, there are water/lava blocks you can place in gregtech?

    I shouldn't even be on this planet...