Induction Furnace and Thermal Centrifuge enhancements

  • I'll keep it short
    1. Upgrade slots for IF, particularly for Ejector and Transformer upgrades
    2. Constant heating option for both, thus not needing external redstone. Reason: multiple situations (can be seen in Direwolf's videos) with lack of block sides. Might be implemented as another upgrade.

  • What about some cables (insulated), infused with redstone, for conducting redstone signal? This would allow us to supply power to, and control, all induction furnaces with a single switch, rather than a manual startup/shutdown of each.

  • they shoud work as latch\switch:

    recieving redstone signal toggle state, this will allow to on-off by redstone signal (without keeping signal source all time).

    also gui switch shoud be here, but not as one and only method.