QUESTION: will updating kill my saves?

  • Hi, I a am currently hoping to upgrade from IC to IC2, probably very common. However I enjoy creating some MASSIVE electronic circuits. My question, is:
    Will Updating Kill:
    My saves
    My game
    My circuits
    Or by some miracle let everything survive untouched?

    I have read several post claiming that the IDs are the same or can be changed between the two but i use several of the out-dated items such as the item-o-mat and the sell-o-mat. will these destroy my game? If so is there any way to stop them.

    Thanks in advance

    Its Not Me...

    ... or maybe it is

  • Yeah, too many things have changed. For example all evergy storages/convertors now have orientation, so they will either A. not work B. mess up everything.

    Not to mention that MFEs now output 2-4 times as much, so any IC1 wiring with MFE -> machines will blow...