The Minecraftian Chronicles Season 4: Aftershock

  • *Six years ago, during the first Spambot war
    Computer: DNA separation system completed, reproducing H DNA and syncing to current body clock. Analysis shows that the separation at this present time is to dangerous and has a strong chance of killing both hosts.

    *Fifty years into the future
    Alicia: Thankyou for seeing us again, according to History, there were repocusions of the Spambot wars, do you recal what they were?
    ???: Unfortunately I do, I will tell you though, if you are willing to listen...

    *Present day, it has been three years since the fall of the Spambots. In place of the old city now stands New Mojang City. At its center is the opening of a new facility, a communications hub that serves as Minecraftia's center of modern communications

    Electos: Thank you all for coming out to see the launch of this new system.

    *In the crowd, Sarah, Kai, Maria and Flaras watch the release of the new system, as they have helped develop it based off of a prototype that Sarah and Electos found in Blaster's house
    Electos: After two years of development, myself and the rest of the team are proud to launch ComWeb, a system we hope you all will be able to use, to ensure that you have the latest information at any time

    *In an unknown location, watching the ceremony on a TV
    ????: Oh you stupid man, unfortunately your system won't be used for that...

    *At New Mojang city
    Electos: And now, it is my greatest pleasure to launch ComWeb...

    *Unknown Location
    ???: Heh heh

    *Has his hand over a button

    *New Mojang City
    Electos: Now!!!

    *Com Web activates. ???? presses the button near him
    Electos: It is done...

    *Notices something with the crowd control guards
    Electos: Huh?

    *The guards start attacking random people. Electos runs over to a computer terminal near the stage. Sarah, Flaras, Kai and Maria push their way to him
    Electos: Something's wrong
    Sarah: What?
    Electos: Someone has hacked into ComWeb and is using it to control the guards

    *Unknown Location
    ????: Heh heh. It works perfectly

    *New Mojang City
    Sarah: Can't you shut it down?
    Electos: No, i'm locked out
    Sarah: We have to protect the civilians. Come on

    *They get on the stage

    *They change into their armor, the only change is that the gauntlets that they got during the final battle now show up on their armor
    Sarah: We'll handle the guards, can you two try and evacuate as many of the citizens?
    Kai: Got it

    *Kai and Maria start ushering the crowd away from the guards
    Flaras: CANDLEMON, YOU TWO!!!
    Electos: ELECMON, YOU ASWELL!!!

    *Palmon, Candlemon and Elecmon appear
    Sarah, Flaras and Electos: DIGIMODIFY!!!

    *Swipes cards
    Sarah, Flaras and Electos: WARP DIGIVOLUTION ACTIVATE!!!

    *Nothing happened
    Palmon: Why didn't that work?
    Electos: I'll look into it latter, for now though...

    *A man escapes the crowd and grabs something out of his pack

    *Releases a cable from the device, electrolyzes it and uses it as a whip, taking out a few of the guards
    ???: YOUR JOB!!!

    *As he turns, his face resembles Blaster's

  • -Scott's POV-
    Angela: "Hey, Scott, come watch this!"
    -Angela is the girl I was staying with at the time, she had inherited one of the few astronomy observatories left in Minecraftia. I walked up to the TV, silent as I usually was for 20 years after the war, since I was mute.-
    Electos: "It is done."
    -There's a commotion somewhere.-
    Electos: "Something's wrong..."
    -The camera pans over to the crowd, and guards are attacking innocent civilians. I knew something would go wrong, as there were still some evil people out there. I rush from the couch into my room. The radio starts up.-
    Radio: "This is Guardian Station 1, requesting permission to launch Demon."
    -I type something out in Morse Code.-
    Scott: "This is Angel, you have full permission to launch Demon."

    -Demon's POV-
    ???: "This is Demon, undocking from Guardian Station One. Currently using my reaction control system to maneuver away from the station."
    Angel: "Affirmative, good luck out there."
    Demon: "I don't need luck."
    -As I say this, I fire my retrograde thrusters, bringing my apogee down to re-entry levels. I see flames forming on the sides of my drop pod. Luckily there are ablative heatshields on the capsule.-
    Demon: "This is Demon, I am reentering the atmosphere, coming in hot over New Mojang City. Using chutes to slow my descent."
    Angel: "You okay?"
    Demon: "Yep."
    -My chutes slow me down enough to make a safe descent, coming in over the plaza. I deploy the landing legs, feeling about 2G when I hit the ground. I open the door to my capsule, breathing in the fresh air after being in space so long. I hop out of the capsule, carrying a laser, and a large scythe. I run towards the facility. I see a man, who I believe is named Electos.-
    Demon: "This is Kryptia, codename Demon, reporting for duty from the Minecraftian Emergency Response Station."

  • Electos: THUNDER WAVE!!!

    *A wave of electricity hits a large group of guards
    Electos: What's causing this?
    ???: We'll deal with that latter. We have to get rid of them now!
    Sarah: WIND STAFF!!!

    *Calls forth her Elemental weapon, which has changed since the Spambot wars
    Flaras: PYRO BARRARGE!!!

  • Kry: "REAPER'S SMITE!"
    -A large group of guards pause and a white vapor is sucked out of their mouths and it comes to be absorbed by my body. They all collapse.-
    Kry: "You know, there's a reason they call me Demon."
    -I charge at a guard, stabbing him in the chest with my scythe. I use my laser on explosive mode, taking out another group.-

  • ?????: well i cant allow this

    * a cloaked figure with non-human writing on the back walks up to some guards with a rusted and simply slices them in half*

    ?????: i could not see my fr.... civilians die

  • Thalia: PIERCING LIGHT!!!

    *More of the guards are taken out, but more quickly take their place
    Flaras: Thalia?

    *Thalia and Sirius join in
    Thalia: Sorry for the delay, we were helping Kai and Maria evacuate the civilians

    *A 20 drones fly in and start attacking the group
    Thalia: Who's doing this
    ???: We'll deal with that latter

    *Grabs a gun and shoots down the drones
    ???: Get Kai and Maria back here, we have to leave
    Sarah: We can hold it
    ???: For now, but we may not be able to much longer and by then, we may not get a chance
    Sarah: And you know a safe spot?
    ???: Yes

  • ????: I was wondering if he would show up, activate the Siphoon

    *A energy beam fires from their location and hits ?????
    ????: This will keep your powers in check.

    *To a drone
    ????: Send in the heavy artillery, I want them out of the city
    Drone: Don't you want to kill them
    ????: Not yet, I have something better for them

  • -I run over, using my scythe to massacre the guards, slicing any who dared to get near me I try to buy them some time, and I see ?????. I rush over to them.-
    Kry: "Sir, are you okay?"
    ?????: "No..."
    -I grab the person, heaving them over my shoulder, running out of the building.-

  • *Walker tanks start to surround the group. ??? grabs a link book
    ???: COME ON!!!

    *They all warp to Blaster's old house. Sarah points her staff at ???
    Sarah: Answers. NOW!!!
    ???: Alright. My name is Xavier, one of the clones of Blaster
    Sarah: What are you talking about
    Xavier: At the start of the second half of the first Spambot war, Blaster created a "fail safe" system. Should he die while the Spambots are still at large or a new threat emerges, one of his clones would awaken and take his persona. While that worked for the latter ones, his prototypes, such as myself, have distinct differences. I was the second created
    Sarah: What happened to the first?
    Xavier: I don't know, his tube was open when I was awakened
    Sarah: Prove it, prove to us that this is true
    Xavier: I think there are bigger issues at hand

  • *Electos and Kai rest ????? on the couch
    Electos: How's communications going?
    Maria: Not good, we're completely cut off
    Xavier: He probably cut them off aswell...
    Kai: We need to find the others, we can't just stay here forever
    Thalia: That's just it, We haven't herd from Frosa and Terasa in months, Bolts's locations is unknown along with Chaos. The only person we know where they are is Scott but he's still traumatized from the last war.
    Sirius: We also can't last long with out something bigger then Flaras's arm cannons...
    Sarah: I think I know what we need then
    Xavier: What?
    Sarah: I found plans for a mobile base of operations, similar to the Frame Carrier. The only differences is that its smaller and is a tank
    Xaveier: I actually remember that. If we can get it working, then we will at least have the element of surprise

  • [/font]
    Kry: "Xavier, I know where we could assemble it."
    Xavier: "Where?"
    Kry: "A place untouched by the wars, a place untouched by human expansion. Normally humans would be killed, but I can get you guys access to it safely."

  • Maria: Guys, we have another problem
    Electos: What?
    Maria: not only do we not have global communications, but whoever this guy is has also taken over the whole network
    Thalia: What does that mean
    Sarah: It means that, whoever he is, he has control over everything that has been synced to the network, including defenses.
    Flaras: Which would explain why our partners couldn't digivolve. he must have sent a jammer through the network
    Electos: I have a plan for something that could work, but it will take some time. For now, lets get some supplies from Blaster's old lab and get ready to move
    Xavier: Agreed. As for your digivolution issue, I may know of something that could work, but it's risky for you guys who use it
    Sirius: What is it?
    Xavier: Its called the DNA charge. by converting some of your life energy into code, you can cause a digivolution. I know that your gauntlets could accept the technology with some work, but we'll deal with it latter

  • Kry: "So.... Is my location where we're going? It's protected from humans, which is gonna be handy."

    -Scott's POV-
    Angela: "ARGHHH!"
    -I wake up to see Angela foaming at the mouth, looking like a wild animal. She charges, a knife in her hand.-
    Scott: "...."
    -I twist her wrist, summoning my shadow spear. I have no choice but to stab her in the heart with my spear. When I do so I feel pain inside. The only person who ever understood me is dead, because she went mad. I knew something was wrong, she was like the guards on TV.-

  • ?????: i need to go

    *kai grabs onto ?????'s cloak but ????? just pushs away and storms off out of the door*

    ?????: soon ill complete my mission great ancestor of the chaos clan, regiki

  • -A pentagram appears on the wall. A puff of smoke appears.-
    Xavier: "Huh?"
    -A girl appears. She has my silver hair, except she has blood red eyes. She's wearing a very exposing top and pants, and has a seductive look in her eyes.-
    Girl: "Hi, Kryptia."
    -She seems to be intoxicating to be around. She's eyeing Xavier.-
    Kry: "Hello, Lucy. Guys, this is my sister."

  • Drone: Sir, the Alteration beam is operational but not efficient. there have been a few reports of people suffering from its effects but they are few and far. We are working on making the beam more efficient
    ????: Excelent. Unfortunatly the blasted gems protect the guardians and their associates, but I have a better plan for them
    ???: Your not going to get...away with this

    *Frosa and Terasa are in chains, injured and exhausted due to a lack of energy
    ????: Oh, I will you fools

  • ?????: what the helll!!!!!!

    *a portal opens, chaos and three others are fighting at equal shoot out*

    chaos: we need to seal his power in the paradox sword now

    chronos: we must! this has gone too far

    order: let me prepare the seal

    landros: this is for your own sake

    nick: ONE DAY!!!!! i shall get revenge.... even i dont have my power i will find i way to destroy you. ill build an army of terror

    chronos: SEAL OF THE GREAT LORDS!!!!!

    order: he still has enough power left to teleport

    chaos: he dosernt have enough power to choose time and space. it will teleport him randomly plus if e does teleport it will use up all the power left

    landros: lets go...

    chronos: ok

    *chronos, chaos, order and landros open a portal and enter it then close it behind them*

    nick: DAM YOU ALL!!!!! THIS IS JUST A GAME TO YOU!!!!!

    *nick faints. ????? runs to him and flips nick over his/hers shoulder and carrys him back to blasters house*


    The past always comes back to haunt you


    What is your future my be another's past