The Minecraftian Chronicles Season 4: Aftershock

  • Lucy: "What's your name?"
    -Lucy walks up to Xavier, and out of nowhere grabs him and kisses him. He feels his energy slowly being wasted away.-
    Kry: "LUCY!"
    -She has a look of lust in her eyes.-

  • *Xavier shoves her away and grabs a gun from his holster, pointing it at Lucy
    Xavier: If I were you, I wouldn't try that again. Do I make myself clear.

    *Puts gun away
    Xavier: I apologise for the methods, but unlike the original, I prefer the direct method when it comes to these things

    *Leaves to go to the lap to get surplies

  • Kry: "Xavier, I'm so sorry about my sister. She's a succubus. Literally. So yes, I'm implying we're both demons."
    -I shrug.-
    Kry: "You can't blame her. Also, where are we going?"

  • Xavier: I could ask you the same question, your the only one who knows the way to the destination. As for down here though...

    *Opens the door
    Xavier: This is Blaster's Lab

  • Kry: "Guys, get your stuff."
    -I use my powers to summon a nexus. It has a pentagram on it. Meanwhile, Lucy is nuzzling Electos.-
    Lucy: "I love human men...."
    Electos: "Um..."
    Sarah: "GET OFF OF HIM!"
    -Lucy releases a dark beam which freezes Sarah in place. She wraps her arms around Electos, kissing him, draining his energy.-

  • *????? drops the body on the floor and pushs lucy off electos*

    lucy: a mysterious one. why do hide your face you .... bitey one

    ?????: thats not going to work on me

    lucy: oh really...

    lucy struts over to ????? and starts to lift the hood off him when all of a sudden two giant hands made of energy appear and trap lucy. ????? releases sarah*

    ?????: are you ok?

    sarah: Yes! thank you

  • Kry: "Sarah.... I'm so sorry."
    Sarah: "Grr...."
    -Sarah stares at Lucy, who is being restrained by a mysterious figure. A man walks out of the nexus.-
    Lucy: "Who-"
    -The man wears a black cloak with purple outlines, and a black hat which casts shadows across his face, so his face is concealed. He has red glowing eyes.-
    ????????: "My name is Theron. Hello, Kryptia."
    -He shakes my hand.-

  • *Xavier moves to the body
    Xavier: I'll take him to a reservation tube

    *Looks at Lucy
    Xavier: Keep her restrained for a bit, I have something that might work

  • -I hold Lucy back. Theron walks up next to me. He whispers in my ear.-
    Theron: "I'm a brother of Chaos, like Scott. I only now just awakened. They said I had to awaken because another Brother failed."
    -Theron smiles.-

  • ????: Its time to commence the next phase of the plan. Begin bombardment on Anathos

    *In Blaster's house
    Maria: Guys, We're getting reports of a bombing fleet on its way to Anathos
    Theron: Why would they do that?
    Sarah: To declare war. the peace between Anathos and the main land can be fractured easily, if this fleet hits...

    *Runs to a bookshelf and pulls out a linkbook
    Electos: Sarah?
    Sarah: I have to go

    *Teleports to New Vine Town

  • Electos: I'm going after her

    *Picks up the book
    Flaras: So am I

    *They teleport to New Vine town, the town is burning due to the attacks from the drones
    Electos: What does this guy want to achieve through this? THUNDRA ENERGIZE!!!
    Flaras: I don't know, but I intend to find out.

    * As Flaras pulls out two of her weapons, Sarah, in the air, uses her powers to destroy the ships
    Flaras: I'll try and evacuate the town, you keep the foot soldiers off me
    Electos: Got it

    *As Flaras runs off
    Flaras: FIRE INTO WIND!!!

    *Flaras's powers transfer to Sarah
    Sarah: Thanks for the boost. INFERNO MODE!!!

  • Dull booms hall through the deep concrete labyrinth...It had been a LONG time since ?????? felt something...But now, the unfrequent booms arround him waked his spirit. His mind started running again. Neuroprocessors kicked in. A sharp Pain flashes through his brain. He coulden't move! Not even breathe! The pain of drowning spread in his chest. He opened his eyes, finding himself in a Cryogene filled Stasis Capsule. ?????? mobilises all the power he has and rips the porouse shackles arround his limbs and his chest. He starts punching the glass wall with fading mind. They finally break shortly before he would have fainted. He struggles for air but catches his breath. He was cold, cold from the evaporating Cryogene on his Body. Suddenly a heavy bang lets the room start to dangle, dust and tiny chunks of concrete fall from the cieling. Silence.....Just ??????'s breath is hearable and maybe eben his heart beating. Another very heavy bang shocks the Room, the cieling starts to crackle and breaks. Down falls a burning wreck of a Minecraftian defense ship, the air starts to get hot and burning liquid starts flowing across the floor. ?????? gets up, grabs a bucket of Cryogene and throws it at the burning wreck. The flames vanish quickly. ?????? grabs another bucket of Cryogene and runs towards the wreck, climbing it to get out of the room. He finds himself in a large crater full of flames and with two wrecks in it. He has problems to run, his motoprocessors seem to have taken damage. The next bucket of Cryogene gets thrown to clear a path out of the crater. As ?????? looks up into the nightly sky, he spots Sarah.

    ??????: HEY! DOWN HERE!

    *BANG!* One of the wrecks explodes and ?????? gets hit by a piece. He falls to the ground as Sarah looks at him....

  • "This is Zeus Station, launching the Sword of Damocles." The station AI said.
    "This is Angel, abort, I repeat, abort!" The radio buzzed.
    "That would be defying direct order of my commanders." The AI replied.
    "Damnit..... we have to destroy those things. They'll hit with the force of tactical nukes.. Wait.... where is that one headed?" Angel typed in.

    Kryptia's POV

    "Why is my PDA buzzing.... wait, we have reports of objects on ballistic trajectories coming towards us. Most likely Rods from God. Everyone, grab your stuff, and head through that nexus!" I yelled, grabbing my pack and heading through the portal. We ended up in a town.

  • krytos: it seems the humans have started to attack us... but why use guards not soldiers

    minion: they could be low on resources and keeping them for last

  • *Another ship starts falling into the wreak, Sarah grabs ?????? before it hits. Two portals open in the sky
    Sarah: Huh?

    *Palkia and Dialga emerge from the portals and start attacking the ships
    Sarah: Why?

    *Sarah places ?????? on the ground, away from the attacks and starts heading back to the fight, a figure appears from one of the ships
    ????: Finally

    *Throws two strange Pokeballs at Palkia and Dialga, instantly catching them
    ????: I was wondering what I would have to do to flush you out

    *Two figures start running to the ship, jumping on the wrecks to give them altitude
    ---: Lets give tehm a hand, HAXORUS, DRAGON PULSE!!!
    Sarah: I recognize those voices...

    *The two attacks damage enough ships to allow the two figures to reach the same height as Sarah
    ....: HAR!!!

    *The Flare Blitz and Aura Sphere travel to the figure, but something protects the figure, stopping the attacks in their place
    ????: Pathetic

    *The attacks are sent back to Sarah and the Lucario, Sending all three to the ground
    Sarah: GAH!!!
    ????: I have what I came here for, fall back.

    *Sarah, Blaziken and Lucario hit the ground, a short amount of time latter
    ---: You ok Sarah
    Sarah: Ugh, I've had better days
    ----: Blaziken and Lucario are fine
    Sarah: What are you two doing here, where are Electos and Flaras?
    ---: Their coming

  • ?????: what the hells going off.... CHAOS STRIKER!!!! *nothing happens* it failed

    nick:.... urgh where the hell am i. I NEED TO STOP CHAOS AND THE OTHERS

    ?????: why? anyway master chaos is long dead

    nick: master? he is not dead! if you are involved with him prepare to die

  • *It has been a month since the bombing of New Vine Town. The group has been reunited, with Davis and Reika from the New Vine Town bombing in the Minecraftian Badlands and has set up a small but moveable base of operations. There have been reports of random minecraftians suddenly becoming violent and as a result, most of civilization has collapsed in on itself.

    *In New Mojang City
    Subordinate: Sir, the prototypes are online and functional, the containment facilities for the creatures have been restored and the beasts are now inside. We are using their power to keep the machine functional
    ????: Excellent. and the Mk II
    Subordinate: Fully functional and combat ready
    ????: Send the message out to the "heroes". I want to activate the next phase of my plan.

    *In a tent in the Badlands, Xavier is sleeping

    *In the Dream
    Sarah: I can't let you do this, not alone at least
    ???: You have to, I cannot ruin your life by letting you come with me.
    Sarah: We started this journey together ......, we're finishing it together
    ???: We have, this is a new one for myself. I'm sorry Sarah

    ???: Out of all the people to get sucked into this world, WHY ME!!!
    Kokomon: We told you to stay inside at night...
    Gummymon: But did you listen to us?
    ???: You could be a but more helpful, considering as you two are on my back and are riding me
    Kokomon: Use the device, it will help
    ???: Explain how first, the I will

    ???: I hope they burn for what they ahve done.

    *Slams talloned claw into the ground
    ???: If only I was faster, i could have stopped the explosion

    *Two beams of light comes out of the pack that ??? retrieved
    Terriermon: What did they do to you?

    *??? holds back a tear
    ???: Lets go, we need to get to the main city
    Lopmon: What for?
    ???: I have a idea, but i need resources

    *In head
    ???: I hope Sarah and the others are ok...

    *Outside of the dream
    Xavier: GAH!!!

    *Looks around to see no one is in sight
    Xavier: Why did you have to do this to me...

  • Under the land, not far away from New Mojang City, some time before the New Vine City's bombing:
    Martititi: Hi Brother, how are you doing?
    Morrowerre (brother): I've found another iron deposit.
    Martititi: What about diamonds?
    Morrowerre: Still none my brother, still none.
    Martititi: What will happen to us? Five months since we are here digging the land, and we still have no diamonds? I don't want to make any contract with this brute of Mr Niongton.
    Morrowerre: We'll find some, my brother.

    Suddenly, a dull sound is hear in the Mineshaft.
    Martititi: What was that?
    They run towards the origin of the sound. Another brother is there screaming that we finally found some diamonds.
    Martititi: How many have you got?
    Auelos: Luckily, I've got 11. Fortunately, we are near a volcano, so we've got an increased probability of finding some others.
    Martititi: Can you give me these? I'll craft the quarry we need.

    Two months later, the three brothers have developed their IC2 industry. It is based on a few generators running off of charcoal, produced with their brand new chainsaws, allied with some really big trees that they learnt how to grow to make big amounts of charcoal
    Auelos: We've got enough iron and all the stuff we need.
    Martititi: Let's do it.

    They had discovered a brand new type of gun powder while studying all combustions. Associated with gold dust, redstone and lapis-lazuli dust, the expansion of the gas of this new MorAuMar powder was multiplied by ten.
    They also imagined another production of cannons, covered with Tungsten-Iridium alloy on its internal surface, giving the cannon the ability to hold better the hot gas and more solidity. They had begun the production of these cannons very quickly after the Research & Development phase, producing lots of Iridium. They begun to form a company to sell more guns and cannons.
    At the beginning, people were against, arguing that cannons were an obsolete technology, but, as they saw the destruction caused on land by the lasers and stuff, the company started to be popular.

    Auelos: Martititit! Come here, we've got bad news for you. You must help us solve it!
    Martititi: Coming! Just leave me enough time to eat this ice cream, Morrowerre, you're the best to cook here.
    Morrowerre: Thanks.
    Auelos: we don't have time for things like this, you fools. Come here, do you see the bombardment on New Vine City?

    The radar was showing large dots, indicating the airships
    Martititi: Shit! Sadly, we're not prepared for a war. We haven't even started the production of long range cannons.
    Auelos: Start it now! I've got a bad feeling about this.
    Martititi: I'm on my way.
    Morrowerre: Wait, I help you!

    A month later, the industry was producing lots of guns, rifles,and cannons. The three brothers were waiting for someone requesting help. They knew somebody would come quickly

    Beginning broadcast:---------------------------------------------------------------------
    Martititi: Here is Martititi, from the Deb brothers Corp.
    You want some stuff to protect your base from criminals or from griefers? Come and buy our new type of Tungsten-Iridium alloy guns, and you'll see some big holes in their head, without destroying any item in their inventory.
    Auelos: Yeah, come and see us. The weapon is only 249.49 IC2 coins.
    Morrowerre: This price is totally awesome, don't let an occasion like this one pass, and come there. We'll adjust the weapon to you for free, with 4 cartridges boxes (16 cartridges each).
    Martititi: So, come here in the mountains near New Mojang City, we're awaiting YOU!
    Ending broadcast---------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Martititi (to his brothers): Let's just hope somebody will request help. I can't wait for this.
    Auelos: Why would this guy come to see us?
    Morowerre: Cause we have the best firearms in the World?
    Auelos: That's not sufficient. Why would he come to see us? Why us?
    Martititi: You mean that we should do something like another advertisement for them to come here?
    Morrowerre: Nope, we cannot. We could be intercepted by our enemy.
    Auelos: I know. But something's missing...

    A red light flashes and the alarm is heard
    Auelos: What happens?
    Morrowerre: Some stuff going out of control. Shall I (again) fix the heat vent problem in the tungsten melting unit?
    Martititi: Sure, take car of you.

    Another alarm rings.
    Martititi: Hey, there is a plane approaching!
    Auelos: Maybe they are our enemies. Please, go, and see if this plane is dangerous for us. If it seems, just prevent me thanks to your talkie-walkie. I'll try to reason them by radio. If it doesn't work then, you know what's gonna happen.

    Martititi runs away of the room he was in while Auelos goes to the radio station. Martititi gets out and sees the plane flying at low altitude. It seems like it's a civilian airship. He takes his binoculars, and sees some missiles under the wings.
    Martititi: What an airship! What are they doing.
    Via com
    Martititi: Hey Auelos, it seems to have some air-ground missiles. Don't know his behavior.
    Auelos: Acknowledged.

    The radar shows some more planes coming. Via Radio
    Auelos: Deb Brothers Corp here to unidentified planes. You are over forbidden lands. Please identify.
    Auelos: I repeat, you are over forbidden lands. Please identify.
    Auelos: I'm gonna order my troops to fire at you. Please identify. Last proposal.
    Radio: Ksshhhhhhhhh.

    Auelos: Martititi, you can fire. Those haven't replied, we can consider them as enemies.

    Martititi takes his anti-air cannon, and starts calculating parabolic curves. When he's done, the planes are 0.5 kilometers away. He start shooting.
    Auelos gets down the radio post and comes to help Martititi

    Broadcast enabled:
    Here is Martititi. We're attacked. I repeat, we are attacked. There is a dozen of planes and we have poor anti-air weapons. We need backup. We'd like anybody who is willing to help the factory to help us saving most of the facilities.
    I repeat:
    We're attacked. There is a dozen of planes and we have poor anti-air weapons. We need backup. We'd like anybody who is willing to help the factory to help us saving most of the facilities.
    Ending broadcast.

    Martititi: My brother, would you like to give me the pleasure of fighting next to me?