The Minecraftian Chronicles Season 4: Aftershock

  • Sarah: Do we have a location that this was broadcasted from
    Kai: It looks to be a weapons factory near the outskirts of New Mojang city
    Electos: I have a teleporter ready, we're all set
    Sarah: Thalia, You, Sirius and I will, once we get there we'll look for injured, the rest of you will need to cover us
    Flaras: Got it

    *In new Mojang city
    Subordinate: A teleporter reading was registered near that factory, we have confirmed reportings of most of the veterans
    ????: This just made things easier, ready the device

    *Far from Mojang city
    Scott: Huh?

  • During the battle:
    Martititi: Hey, where is Morrowerre?
    Auelos: Wasn't he solving this overheating-thing?
    Martititi: Hope he'll hear the noise here. Ironically: We've got lovely company over here.
    Auelos: Agreed. But I'm not sure, the problem happened to be very deep. He might not hear us.

    The planes, flying around, attack, dropping bombs on the buildings
    Auelos: Do you think they can see us now that we are hidden behind the building N°D?
    Martititi: I hope they cannot, but I guess they are equipped with radars. Just wondering, if I remember well, you rejected the fact of producing anti-air products?
    Auelos: This was not profitable enough. Who would buy some of these?
    Martititi: Well, a weapon is always useful.

    Some time later, after having defended the factory as much as they could, they just had to realize they could not defend it indefinitely, and the planes would easily destroy everything. Though, when they had entirely reduced the buildings to dust, helicopters came and dropped some kind of little forces. They began to enter in the remains and started to look for valuable things in it. Our heroes will always remember it, a group of 50 men, helped by a sort of robots, carrying out pieces of artillery. Luckily, no piece was new, they all had been damaged by the bombing.

    Auelos: They are taking our work!
    Martititi: Sadly yes. Don't try to fight back now. They are too strong for us, my brother. Though, I promise you we'll punish them, or we shall die.
    Auelos: They are retreating in their aircrafts. Let's go back to our industry and see what remains.

    The former bricks buildings are reduced to ashes. There is nothing much left than the underground parts of the factory.
    Fortunately, the invaders took a look at the armory and did not mind to dig a bit more.
    Martititi and Auelos decide to in the underground parts, looking for Morrowerre.

    Martititi Souting: Hey! Is there anyone downstairs?
    Auelos: Let's go to the lower floor. There is a computer here. Ask him if there is something moving in the corridors.

    Martititi types commands in the ComputerCraft console. The computer access the CCTV network, and scans the latest informations recorded.
    A line appears: Access denied, disk not existing

    Martititi: Sacrebleu! The bombing disconnected the CCTV disk. I knew the system was unstable.
    Auelos: Let's find out where Morrowerre is. He shall not be so far from us. MORROWERRE !! HELLO, ARE YOU THERE?
    Martititi: HEY!! BROTHER!!

    A distant voice is heard
    Morrowerre: I'm there! Down the G sector. Come with me, we've got a problem.
    They rush to the G sector, the one that holds the nuclear reactor, the different hazmat suits and the control computer.
    Morrowerre: Look: this computer is overheating. Who crafted it?
    Auelos: We bought it from the shop next door. It was written Nuclear Control.
    Martititi: What's the matter?
    Morrowerre: The reactor N°3 is overheating. Who on Earth thought it was a good idea to remove the Coolant cells?
    Martititi: They must have melted.
    Morrowerre: That's not the problem. You guys, realize a reactor is close to explode just behind this wall?
    Martititi: What are we doing there? Does anyone have a CF sprayer and some iron scaffolds?

    The two shake their head, saying "no"
    They rush towards the exit. They are at around 4/5 of the way to outside when they feel vibrations under their feet

    Morrowerre: RUUUNN!

    Dust is falling from the ceiling, they run as quickly as possible. They feel the burst of hot air coming. Martititi opens the door to go out, runs with his two brothers and hide behind a wall. The three put their hands on their ears, and see the door being blown up by the blast.
    Martititi: It inspires me a new type of cannon.
    Auelos: How can you be so mad?

    The wall they are close to falls down on them. They cannot take shelter, and they thank the reactor for being so unstable, cause they had taken compressed air cells, and a hazmat suit each. They share the few food cans they had with them. They hope somebody will come to help them, although their hopes are very little, since the place they are is under a wall, in the middle of destroyed buildings, in the middle of small mountains.

  • *The sound of explosions can still be herd, but the number seems to have increased
    Martititi: Our facility has been leveled, why do they continue

    *Footsteps can be herd just past the rubble
    Auelos: They must be looking for survivors to kill

    *The rubble starts to move
    Martititi: If we keep quiet, they might stop

    *The rubble clears, leaving the three of them exposed to four figures that they can't clearly see yet
    Sirius: Looks like you were right Sarah...

    *Their eyes adjust to see Sirius, Sarah, Thalia and Electos in their armor
    Electos: I'm going to calm the reactor
    Sarah: Thalia and I will deal with these three, Sirius can you go back and help the others
    Sirius: Easily

  • nick:even with most my power gone your still weak. they back stabbed me and shall create an army and stop them in the past. i just need people energy.

    ?????: chaos you only do that with good intent and i can see why he did it.

  • *A large battleship flies over the area
    Flaras: INCOMING!!!

    *A figure jumps down, completely covered in a cloak. Sarah, Thalia and Electos run out of the factory
    ????: It's amazing how easily it is to flush you fools out of hiding.
    Sarah: WHO ARE YOU?

    *Summons Wind Staff
    ????: I don't think I have to tell you yet.

    *Flaras creates two fireballs and aims them at the figure
    Flaras: TALK!!!

    *???? also summons two fireballs
    ????: Make me

    *Both of them fire large beams of fire at each other
    ????: Pathetic

    *Uses its beams to push Flaras's out of the way, then then fires one at Flaras, knocking her into the wall and unconscious

    *A figure emerges out of ???? shadow and grabs its neck through the cloak
    Scott: Coward
    ????: Hmph

    *uses body to throw Scott to the ground. before it can attack, Scott rolls out of the way and activates his armor
    Scott: SHADOW STRIKE!!!

    *???? raises a shield and sends the attack back at Scott inflicting enough damage to kick him out of his armor
    Thalia: SCOTT!!!

  • Martititi: Oh, it seems like your friends have got company!
    Sirius: Stay here, I go to help them.

    He leaves us.
    Morrowerre to the others: We'll not leave them and not help them?
    Auelos: Hey, here are some experience points. We'll not pass an occasion to get some. What have you thought?
    Morrowerre: I don't know. Just wondering...

    Get a gun out of his bag
    Martititi: You, the unknown man!
    Holds the gun and points it at the man

    ????: You think you're threating me?
    Martititi: A bullet have a speed that's superior to the sound. If I shoot at you, you'll not have time to react. To have a chance to react to the shooting, you would have to be at least 300 meters away from me!
    ????: Impressive. Maybe you're smarter than what you look like. But you're still not a threat to me.
    Martititi: I'm gonna shoot you down!

    His finger touches the trigger
    ????: Oh, I see. You haven't ever killed any body, isn't it?
    Martititi: Well, you'll be the first!
    ????: You would not even press the trigger.
    Martititi: Yeah?
    ????: Yeah.
    Martititi: Would you bet on it?
    ????: Why not?

    Sweat appears on Martititi's forehead. His gun trembles. Finally, he lowers the gun.
    ????: I knew you wouldn't shoot!
    Martititi: I-... I.. I cannot. Please excuse me, my brothers and friends. I cannot.
    ????: I knew it.

    Martititi finally gets back to where he was.
    Auelos: You're not responsible for it.
    Morrowerre: Don't worry for this, we'll find a solution. We're engineers, we can find a solution.
    ????: Hey, you're now my prisoners! Come back quietly, and I'll not hurt you.

    Martititi quickly points his gun and presses the trigger. Every body can almost see the bullet go towards the man
    ????: Ah, ah, ah! Huh? What happens?
    Invokes the shield he used to take Scott down.
    ????: What did you imagine?

    The bullet hits the shield and falls to the ground
    Martititi: Hey, it also works for the bullets?
    Auelos: I've got plans about how to kill him but I would have to think more.
    Morrowerre: Hey, I don't know how it works but stopping bullets is quite difficult, what was the bullet made out of?
    Martititi: It's not the moment!
    ????: At least somebody's here to regulate the conversation.
    Martititi: Who are you?
    ????: No importance in giving you my name. But you can call me "the one that you know".
    Morrowerre: He asked you your name! Not a nickname. Repeat after me: N-A-M-E. Name. Again: Name. Just like this.
    Auelos: You can also say "Nickname", but without the "nick". That's almost the same, but...
    ????: Enough!

    Fires a beam at them. It passed over them for 2 cm
    Auelos Smiling: Oh, that was a close one.
    Morrowerre: If he is as efficient as saying "Name" and aiming at someone, there is no chance he will give us his name.
    ????: Are you kidding me? I've got the power to kill you in a second and you're still telling sarcasm?
    Martititi: Actually, that's quite smart from them. They provoke you, and you cannot answer because either you don't have the sense of humor and you cannot do any thing : they've guessed that you needed us. What for? We don't know. However, you've wasted enough time with us to need our brains. Otherwise you would have already killed us.
    ???? Sharply: No! I'm gonna kill you!
    Martititi: Is it?
    Auelos: He is so cute.
    Morrowerre: Maybe you should say it with a bit more conviction. I think you've got to train yourself. And, more tragically would be so cool. Look, it's like in a movie.
    Martititi: Oh, you mean this kind of old westerns?
    Auelos: That was so cool!.
    ????: And they're starting again... OK! Enough. I've got to propose you something.
    Martititi: A proposition? Fires his gun
    ????: You've already tested it. Why do you do that?
    Martititi: You seemed a bit less concentrated.
    ????: What?
    Martititi: If you think I'm gonna give you advice, you're still sleeping and dreaming.

    During the time of their speaking, Flaras is emerging, but still confused. Sarah is trying to help Scott in recovering.

  • ????: Hmph, looks like I overestimated the rookies
    Martititi: What's that supposed to mean?
    ????: You are correct, I did need your services, but to flush out them
    Martititi: What?
    ????: Even if this plan failed, I still had them. you can take them back though

    *Two battered and bruised bodies emerge from a teleport
    Thalia: FROSA!!!
    Sirius: TERASA!!!
    ????: I think this Façade can come off though

    *Removes cloak
    ????: Remember me?
    Sarah: inpossible...

    *The figure is wearing tactanium armor but has attached other peripherals to allow him to control the other elements. His face resembles a darker, corrupted version of Blaster's.
    Flaras: Ugh, what happened. Huh?

    *Sees ????'s face
    Sarah: You did this?
    ????: Indeed
    Martititi: Who is he?

    *Flaras gets up. She and Electos walk up to Sarah
    ????: I designed this to take all of you on, what can one of you not do but three can?
    Sarah: This...
    Sarah, Electos and Flaras: DARKNESS ENERGIZE!!!

  • *A distant niggling feeling arises in T10a, like as if he is being summoned to some unholy place*
    Me: Huh? The hell happened, and I was in such a good dream.
    AI: Creeper hunting again sir?
    Me: Yes, creeper hunting. Why do I still have those, I thought hostile mobs became extinct after the last Spambot War.
    AI: Maybe it's because you feel that you have no more purpose in life, being a raised hunter of monsters.
    Me: I guess so.

    *A distant rumbling sound shakes my mountainside base, knocking over my flower collection*
    Me: Dammit! That took so long to fix after they tried to get a spaceport out in this godforsaken place! I have had en-*A sudden dark feeling arises inside, instantly interrupting my rant*
    AI: Master? You alright?
    Me: Yeah, I guess so. I think my dinner last night had some grin powder on it from the garden.
    AI: You don't use grin powder on your garden, sir.
    Me: Are you saying that I've been eating weeds for the last week?
    AI: Yes.
    Me: Dammit, I really need to get a better Weed-Killing device, the last one's died.
    AI: Shall I put in an order for IndustrialCorp?
    Me: Yes, put in an order to IndustrialCorp. And ask for these, too. *gives a nearby computer terminal a piece of paper of which I quickly jotted down some things on*
    AI: *reads notes* Are you seriously asking me, of all things, to buy arms and armour from IndustrialCorp?
    Me: Definitely. And be sure the Redstone Sprayer works this time around.
    AI: Are we seriously going to have another battle over this godforsaken rock?
    Me: Probably, this time not from an external threat.
    AI: Some supervillian trying to take over the world again?
    Me: Nope. This time, we're gonna ride things out instead of bailing out the moment I hear on the news crap hits the fan. But just in case, keep the escape airship ready, and all items ready to mobilise.
    AI: Affimative.

  • nick: ohhh.......

    *all of a sudden some purple eyes appears out of the corner of nick's eyes*

    chaos: hi!

    nickyou...... mmm... what you look different

    chaos: of course, future spambot leader. not allowed to cross timelines are we

    nick: what about the others.....

    chaos: in finished them off

    nick: now after me i see

    chaos: yep pretty much so lets so you compared to the spambot leader version of you

    -Scott falls to the ground, shaking and muttering to himself, shivering in fear as he gains a thousand-yard stare.-

    -Meanwhile, at the demon town-place-amajig-
    Kry: And, we're here-
    -A roaring sound is heard, and a large stone golem is seen heading into town. The town looks like a medieval village.-
    Kry: RUN! I'VE GOT THIS!
    -I run, unsheathing my scythe. The blade is glowing. I sprint towards the golem.-
    Lucy: There he goes ag-
    -A dragon is seen in the skies above. Lucy facepalms.-
    -I run up the golem's leg, ending up on its right arm.-
    Golem: RAHHHH!
    -The golem knocks me off, but I hook my scythe onto its neck, it roaring in anger. I then use my singularity blade to slice its neck off, the body disintegrating. I fall towards the ground, rolling when I hit the ground.-

  • ?????: chaos!!!!! but how are you alive it cant be you......

    chaos: not time to explain, come with me fellow clan member

    nick: oh two vs one. not fair

    chaos: oh well your coming with us

    *chaos opens a portal and grabs nicks head and pushs him into it then ????? and chaos run into it*

    (am ending the story of this char)

    Shika: hmmmmm.... after the bombing everything been's so boring. security been uptight so i cant sneak out a night to hunt

  • Sarah: I might not know how you got so much knowledge on our powers...

    *Sarah's Darkness mode looks like her armor has been taken over by plants and moss. She no longer has any noticeable head armor but her "hair" has been replaced with weird living vines.
    Flaras: But after what has happened, we're not letting you wreck what has been fixed...

    *Flaras' Darkness mode has her entire body surrounded in dark flames. It is hard to distinguish her original body amidst the fire
    Electos: Whatever it is you have planned, it ends here.

    *Electos' Darkness mode is similar to Flaras' but instead of Fire, there is Lightning
    ????: Hmph, if only you knew what I had planned.

  • Kry: RAHHH!
    -The golem has been sliced apart, its giant limbs on the ground in various states of damage. I am now battling with the dragon overhead.-
    Lucy: He's insane, isn't he?
    Theron: Yes, yes he is.
    -I have a look of fury in my eyes. I slice through the dragon's scales. It roars in pain, and I finish it off.-
    Kry: Donnnneee~
    -I jump down onto the ground, hitting the ground with a thud.-
    Kry: Where are the othersssss?

    Scott's POV-

    Scott: Don't touch her...
    -I get up, seemingly fine. I summon my shadow spear, readying it.-

  • Scott: SPACIAL TEAR!
    -As I yell this, a vortex opens up in the sky, and a shadow beam is projected out, hitting ????. I'm yelling in pain, the attack using too much of my energy. I drop to the ground, my cold dead eyes looking at the sky, the vortex still raging.-

  • ????: I grow tired of this...

    *Uses his power to dissipate the vortex, the power is sent back into Scott's body and revives him
    ????: USE IT NOW!!!

    *A new portal appears over the battlefield

    *The portal starts sucking in the area around the battlefield

    *Everyone except for ???? starts traveling towards the portal against their will

    *Everyone is thrown into the portal except ????, all of which are separated in different realities.

  • Scott flies into the portal, and ends up in a very dark realm, only the ground around him illuminated.-
    -Switching to Kry's POV from Scott's-

    Kry: The heellll?
    -I'm in an entirely different reality, and from my point of view it's a large tower. I walk into the front entrance, my boots making loud stepping sounds on the cobblestone ground. A small amount of noise is coming from my ear buds, it being the usual trance music. I hear a loud metal banging noise, and I look behind me to see a gate blocking the door. I turn forward again to see I'm in a room, and I see small holes in the walls, liches (Like the twilight forest kind of lich) are crawling out. I grab my scythe, putting my ear buds in and feeling the beat of the music in my heart.-

    -Meanwhile, in an entirely different reality-

    -Lucy flies out of a portal into T10a's house, sound asleep.-

  • Sarah: Ugh...

    *Sarah has been thrown out of the portal, she appears to have landed in a construction zone. Because of the portal, her darkness armor has reverted and se is in her human form.
    Sarah: Where am I?

    *Looks around and sees that the construction zone is actually the construction zone of New Mojang City
    Sarah: But how?

    ???: Lousy coward...
    Sarah: Hm?
    ????: I completely agree, it's been three years since that day and he still chooses to hide away. Not willing to accept the consequences for his actions
    ?????: Hasn't he suffered enough already, you herd about what happened
    ??? & ????: No he hasn't.
    ???: Look at what happened to this place because of HIM!!!
    ????: If he doesn't want to accept his fate, then he can rot in that mountain for all I care

  • -Lucy yawns, getting up and crawling into T10A's bed.-


    -Kry's POV-

    Me: RAHHHH!
    -I slice the last lich in half with my scythe, and I see a pair of stairs appear.-
    Me: Great. Just grreeattt.
    -The music I was listening to when I started is still playing, and I go up the stairs, scythe ready.-

  • I get back home, inventory filled with barricading blocks, resources for missiles, and other items, and placing them into my AE system.
    Me: I could use a break. I'll just have a nap.

    *Walking to bed, then I notice someone asleep in my bed*
    Me: *whispering* AI, did you invite someone over again? Last time that happened, we had all that cat hair all over my bed.
    AI: Negative. However, I am detecting remnants of space-time disruptions.
    Me: So this woman came over from another universe? Cool, I dig alternate universe space chicks.
    AI: Not necessarily. These space-time distortions are coming from our own universe.
    Me: So then, just space lady. Still cool! Should I wake her?
    AI: Negative, however I am detecting injuries from some form of battle. We do have a space Sync chamber for creating spare body parts to repair her.
    Me: Stuff that, splash potion time. Bitches love splash potions.
    AI: Could you please stop trying to get this lady to notice you? This female could be the condensation of pure evil and we don't know it!
    Me: Fine. I'll get the sync chamber ready. You tend to her, and I'll get the potions ready.

    *Lucy awakes in a Sync chamber with various potion body inserts attached to her*
    Lucy: GAHH! What is this?
    Me: G'day Sheila! Welcome back to the land of the living!
    Lucy: What is this thing I'm in? Where am I?
    Me: *cuts out fake Australian accent* Well, to be not precise, the middle of nowhere. To be precise, 200 chunks away from the outskirts of New Mojang City. And the object you're in? Well, that's a iChun Co. CD Sync Shower Mk. 2, hastily set up for medical duty.
    Lucy: Could you please let me out of here? It's getting really cramped in here.
    Me: Sure! *The Sync shower door opens, with a fshhh sound effect and fog* By the way, what's your name?
    Lucy: I'm Lucy, what's yours?
    Me: I'm called T-10a. Just call me Tom, it's easier to pronounce.
    Lucy: Can I leave here Tom? I need to get to New Mojang City, and get to the Notch Space Centre, to get in my ship to save my partners!
    Me: *Wait, partners? Dammit, there goes my chance* The NSC? That's not even done yet, let alone operational!
    Lucy: Have I landed back into the past? *Yes! I can stop this from happening if this is the case!*
    Me: Nope, just kidding, that's down the road 300 k's from here.
    Lucy: *Turns out this 'Tom' is also a massive jerk* Oh well, lend me your car if you have one and I'll drive to there.
    Me: I'll drive, thank you.

  • -I have fought my way to the top of the tower, and the roof is empty.-
    Me: H...huh?
    -I collapse, bruising myself when I hit the cobblestone ground. The tower collapses underneath me, a swirling vortex underneath me.-
    -It all goes black, and I find myself in a dark, cold room on a slab of stone. I look to my side to see a bag, and I realize it's mine. My possessions are scattered across the floor, and I grab my bag, gathering my stuff.-
    Me: Where am I?
    -I see a small hole letting in the slightest amount of light.-
    Me: Oh thank goodness there's a hole. How am I gonna get out?
    -I press my hand against the hole, and it widens into a tunnel. I walk out of said tunnel, ending up across where Sarah stands from.-
    Me: Huh.

    -Lucy and Thomas have gotten into the car. Lucy is very akwardly sitting next to him, leaning her head on his shoulder.-
    Lucy: Thanks... Thomas.... *Ohgodohgod don't do it, Lucy.*
    -Lucy kisses him on the cheek, biting him when she does so, drawing some blood. She then giggles.-
    Lucy: Hehe~