How i make Plutonium ?

  • Hello,

    how i can make Plutonium for the "Radioisotope Thermoelectric Gen." ?

    I Tried everything but nothing works.

    Is NEI Buggy in this Version ?

    I use this IC2 Version: industrialcraft-2_2.0.381-experimental

    I can only Crafting "Dual Fuel Rod (Uranium) but this not work in Thermal Centrifuge.

    Best Regards, Holy

    • Official Post

    Plutonium is made from thermal centrifuging depleted uranium cells, so you will need to use up uranium rods in a nuclear reactor first.

  • Thanks, Exist a Youtube Video for that ? Im not so good in the english Language to Read.

    What are "up" Uranium Rods ?

    And when the Uranium Rods are Empty i become the Item what i take in the thermal centrifuge ?