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    Thanks, Exist a Youtube Video for that ? Im not so good in the english Language to Read.

    What are "up" Uranium Rods ?

    And when the Uranium Rods are Empty i become the Item what i take in the thermal centrifuge ?


    how i can make Plutonium for the "Radioisotope Thermoelectric Gen." ?

    I Tried everything but nothing works.

    Is NEI Buggy in this Version ?

    I use this IC2 Version: industrialcraft-2_2.0.381-experimental

    I can only Crafting "Dual Fuel Rod (Uranium) but this not work in Thermal Centrifuge.

    Best Regards, Holy

    It's storage capacity is waaaaaaay higher, don't like it? Just make lots of CESUs.

    That hasn't changed at all.

    CESU ?

    The Way is longer. I must make Copper Cable with a Cutter und a Hammer.

    I have seen Fiber Cable needs 8 Diamonds ? LOL.

    Wenn Ihr keine Lust mehr habt denn Mod zu Programmieren dann lasst es. Aber Leuten denn Spaß an denn Mod zu verderben ist nicht der Richtige weg.

    I think about to Delete this Mod. The material is not relative to each other

    The Experimental Recips are crap.

    I mean, 16 Diamonds for a MFE ? Crap Crap Crap.


    the way for a Solarpanel is to long. The Last Recipe was better.

    Please add a Line in the config to deactivate the new recipes or make a alternativ Version vor 1.6.4


    Nowhere! It is a liquid now and machines uses its liquid form to replicate items.

    More Information Please. I Have "Universal Fluid Cell" but what is now ? How can i usw the Cell to Create Items ? Nothing Found in the Wiki.


    Please Add a Function in the config to use the old Recipe. With the new recipes i thing about that i deleted the mod. I Try it to use it with the new Recipes but it doesnt Work.


    i testing the newest IC2 Version 2.0.133 and my Batbox Exploding at 3x8EU Solar Input.
    Is this a Bug or a annoying Feature ?

    Best Regards, Holy


    i search the Advanced Machines with Advanced Solar Modules for Minecraft 1.3.2 and the Last Forge Version for 1.3.2 (4.2.5).
    Works the Mod for this Minecraft Version ?
    What for Files i need for the Server and what for Files for the Client ?

    Or gives a other Mod when this not works for 1.3.2 ?

    Best Regards, Holyasgard