Suggestion: Power adapter block

  • Its another idea of a portable power source for miners. It is also a solution for terraformers.
    With a charged crystal you have some power is your hands. So why do you need a stationary power storage block with some diamonds in its body for just discharging a portable power source? Capacity of a temporary MFE is something near useless. An electrolyser is also requires an MFE to be able do recreate some power from cells.

    So, I suggest to implemet a power adapter block. It must contain one or more slots for power storage items, some internal power storage (1000 EU is enough) and an internal transformer to lower voltage down. It will be able to discharge power storage items powering connected machines but will not be able to charge anything.

    Adapter Mk1:
    Accepting: Energy Crystals, RE batteries, single-use batteries.
    Output: LV. Yes, it's internal transformer is used to generate LV output from crystals.


    (W=wooden planks, C=copper cable, T=LV Transformer, S=Circuit, B=RE Battery)

    Adapter Mk2:
    Accepting: Lapotrons, Energy Crystals, RE batteries, single-use batteries.
    Output: Pure MV.


    (C=copper (or golden?) cable, T=MV transformer, B=RE Battery, A=Advanced circuit, M=Machine block, '.' = empty)

  • Differences list:

    • Adapter is cheaper not using diamonds in its recipe
    • Unable to charge anything or recive power from outside through wiring
    • Have a VERY limited capacity
    • Combined with a transformer for lower voltage output compared the appropriate MFE/MFSU
  • Batbox in such terms can also be treated as a cheaper version of MFE+LV Transformer :D
    Charging bench addon also duplicates some MFE features. But I think it is usefull.
    Maybe anyone will implement this idea as addon?

    Anyway, IC1 is awesome and IC2 will become awesome. Certainly after some bug-hunting ;)