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    You are flying above a large lava lake in nether... and suddenly fuel runs out. :pinch: Just forgotten to check a fuel/charge level before a takeoff. What if we can see a power meter wearing a jetpack or nano-suit? Something like a small battery icon or a gauge in a corner of screen.

    If it is too hard to code HUD, maybe just print a warning messages like "Fuel low" and "Fuel critical" every 3 seconds while flying and jetpack's charge is lower than 25% and 10% respectively. I think, it'll we very helpful. ...and something like this for suit's charge levels.

    When mining lava pool with Miner+Pump combo, miner sometimes misses some reachable lava blocks and dig one layer down instead. So you need to retract mining pipes and start mining again in the same place to be able to collect them. This behaviour takes place when all surrounding pumps are NOT READY to take some lava from miner. After a pump becomes ready, a miner is expected to try the same lava block again, but it tries to drill down instead.

    I expect up/down control or energy drain control before I start bo build this, but currently the only real purpose of switches is decorative lights control. Even after a power to be switched off there is enough power in Magnetizer to allow travelling 1-3 times.

    This is a prototype build with TMI in my test world.
    RedPower-based wiring and lights are used. Two buttons both are switching elevator (and its lighting) on and off.

    I love an idea of such "dirty" blocks, but I think the main reason why all "radiation" ideas are rejected is their extremely CPU-hungry nature. For example, you have 10x10x10 cube of radioactive blocks. (15.6 stacks in inventroy terms) And you have 100 mobs and players in SMP. So, there is at least 10^5=100000 extra distance calculations per every game step! It may be optimized, but will require alot of heavy programming and still be too CPU-hungry.

    So, maybe new radioactive blocks will damage players only while contacting on mining them? And maybe radiated stone will become some sort of a refineable resource? Macerate such a stone into radiated sand, then refine it to get some rare isotopes...

    Batbox in such terms can also be treated as a cheaper version of MFE+LV Transformer :D
    Charging bench addon also duplicates some MFE features. But I think it is usefull.
    Maybe anyone will implement this idea as addon?

    Anyway, IC1 is awesome and IC2 will become awesome. Certainly after some bug-hunting ;)

    Differences list:

    • Adapter is cheaper not using diamonds in its recipe
    • Unable to charge anything or recive power from outside through wiring
    • Have a VERY limited capacity
    • Combined with a transformer for lower voltage output compared the appropriate MFE/MFSU

    Its another idea of a portable power source for miners. It is also a solution for terraformers.
    With a charged crystal you have some power is your hands. So why do you need a stationary power storage block with some diamonds in its body for just discharging a portable power source? Capacity of a temporary MFE is something near useless. An electrolyser is also requires an MFE to be able do recreate some power from cells.

    So, I suggest to implemet a power adapter block. It must contain one or more slots for power storage items, some internal power storage (1000 EU is enough) and an internal transformer to lower voltage down. It will be able to discharge power storage items powering connected machines but will not be able to charge anything.

    Adapter Mk1:
    Accepting: Energy Crystals, RE batteries, single-use batteries.
    Output: LV. Yes, it's internal transformer is used to generate LV output from crystals.


    (W=wooden planks, C=copper cable, T=LV Transformer, S=Circuit, B=RE Battery)

    Adapter Mk2:
    Accepting: Lapotrons, Energy Crystals, RE batteries, single-use batteries.
    Output: Pure MV.


    (C=copper (or golden?) cable, T=MV transformer, B=RE Battery, A=Advanced circuit, M=Machine block, '.' = empty)

    Something like this? Its Eloraam's mod, RedPower. And this is a reactor control scheme than can switch between 4 reactor cores using timer. The square-shaped contour is for blocking switch used to completely disable all cores. Safe multi-reactor power stations are our future :thumbup:

    It will be useful to have a some sort of launcher to set markers and, may be, real torches in their natural state to light a large cave? It may be considered as some sort of cheathing as creepers will have less chances to spawn and attack. But it is an industrial-age solution which just makes exploration process faster.

    In my first and vanilla world I use two existing types of torches as markers: redstone and a usual coal torches.

    It is possible to build more efficient reactors. Just use some redstone repeaters with inverting torch and connect this pulser to reactor. Then you may divide a heat production by 2. You may build even more complex redstone control schemes to build more efficient reactors by slowing down reaction process.

    I suggest the following recipe for ceramic tiles:

    DDD -> 8x raw tiles, then compress raw tiles to usable ceramic tiles.

    (G - glass, D - dye, C - clay ball)

    Using compressor means that such a material is not available in a pre-industrial age.

    With different dyes and without sprite index limitations (thanks to Forge) there'll be a lot of different stylish tiles from simple single-color to well-designed ornaments and mosaic tiles. Maybe 30..50 available combinations or so. Maybe use metal and glowstone dusts in some recipes too. Maybe even start a designer contest here, on the forum, to discover best tilesets.

    We have a high-tech machinery and a house build of ancient cobblestone. I suggest to add some Tier2 building materials available using modern machines.
    Well, now we have new and shiny metal blocks. We also have a sleel fence and rubbler-covered roads. And there are some other mods adding more building materials. So... why? I suggest to add a lot of work for out factories because building materials are usually required in quantities. Materials must be accessible only after you install some processing machines in your factory.
    Some examples:

    • Stylish bronze glass for our skyscrapers
    • Ceramic plates of different colors and styles with decorative patterns on them
    • Girder block for bridges and HV transmission lines
    • Pillar blocks like in the Aether mod
    • Semi-transparent colorful organic plastic using crops from a farm
    • Window block (plastic window frames?)
    • (UPD) New stackable bronze signposts, maybe glowing in night with a light level of 6..8

    It works, thank you. It is a solution for most cases. And even it is possible to place a lever on a transtormer directly, without any wiring. But in some rare cases it looks like a resource and space wasing. It requires 2 transformers and a golden (or better) wire placed as 3 blocks instead of a small and cheap device than everyone knows by real life. It takes 8 copper bars and a part of golden one per simple switch!

    1. Chain of batboxes/MFEs/MFSUs can't be efficiently switched off because of "head" unit to be full of energy. It is needed to connect eath and every batbox in a chain to redstone wire to prevent them from emitting.

    2. I have a batbox chain and separate single MFE to charge crystals. I want to disable it from charging itself because my workshop is LV-powered from the batbox chain and I don't want an additional MV->LV transformer in my workshop. I have not enougth energy in a young world to fully fill that separate MFE.

    3. Maybe some defense measures like a naked HV cable to be safely switched off for maintainance. I don't want to be occasionly killed :wacko: due to a fully filled energy storage.