Forum Story: The Minecraftian fractions war (Science vs Magic vs Mobs)

  • mage fodder 1: sir we cant unleash that.....

    mage fodder 2: this could have a backlash on us...

    Azula: we must!!!! i have put in place protection for us. lets just hope it holds up against the taint.

    mage fodder 1: ill tell everybody to start causing as much inbalence as possible

  • *A series of small drones fly over one of the Magic camps
    ...: Sensors are detecting unusual taint levels in the area, magical barriers are forcing the taint in the direction of the Science border
    ....: Send a order to the drones, tell them to continue monitoring the situation and give me a full analysis when I arrive. Raise the stealth mode and prepare it for launch N.I.C.O.L.E
    N.I.C.O.L.E: I assume then your going in?
    ....: But of course, I have to earn that cheque somehow
    N.I.C.O.L.E: The armour is loaded into the launch bay, it and stealth mode are ready to go
    ....: Excelent, see if you can get me a map of the area and keep me informed as to what's happening out there
    N.I.C.O.L.E: Of course Blaster

  • Auelos: Wow: watch that man! (He points at the TV)
    Martititi: What, again?
    Auelos: Do you see that war going on?
    Morrowerre: It has been waged for years. What surprises you?
    Auelos: The situation is getting worse and worse! Look at all these deaths!
    Martititi: As long as they buy our weapons, there's no problem on my side.
    Morrowerre: By the way, I've received a new order. They want our latest Iridium based Mark IV cannons.
    Martititi: Good. We'll send them as soon as they open a passage from their base to this factory. Any news about the missile sector?
    Auelos: Not that much. I and my colleagues have to deal with serious challenges...
    An alarm goes off.
    Martititi: Hey! We have a new attack of the magic side! I'm sure they want our machines to be down.
    Auelos: Are the computerized machine guns operational?
    Morrowerre: Of course. I am in charge of this post. Why wouldn't they?
    Auelos: Just asking.
    Martititi: Well we don't have to worry about that. I'll just transmit that information to our allies.

    Broadcast enabled:

    Martititi: My friends, we are facing another attack of the magic side. Our scouts report the troops are not too difficult to defeat, but we would like to have a support in order to clear the zone, or we would be circled.
    If possible, please clear a path between your base and our factory so that we can deliver your brand new cannons on time.
    Thanks for listening to me.

    Broadcast disabled

    Martititi: Now, we rely on our ally.